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Indonesia: schools agree to provide Christian lessons to avoid being shut down

Well, wouldn’t that be something!  The leftist media would go apeshit, and so would the soldiers of allah. Alas, its not like that:

Islamic tolerance in modern, moderate Indonesia: Catholic schools agree to provide Islamic lessons to avoid being shut down

Imagine the outcry if Islamic schools had been forced to teach Christianity. An update on this story. “Catholic schools in Blitar agree to provide Islamic lessons,” by Indra Harsaputra for The Jakarta Post, January 17 (Full article below the fold!)

Just goes to show that the “Islamic Defenders Front”, the thuggish Islamonazis, are striking fear in the hearts of everyone, and the judiciary is becoming more and more complicit:

Modern, moderate Indonesia: Man gets five years for insulting Islam on Facebook

This is the kind of law that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation wants to impose upon the U.S. and Europe, with willing cooperation from Western Leftists and the mainstream media. The Los Angeles Times and New York Daily News, among others, have recently published calls for restrictions on the free speech of those who dare to criticize the global jihad and Islamic supremacism.

“Man gets 5 years for insulting Islam on Facebook,” from The Jakarta Post, January 23:

The Bandung High Court has added one more year to the prison term of Sebastian Joe, who was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for the blasphemy of Islam by the Ciamis District Court in West Java.

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Indonesia: female genital mutilation “a constitutional right”

2-year old toddlers are demanding it, no doubt.

Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) deputy secretary-general Amirsyah Tambunan told reporters at a press conference on Monday that the government should continue to allow female circumcision mutilation, calling it a constitutional right.  (BCF-The Jakarta Post,)

The  Ulema Council (MUI) has announced its opposition to a United Nations campaign to ban female circumcision, demanding that the government keep the practice legal.

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Jihad is just like sex….

Indonesia: “Jihad is not to fight physically. Jihad is doing something with passion”

“Educators embrace opportunity to restore Islam”– “restoring” means back to the days of Muhammad: jihad, rape, torture, slavery, polygamy, child marriage, clit-cutting,  genocide:  bloody like its meant to be.

(they been trying that for 1400 years….but the message is not coming across properly….)

By Yenny Herawati for Khabar Southeast Asia in Madiun.

“Today, many people have the wrong mindset that Islam teaches violence, terrorism and extremism. Terrorism has tarnished the image of Islam in the eyes of the world,” Baidhlowi Syah, the leader of Pesantren Ar-Mubtadinin in Madiun, told Khabar Southeast Asia.

“Islam does not condone acts of violence that claim the lives of people who are innocent. Bombings, killings, and other abuses committed by Muslims have been exaggerated by the media as well,” he said.   More of the same at Khabarthanks to Mullah

The misunderstanders from the ROP are winning:


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Jihad in West Papua

‘Bloody Clashes With (Indo) Military Rock Papua Province’

In Majority-Christian and Melanesian West Papua, Jihad Continues Against the Indigenous Non-Muslims

And their sporadic attempts to defend themselves are crushed by bloody reprisals from their Indonesian Muslim overlords.

‘While Indonesian officials blame Papuan separatists (that is, local Melanesian Christians and animists who object to being ruled – and exploited – by ethnically-Malay majority-Muslim Indonesia - CM), local activists say the security forces themselves are responsible.  

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What? Indonesia no model democracy?

Pinch me! This is from the New York Times, of all places:

No Model for Muslim Democracy

But wait: isn’t  Indonesia is known as a secular, tolerant society that practices a moderate form of Islam?

Jakarta, Indonesia/By ANDREAS HARSONO

IT is fashionable these days for Western leaders to praise Indonesia as a model Muslim democracy. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has declared, “If you want to know whether Islam, democracy, modernity and women’s rights can coexist, go to Indonesia.” And last month Britain’s prime minister, David Cameron, lauded Indonesia for showing that “religion and democracy need not be in conflict.”

Praise demanded:

Tell that to Asia Lumbantoruan, a Christian elder whose congregation outside Jakarta has recently had two of its partially built churches burned down by Islamist militants. He was stabbed by these extremists while defending a third site from attack in September 2010.

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Indonesia: running out of “moderate” Muslims

Filmmaker Hanung Bramantyo hopes his controversial new film will spread tolerance and help quell recruitment by radical Islamists on Indonesia’s university campuses

Mission Impossible: Keeping Radical Islamists from Recruiting on Indonesia’s Campuses

Bucktooth Bashir Wants Out

Please read the obligatory disclaimer from AFP:

Indonesia, the most populous Muslim-majority country in the world, is constitutionally secular and culturally moderate.

Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama no longer welcome

 “Obama is a murderer of our Muslim brothers in Palestine and Afghanistan, a thief of Indonesia’s natural resources, and an imperialist who seeks to take over the world and will do anything for US interests…”  (AFP)

 The ‘new Indonesia’ will be different:

The government and the judiciary is complicit in the jihad against minorities:

The Other Indonesia

“Moderate” murderer Dani bin Misra  was filmed smashing an Ahmadi man’s skull; let off with 3 months…

A year ago Hussein Obama returned to Indonesia, where he lived as a boy, as President of the United States. In a speech at the University of Indonesia, he reminisced about catching dragonflies, flying kites and running through rice paddies in the Jakarta of his youth. “Indonesia is a part of me,” he told the audience, while lauding the nation and its people for their new democracy, commitment to the rule of law and tolerance for religious diversity. Obama’s affection for Indonesia is understandable. But as he prepares to go to Bali on Nov. 19 for the East Asia Summit, he needs to ditch the nostalgia and deliver a stern message to his onetime home for not living up to its purported ideals.

