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Indonesia blames Wilders for cancelled visit


Islam, a work in progress. Eliminating Indonesian culture is part of it:

Geert Wilders:

Whatever the reason is that Yudhoyono will not come to the Netherlands, I will not shed a tear. He earlier declared me persona non grata in Indonesia.”

And who is the loser here?

The Netherlands is also noted as one of Indonesia’s largest sources of aid for education, governance, water management and other areas.

However, none of that changes the fact that most Indonesians would like nothing more than to immolate gay-loving, prostitute riddled, drug smoking Holland with a few, if not many, nuclear weapons.

Blithely and admantly ignorant of this, The Netherlands continues funding and doing business with this Muslim hive. If ever there was a case of “feeding the crocodile”.

From the article: If the President had continued with his visit, he also would have been able to improve the Dutch understanding of Islam. As the leader of the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation and its third-largest democracy, Yudhoyono has the credentials to speak on the subject of Islamic tolerance.

This clown wants to teach the Netherlands about tolerance?    (LOL)

Some samples of Indo tolerance here:

A moderate caning


The Stick to Beat the Dog

From the Gates of Vienna

We posted a couple of weeks ago about the kerfuffle caused by the Indonesian ambassador to the Netherlands, who expressed displeasure about the possible influence exerted by Geert Wilders on the new Dutch government. The ambassador made his remarks in advance of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s planned state visit to the Netherlands.

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INDONESIA: Female genital mutilation persists despite ban

Muslims invariably lie and deny that clit-cutting has anything to do with Islam.  While it is correct  that FGM was practiced in some parts of Africa before the 7th century, the same cannot be said for Indonesia, which was largely Hindu and Buddhist until 500 years ago. Even 30 years ago the practice was as foreign as the hideous  Middle Eastern shrouds, which are now seen as ‘obligatory’ and falsely called ‘traditional dress’.

As you can see from this article, FGM is practiced only for one reason:  In March this year, the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the country’s largest Muslim organization, issued an edict supporting FGM/C, though a leading cleric told the NU’s estimated 40 million followers “not to cut too much”.

Thanks to Islamization Watch

Dede Jafar playing with her ten month old granddaughter. Dede did not hesitate for a moment to have her only granddaughter genitally mutilated. FGM is still widely practised in Indonesia,  even after the government ban in 2006

JAKARTA, 2 September 2010 (IRIN) – Though the Indonesian government banned female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) four years ago, experts say religious support for the practice is more fervent than ever, particularly in rural communities.

A lack of regulation since the ban makes it difficult to monitor, but medical practitioners say FGM/C remains commonplace for women of all ages in this emerging democracy (?) of 240 million – the world’s largest Muslim nation.

Although not authorized by the Koran, the practice is growing in popularity.

With increased urging of religious leaders, baby girls are now losing the top or part of their clitoris in the name of faith, sometimes in unsanitary rooms with tools as crude as scissors.

‘Nothing to do with Islam’- right?  Wrong:

“We fear if [FGM/C] gets more outspoken support from religious leaders it will increase even more. We found in our latest research that not only female babies are being mutilated, but also older women ask for it,” said Artha Budi Susila Duarsa, a university researcher at Yarsi University in Jakarta.

While the procedure in Indonesia is not as severe as in parts of Africa and involves cutting less flesh, it still poses a serious health concern.

“Even a small wound on the genitals can lead to sexual, physiological and physical problems,” Duarsa said.

Indonesia forbade health officials from the practice in 2006 because they considered it a “useless” practice that “could potentially harm women’s health”.

However, the ban was quickly opposed by the Indonesian Ulema Council, the highest Islamic advisory body in Indonesia.

In March this year, the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the country’s largest Muslim organization, issued an edict supporting FGM/C, though a leading cleric told the NU’s estimated 40 million followers “not to cut too much”.

Sexually mutilated infants, is this cult perverse or what?

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“It is against human rights,” said Maria Ulfah Anshor, a women’s rights activist and former chair of the women’s wing of the NU. “For women there is absolutely no benefit and advantage.”

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Home Secretary bans English Defence League march in Bradford

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has authorised a blanket ban on marches in a city on the day of a planned protest by the English Defence League (EDL), an right-wing campaign group.

Ah yes, Britain, where freedom of speech means hate-speech for Muslims and jail for opponents of cultural enrichment…..

Protestors of the English Defence League (EDL) break through barriers

The EDL had intended to demonstrate in Bradford on Saturday August 28 and Unite Against Fascism has planned a protest in the city on the same day.

