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Indonesia: schools agree to provide Christian lessons to avoid being shut down

January 23, 2013

Well, wouldn’t that be something!  The leftist media would go apeshit, and so would the soldiers of allah. Alas, its not like that: Islamic tolerance in modern, moderate Indonesia: Catholic schools agree to provide Islamic lessons to avoid being shut down Imagine the outcry if Islamic schools had been forced to teach Christianity. An update […]

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Indonesia: female genital mutilation “a constitutional right”

January 23, 2013

2-year old toddlers are demanding it, no doubt. Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) deputy secretary-general Amirsyah Tambunan told reporters at a press conference on Monday that the government should continue to allow female circumcision mutilation, calling it a constitutional right.  (BCF-The Jakarta Post,) The  Ulema Council (MUI) has announced its opposition to a United Nations campaign to […]

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Jihad is just like sex….

July 11, 2012

Indonesia: “Jihad is not to fight physically. Jihad is doing something with passion” “Educators embrace opportunity to restore Islam”– “restoring” means back to the days of Muhammad: jihad, rape, torture, slavery, polygamy, child marriage, clit-cutting,  genocide:  bloody like its meant to be. (they been trying that for 1400 years….but the message is not coming across […]

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Jihad in West Papua

June 11, 2012

‘Bloody Clashes With (Indo) Military Rock Papua Province’ In Majority-Christian and Melanesian West Papua, Jihad Continues Against the Indigenous Non-Muslims And their sporadic attempts to defend themselves are crushed by bloody reprisals from their Indonesian Muslim overlords. ‘While Indonesian officials blame Papuan separatists (that is, local Melanesian Christians and animists who object to being ruled […]

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What? Indonesia no model democracy?

May 24, 2012

Pinch me! This is from the New York Times, of all places: No Model for Muslim Democracy But wait: isn’t  Indonesia is known as a secular, tolerant society that practices a moderate form of Islam? Jakarta, Indonesia/By ANDREAS HARSONO IT is fashionable these days for Western leaders to praise Indonesia as a model Muslim democracy. Secretary […]

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Indonesia: running out of “moderate” Muslims

November 13, 2011

Filmmaker Hanung Bramantyo hopes his controversial new film will spread tolerance and help quell recruitment by radical Islamists on Indonesia’s university campuses Mission Impossible: Keeping Radical Islamists from Recruiting on Indonesia’s Campuses Bucktooth Bashir Wants Out Indonesia: Jihadist cleric appeals already-reduced jail term: ”I’m being tried for defending Islam”. Attacker partially severs ears of deaf, mute […]

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Bombophobia & Christianophobia

July 12, 2011

“Few people are concerned about Islam because it is a five letter word or foreign. They are concerned about it, because it has a habit of murdering their kind of people.” —   Bombophobia (Sultan Knish) Like here: Indonesia: Explosion in bomb-making class at Islamic school kills teacher It’s so hard for Islamic schools to […]

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Indonesia Report

December 10, 2010

Indonesia: Couple caned for extramarital kiss A kiss is just a kiss….. (and sharia is totally compatible with freedom of expression, right?) What fun they’ll have in France. Sharia Alert from modern, moderate Indonesia. “Couple Caned in Indonesia over Extramarital Kiss,” from AFP, December 10 (thanks to JW):  New report discovers that Indonesia’s Islamic laws […]

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