A key measure of the level of justice and compassion in any society is how it treats its minorities — often its most vulnerable citizens. On that score, Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, is failing. In the past year, public violence against religious minorities, who together make up about 12% of the 240 million population, has been relentless: there has been a slew of incidents, from burnings and bombings of churches to attacks by radical Muslims on moderates. The authorities appear unable or unwilling to firmly intervene.(Watch TIME’s video “Keeping Radical Islamists from Recruiting on Indonesia’s Campuses.”)

That seemed to be the case when I was in a packed courtroom outside Jakarta a few months ago. On trial were 12 men charged in connection with a mass assault early this year on members of the peaceful Ahmadiyah sect. Ahmadis believe that their Indian founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) was also a prophet, after Muhammad — a claim orthodox Muslims find heretical. This plus other differences have made Ahmadis a target for hard-liners in Pakistan, Bangladesh and, of late, Indonesia too. The attack on the Ahmadis was brutal. A hundreds-strong crowd gathered at opposite ends of a remote rice-farming village on the western edge of Java and converged on an Ahmadi home. The people inside were surrounded and attacked with machetes, sharpened sticks and stones. Three men died; five were badly injured.

At the trial, before the judges entered the chamber, an Islamic cleric in a white robe stepped from the gallery and led the courtroom in prayer. Those inside — plus many more pressed against the outside gate — prayed for the mob, not those killed. People in the crowd told me the Ahmadis had it coming, that the mob was provoked and the violence spontaneous.

One of the accused, 17-year-old Dani bin Misra, was filmed smashing an Ahmadi man’s skull with a rock. He and the other defendants were convicted of “participation in a violent attack that results in casualties.” Dani was sentenced to three months’ jail. The rest, including two clerics, received five to six months. (By contrast, an Ahmadi got six months for wounding an attacker when defending a family’s property.) Said New York City — based Human Rights Watch: “The trial sends the chilling message that attacks on minorities will be treated lightly by the legal system.”(See photos of Suharto’s Indonesia.)


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Bombophobia & Christianophobia

“Few people are concerned about Islam because it is a five letter word or foreign. They are concerned about it, because it has a habit of murdering their kind of people.” —  

Bombophobia (Sultan Knish)

Like here:


Explosion in bomb-making class at Islamic school kills teacher

It’s so hard for Islamic schools to get good bomb-making teachers these days: it’s a field in which it is hard to learn from one’s mistakes. But anyway, how many Christian boarding schools have bomb-making classes? How many Jewish boarding schools have them? How many Hindu boarding schools? Why is Islam different in this way? I know it must be the Zionists’ fault in some way, but I just can’t figure out how.

“Explosion at Islamic school in Indonesia kills 1,” by Ali Kotarumalos for the Associated Press, July 12 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — A man reportedly trying to show students how to make explosives was killed by a homemade bomb inside an Islamic boarding school in Indonesia, police said Tuesday.

I hope its not one of those thousand schools financed by Australian taxpayers. Remember? The ones where they teach the “moderate Islam” so the radicals don’t cut our throats?

This situation in Bogor is reminiscent of the one faced by another West Java congregation last year, in the adjacent city of Bekasi. They were denied the use of a building as a church, and faced brutal harassment even as they tried to worship instead in an open field.

Lightning strikes twice in Modern, Moderate Indonesia. More than twice, actually, as Bogor itself has seen its own share of Islamic supremacist persecution of Christians before. At the heart of the matter is Sharia’s prohibition of new non-Muslim houses of worship, or the repair of existing ones. “Muslim threats against Yasmin Church in West Java continue,” by Mathias Hariyadi for Asia News, July 11:

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Diani Budiarto, mayor of Bogor (West Java), does not give up. He still wants to force the members of the Yasmin Protestant Church (GKI) to leave their church building, even though it was built in accordance with the rules.The mayor has refused to uphold a direct order by the Supreme Court of Indonesia, which authorises the Yasmin Church, to build a place of worship on land it owns. Local sources have told AsiaNews that Mayor Budiarto has also tried to stir anti-Christian sentiments among extremist Muslim groups.


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Indonesia Report

Indonesia: Couple caned for extramarital kiss

A kiss is just a kiss….. (and sharia is totally compatible with freedom of expression, right?)

What fun they’ll have in France. Sharia Alert from modern, moderate Indonesia. “Couple Caned in Indonesia over Extramarital Kiss,” from AFP, December 10 (thanks to JW):  New report discovers that Indonesia’s Islamic laws are “abusive” (but who would argue with “Allah’s law?” Amnesia springs into action)

Indonesia: Bomb placed in church, “perpetrators unknown”

Has anyone seen Tim McVeigh around lately? This must be his work. It couldn’t be the adherents of the Religion of Peace — that we know for sure.

“Bomb in a church in Central Java, Archbishop calls for calm,” by Mathias Hariyadi for Asia News, December 9 (thanks to JW): Yep, the infidels should remain calm. You don’t wanna cause a ‘backlash’ with the soldiers of Allah…..

“It is shameful that the US has renewed its ties with Kopassus when they continue to target churchmen and civilians merely for speaking out about the suffering of their people.”

“US-backed elite Indonesian forces target church members and civilians,” from Ekklesia, December 6 (thanks to JW:)

This should come as no surprise. Since Sharia is believed to be the law of Allah, if the state is not imposing it, individual Muslims may believe themselves to be perfectly within their rights, and indeed, doing a positive good, if they enforce it themselves. “Sharia vigilante violence rife in Aceh: report,” by Sen Lam for Radio Australia, December 6:

Indonesia: Stoning, caning now the law in Aceh - Jihad Watch