A Home Office spokesman said: ”Having carefully balanced rights to protest against the need to ensure local communities and property are protected, the Home Secretary today gave her consent to a Bradford Council order banning any marches in the city over the bank holiday weekend.  (Telegraph UK)


German-Turkish politician calls for burqa ban

Liberal German-Turkish politician Serkan Toeren has called for a ban on the full-body veil worn by Muslim women. Toeren wants to follow in the model set by France and Belgium, which banned the burqa earlier this year. (Deutsche Welle)

Postcard from Turkey

Indonesia threatens Holland over Wilders

Hissing and pissing:

If the views of Geert Wilders on the Islam are to become part of the official [Dutch] government policy, it could disrupt the relations between the Netherlands and Indonesia. This is what the Indonesian ambassador to the Netherlands, Junus Effendi Habibie, said in an interview with Radio Netherlands. “That would be very regrettable,” Habibie said.  (Gates of Vienna) Read further…

Moe's Ramadan Snackbar

What is it with Muslims, Bombs & Mosques?

Police in India have arrested Islamic cleric Abdul Nasser Madani in connection with blasts that hit the city of Bangalore in mid-2008.

Abdul Nasser Madani was arrested at his home in the state of Kerala.

He accuses the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Karnataka, whose capital is Bangalore, of “framing” him.

One woman was killed and several others injured in July 2008 when seven bombs hit crowded areas of the city, which is India’s information technology hub.   ( BBC)

What they say is not what they do:

Lies, lies, lies

“Maintaining Good Relations with the Copts Is a Religious Duty”

from a Muslim cleric at Al Azhar, Islam’s highest institution of higher learning. That’s for foreign consumption. A few days later, what happens? Here:

Egypt: Muslim cleric calls for jihad, Muslims attack Coptic Christians

Cleric misunderstands Islam, leads followers to misunderstand it as well. Happens every day. “Muslim Cleric Calls for Jihad, Coptic Christians Attacked in Egypt,” by Mary Abdelmassih for AINA, August 14:

The annihilation of the Copts is a done deal for Egypts Muslims….

Al-Arabiya Director: The Majority of Muslims Do Not Want or Need a Mosque Near Ground Zero

Unfortunately he is in no position to speak for the majority of Muslims…..

“there are no practicing Muslims in the area who need a place to worship, because it is a commercial district. Is there anyone who is [really] eager [to build] this mosque?… MEMRI

May Allah bless the peace & love of Ramadan!

“The Batak Christians deserve to be stabbed to death”: Indonesian Muslims terrorize Christians as children shout “Allahu Akbar” (JW)

Indonesian Christians sit in outside Presidential Palace, in protest against church closures and other Islamic persecution

More on this recent incident, along with the Islamic Defenders Front’s persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in the days leading up to Ramadan.

Despite the title of the article, which implies a more reciprocal level of activity, the “pushing back” occurring here is but a demonstration held on Sunday, and the ongoing, determined defiance of religious minorities whose only “provocation” is to go on living their lives according to their constitutional rights.

It is not so much pushing back as standing one’s rightful ground. But even that is too much of an affront to Sharia, as shown by the violent response even to the demand for the right to worship in a field. “Religious minorities in Indonesia push back,” by Irwan Firdaus for the Associated Press, August 15: JW

Uganda Bomber Says He Is a Peace-loving Person Who Only Wanted to Kill Americans

Quite normal, wouldn’t you say? For a Muslim, that is…..

TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Idris Nsubuga, Mohamood Mugisha, Haruna Hassan Luyima and Issa Ahmed Luyima (New Vision)
The racist Uganda bombers responsible for killing 79 people at a World Cup Soccer party cried as they appeared in court this week.
The New Vision reported:

FOUR key suspects who confessed to involvement in the bomb blasts were paraded before journalists yesterday.

Two of them, Edris Nsubuga and Haruna Hassan Luyima, cried over the pain their actions caused. Issa Luyima and Haruna Hassan Luyima are brothers, while Nsubuga is their friend. The fourth suspect was identified as Mohamood Mugisha.

“I am very sorry for the loss of life. I was hesitant to pick on Ugandans.My target was the Americans, who I think are responsible for the suffering in the world. I am very sorry to the people, who knew me,” Issa Luyima, described as the mastermind of the blasts, said without emotion.   More from Gateway

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Bucktooth Bashir in the Dock, Caught on Camera

The Jakarta Post reports that Bashir will be sharing a prison with singer Singer Nazriel Irham, aka Ariel Peterpan,  who has been charged under the pornography law for allegedly featuring in sex videos with presenters Luna Maya and Cut Tari. (Courier Mail)

  • Australia’s Foreign Minister Stephen Smith has praised the arrest of radical Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir.

Bashir ‘in three terrorism training videos’


ABU Bakar Bashir appears in at least three videos about the training of a terrorist group in an extraordinary breach of security by the alleged jihadists that will likely later be used against the firebrand cleric in court.

Marwoto Soeto, a police spokesman, said the videos, taken by Bashir’s accomplices, show him talking with five members of his organisation about training activities in Aceh and around Jakarta.

