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Go back to sleep, infidel: honor killing is totally un-Islamic!

Canada imam: “What’s called honour killing is not part of Islamic teaching or tradition, and in fact there is no honour in this killing at all”

 “May the devil shit on their graves” must be totally un-Islamic too. The killer also said:  “they betrayed Islam; they betrayed our religion and creed; they betrayed our tradition; they betrayed everything.”  But hey: just don’t rush to conclusions, never ever connect the dots! Nothing, nothing they say or do has anything to do with Islam…..


Canadian imams plan to condemn the “misguided notion” of so-called honor killings in their Friday sermons this week, responding to the high-profile trial of a father accused of murdering his three teenage daughters, allegedly because they shamed his Afghan family.

Samy Metwally

The usual Useful Idiots are very excited about this, but here again, deception is not reform. Samy Metwally says that “what’s called honour killing is not part of Islamic teaching or tradition, and in fact there is no honour in this killing at all.” But that is simply not true. It is no accident or coincidence that Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide.

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“God’s curse on them for generations. May the Devil shit on their graves” and “There is nothing more important than our honour.”

“Clumsy” Honor Killing in Canuckistan

“They betrayed Islam”- and his name is Mohammed:  

BCF wonders: I wonder why the Globe has “honour killings” in quotes?

Prosecution paints picture of clumsy cover-up in ‘honour killings’ trial


First-degree murder charges were laid against Mohammad Shafia, 58,  his second wife, 41-year-old Tooba Mohammad Yahya, and their son, Hamed, 21.

Shortly before the defendants were arrested, the father said of the four: “They committed treason from beginning to end. They betrayed Islam and our traditions, they betrayed everything.”

A tableau of horror was unveiled as the trial began. (More)


Somali cultural practice, nothing to do with Islam: Muslim slits throats of his three children, rapes his wife and hits her with a hammer

Islamic honor killing in Kentucky: Muslim slits throats of his three children, rapes his wife and hits her with a hammer

Because he suspected her of infidelity. This happened in 2006, but is just coming to trial now for some reason.

The trial of Said Biyad, left, accused of killing his four children, began on Monday in Jefferson Circuit Court. Mike Lemke, right, a defense attorney for Biyad, gives his opening statement at the trial.

Not to worry: ‘Biyad is not facing the death penalty through an agreement….’

Of course, this story makes no mention of Islam. Said Biyard is just a “Somali man.” And generally whenever an honor killing takes place in North America or Europe, the mainstream media tells us that honor killing is a cultural practice that has nothing to do with Islam — despite several facts indicating the contrary.

It is no accident or coincidence that Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide.

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“Your honor, I was busy spitting on this uncovered kaffir woman when I accidentally ran over my daughter…”

Arizona: Accused Islamic honor murderer says he ran over his daughter by accident while spitting at another woman

Not guilty by reason of spittle! This utterly contemptible defense contradicts Almaleki’s earlier statement: in November 2009, the Arizona Republic reported (thanks to Pamela Geller) that, according to state prosecutor Stephanie Low, Faleh Almaleki admitted that he ran over his daughter on purpose: “By his own admission, this was an intentional act and the reason was that his daughter had brought shame on him and his family. This was an attempt at an honor killing.”

“Iraqi dad’s ‘spit’ defense in Ariz. ‘honor slay,'” by Rita Delfiner for AP, January 25 via JW:

A fanatical Iraqi-born Muslim charged with killing his beautiful daughter because she wanted to live a normal American life whined yesterday that he ran her over by accident — because he was concentrating on spitting at another woman.Faleh Almaleki — whose murder trial began in Phoenix — sent his Jeep crashing into daughter Noor Almaleki, 20, on Oct. 20, 2009, in a parking lot after she left his abusive home to live with her boyfriend’s family and refused an arranged marriage, officials said.

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Shocka: German Judge Shows No ‘Respeck’ For Muslim Honor Killing

Murder out of ‘archaic-Islamic worldview’

Munich: Avdurahman K. shot his wife in the back with 6 bullets from his machine gun. Bad luck, that he found a judge  (Michael Höhne)  who is not yet properly indoctrinated with multicultural considerations and  Islamophilia: Avdurahman got life, the maximum penalty possible under German law.   (PI)

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Honor Killing on the Double in Cologne

Update: Islamic law forbids a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man. And even murder is preferable to that. “Muslim girl killed for love affair with Hindu,” from Indo-Asian News Service, November 25 via JW:


Last night in Cologne-Braunsfeld the family man Mr Mustafa Tilki (pictured) shot his former girlfriend Laura V. (29 years old) and the man who accompanied her, (34-year old ) It appears that Laura was afraid of her former lover and his violent outbursts and beating her with sticks, for that reason she asked the 24-year old man to protect her on her way home.  It looks as though Mustafa couldn’t bear the insult of having been ditched and assuming that Laura’s  protector was “the new one’ he pulled a gun and shot them both. The police prefers to call this honor killing a  “drama caused by jealousy…”

Ehren-Doppelmord in Köln-Braunsfeld

Mustafa TikliDer 41-jährige Familienvater Mustafa Tilki (Foto) hat gestern Abend gegen 19 Uhr in Köln-Braunsfeld seine 29-jährige ehemalige Geliebte Laura V. und deren 34-jährigen Begleiter auf dem Nachhauseweg von ihrem Arbeitsplatz erschossen. Laura V. hatte sich von Mustafa Tikli wegen seiner “Gewaltausbrüche” und “Stockschläge” getrennt und das zweite Opfer gebeten, sie zu begleiten, aus Angst vor dem Ex-Freund. Dieser war über die Trennung nicht hinweggekommen und hielt den Begleiter vermutlich für den “Neuen”. Den offensichtlichen Ehrenmord nennt die Kölner Polizei aber lieber “Eifersuchtsdrama”. [mehr]

UK: ‘Pretty young woman knifed to death after celebration equivalent to Christmas’

This short story’s got it all: a husband, a pretty young woman, ‘Asian’,  Christmas, the mental health act and  death in a car. Unfortunately  it doesn’t mention ‘honor killing’- but that wouldn’t be politically correct.

A husband was remanded in custody under the Mental Health Act today after a pretty young woman was knifed to death in a car in what was believed to be a violent family argument.

Police confirmed that the victim and the two men arrested were all Asian and known to each other.

Neighbours identified them as the Baig family and said that they had been celebrating Eid, the Muslim equivalent of Christmas, last night when the killing happened.

The alarm was raised when ambulance controllers and police received a 999 call from the family home in, Crawley, West Sussex.

Two paramedic rapid response cars and an ambulance were sent to the scene but there was nothing the medics could do to save the woman who had been stabbed to death. (Daily Mail has more)

Have a Merry Muslim Christmas!

Sharpen your knifes, folks: its Muslim Christmas!

Pakistani customers get their knives sharpened for the upcoming Eid al-Adha festival in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010. Muslims worldwide will celebrate Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of the Sacrifice on Nov. 17, by sacrificial killing of sheep, goats, cows or camels. The slaughter commemorates the biblical false Koran story of Abraham, who was on the verge of sacrificing his son ISHMAEL to obey God’s command when God interceded by substituting a ram in the child’s place.

According to the bible it was Isaac, as with everything in his warped and twisted “religion”, Muhammad got it wrong…..