Bashir is accused of involvement in a series of car bomb attacks in Jakarta. Bashir remained tight-lipped over his alleged role in terror plots with Al-Qaeda-linked militants three days after his arrest, police said Thursday.

Caught on camera:

The predilection to videotape themselves, contrary to all notions of security for clandestine organisations, shows the 21st-century mania for filming almost everything seems to have infected the alleged terrorist cell. Indeed, in one of the videos, Bashir is shown watching another video of the training in Aceh, said senior commissioner Marwoto. ”Bashir knew he was being taped,” he added.

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Indonesia: Bucktooth Bashir Arrested

Jihad Preacher Arrested in Indonesia

Old bucktooth was the instigator behind Bali 1 & 2 and the spiritual leader of Jamaat Islamiyya, the group responsible for the Islamization (rapidly spreading sharia statelets) of Indonesia.  Bashir has been in the sights of police for months after members of his organisation, Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid, were arrested in relation to an Aceh-based terrorist cell uncovered in February.  Brisbane Times

Indonesia: Founder of group behind Bali bombings re-arrested for jihadist activities of new group

He had been imprisoned before, but released in 2006 after his sentence was reduced. Clearly, it’s only gotten Indonesia more of the same jihad. Will they let themselves be fooled again? An update on this story. “Radical Indonesian cleric arrested for terrorism,” by Niniek Karmini for the Associated Press (JW)


JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Radical Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, once imprisoned for his links to the terror group behind the Bali bombings, was arrested Monday for alleged involvement with a new militant network.

His lawyer, Muhammad Ali, said the arrest took place early Monday in West Java’s Ciamis district.

Bashir, 72, is best known as the founder and spiritual leader of Jemaah Islamiyah, the al-Qaida-linked group responsible for the 2002 bombings on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali that killed 202 people, many of them Western tourists.

The fiery cleric spent several years in prison for his involvement with JI — blamed for at least three other deadly attacks in the world’s most populous Muslim nation — but was released in 2006.

He has always denied any link with terrorists. (of course…)

Related links:

Police arrested Bashir on Monday for alleged involvement with a new terror group discovered in westernmost Aceh province in February.

The cell was reportedly plotting a Mumbai-style attack on foreigners at luxury hotels in the capital, Jakarta, and several high-profile assassinations, including PresidentSusilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Dozens of suspects linked to the group have since been arrested or killed. Rumors have circulated for weeks that Bashir, known for propagating hatred against foreigners, was next on the list.

National police spokesman Col. Marwoto Suto confirmed Monday’s arrest, but said details would not be released until later in the day.

The preacher’s son, Abdul Rohim, insisted his father, who went to Ciamis for a preaching engagement, was innocent.

”He was heading back to Solo when police arrested him together with my mother,” he said. ”We appeal police to treat my parents well. … He is innocent, he was just carrying out his obligations as a Muslim.”

Whole Lotta Inner Struggle Going On!

‘Help us save our mother’: Pleas from the children of ‘adulterous’ Iranian woman who faces death by stoning

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani faces death by stoning after being convicted of adultery

Daily Mail assures us: Stoning sentences were widely carried out after Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, but have been rare in recent years. (Well, I guess it can’t be all that bad then, unless you’re a bigoted  racist Islamophobe who opposes Islam…)

As usual, Iran denies everything:

Iran lies at UN: “Completely false” that women are stoned for adultery in Iran; family of woman awaiting stoning says she was unjustly accused

From “UN ‘Sharia-gate Shipwreck’: Landmark Revelation: Why FGM and ‘Violence against Women’ is Taboo,” by David G. Littman here at Jihad Watch, April 19, 2010, recounting what happened on June 16, 2008, when he was given the floor at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva>>>>

Iranian politician calls Lars Løkke [Danish Prime Minister] ‘stupid’ and ‘anti-Muslim’ and predicts that Copenhagen will be Islamic by 2025

“They don’t understand our punishment of whipping…”

An Iranian politician has a few choice words to say about Denmark, the Danish prime minister, and human rights. Many thanks to Anne-Kit of Perth, Australia for translating the article and the video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling/thanks to the Gates of Vienna

Read further…

From the RoP:

Indonesian Islamists March with Banner of Christian in Noose…

Islamic hard-liners in Indonesia pledge war against Christians; government remains silent

But not to worry, AFP assures us:

Indonesia, a secular nation (WTF?) with more Muslims than any other in the world, has a long history of religious tolerance, though a small extremist fringe has become more vocal in recent years. Members of the Islamic Defenders Front, or FPI, have been known to smash bars, attack transvestites and go after minority sects with bamboo clubs and stones.

Now, they are targeting Christians in the fast-growing industrial city of Bekasi. Churches are shut down. And an Islamic youth militia holds its first day of training. AFP

UK: a  (Musel-) man was asked to swear on the Koran

…..that his affair with a married woman was over just a month before he became the intended target of an honour killing in Blackburn, Lancashire, a jury has heard. (Source)

Jordanian Kills Sister over Sex Images…

Murder is punishable by death in Jordan but in so-called “honour killings” courts can commute or reduce sentences, particularly if the victim’s family asks for leniency.

Morocco Continues to Purge Nation of Foreign Christians

New wave of deportations raises concerns for foreigners married to Moroccans.

Moroccan authorities are essentially deporting Christians for “proselytism,” which is illegal in Morocco, but in order to justify the deportations they have claimed that the foreigners pose a threat to the state. Compass

Pakis  Blame Suicide Attacks on Americans, Indians and Jews

As they say: you can always blame da Jooozzz. (Unfortunately, when we checked we couldn’t find any in the Islamic paradise called Pakistan……)

Terror and Candor

Is our Islamist enemy really just an anger-management therapy group gone rogue? (WaPo)

Indonesia: Muslim Groups call for Formation of Militia Units, Warn of Potential ‘War’ Against Christians….

Muslim Groups Talk War Over ‘Christianization’

Update: Indonesia: Nine groups of Misunderstanders of Islam threaten war over “Christianization”

Enraged over rumors that Muslims have been baptized, a new coalition of nine Muslim groups is trying to mobilize every mosque in Bekasi — numbering in the hundreds — to go to war against the Christians. But surely the Vast Majority of Peaceful Muslims in those mosques will put a stop to this, won’t they? Won’t they? “Muslim Groups Talk War Over ‘Christianization,'” by Ulma Haryanto in the Jakarta Globe/Jihad Watch

Bucktooth Bashir sends his regards. So much for de-radicalization……

Jakarta Globe/Thanks to Mullah

Militia Units Against the “Christianization” of  Bekasi?  Does that mean jihad is not peaceful “inner struggle?”  Lets turn that around and apply that to Europe, America or Australia: can you imagine if we would form  “militia units against  Islamization?”

The worlds Mohammedans, their enablers in the West, the useful idiots and the yuman rites industry would go apeshit.

When I say apeshit I mean they would call for jihad, which is their religious obligation anyway…….

In this photo taken last year, Volunteer fighters attend a sermon in Bakasi by Abu Bakar Bashir, who was alleged to have once headed the regional militant network Jemaah Islamiah. He was urging Muslims to fight in the Gaza Strip. Religious leaders in the Jakarta suburb on Sunday called on all Muslims to join forces and prepare for the possibility of war against the perceived Christianization of the city.

Christian devotees raise hands while singing during a Christmas mass at a stadium in Jakarta December 5, 2009. Approximately a hundred thousand Christians gathered for the celebration in Jakarta’s biggest stadium.

Bekasi Muslim Groups Call for Formation of Militia Units, Warn of Potential ‘War’

“The Christians are onto something!”

Several religious organizations in Bekasi have recommended that every Mosque in Bekasi on the outskirts of Jakarta form militia units and called on all local Muslims to prepare for the possibility of “war” against what they perceive to be the Christianization of the city in West Java.

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Indonesia: "Terrorist 'Rehab' a Failure….

Indonesian government admits that its jihadist rehab program is a failure

Bucktooth Bashir ‘rehabilitated? Are you kidding?

“It is extremely difficult to reform terrorists because we are trying to destroy years of indoctrination and misinterpretation of Islam.” One wonders why it is so difficult. If their misinterpretation of Islam is so clear, one would think it wouldn’t be all that hard to explain that to the likes of Abdullah Sonata and other jihadists, who are generally very devout and anxious to the right Islamic thing.

Unless, of course, the “misinterpretation of Islam” that the jihadists use to justify their actions and make recruits is based on a broad, mainstream tradition in Islam — a tradition that is yet to be successfully challenged on Islamic grounds by self-proclaimed moderates.

“Terrorist ‘Rehab’ a Failure: Minister,” from the Jakarta Globe, June 26 (thanks to JW):

Update: Indonesia bribing jihadists to give up jihad

In other news:

The government’s deradicalization program aimed at getting convicted terrorists to renounce violence has been declared a failure in the wake of this week’s arrest of suspect Abdullah Sonata, who was released from prison in 2009 on good behavior.”We have to say that generally the program has failed,” Minister of Justice and Human Rights Patrialis Akbar said on Friday. “There are convicts who have successfully been re-integrated back into society, leaving behind their old ways. But successes are few compared to those who remain unreformed.”

“It is extremely difficult to reform terrorists because we are trying to destroy years of indoctrination and misinterpretation of Islam,” he said. “We will solicit help from psychologists, experts, criminologists and clerics to determine the best means to reform hard-core terrorists.”

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