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The glorification of the Bali bombers

Muslim students: Bali bombers are “holy warriors

* Update: Threats emerge over fate of Bali bombers’ bodies

The cognitive dissonance between what these students say and what I hear from Muslim students on university campuses in the U.S. is enormous. These students openly acknowledge the Islamic imperative of violent jihad; on American campuses, Muslim students profess outrage and wounded indignation, exhorting me to “Stop the Hate” and pretending that I made up this Islamic imperative, and that it doesn’t really exist at all. But if they consider Muslims such as the students at the Darusy Syahadah Islamic school — and those who taught them — to be twisting Islam and distorting its teachings, why is it that they never seem to do anything within the Islamic community to fight the spread of these teachings, but instead reserve all their ire for me simply for pointing out that many Muslims understand Islam to be exhorting them to violence and supremacism?

I’ve asked this question innumerable times, of course, and never gotten an answer, because there is no answer. Or rather, there is only one answer, and it is obvious, but Islamic groups in the U.S. still seem to be banking on the majority of Americans not noticing, or caring about, this obvious answer and its implications.

“Islamic students praise Bali bombers,” from AFP, October 26 (thanks to JW):

FOR the skullcapped students of the Darusy Syahadah Islamic school there is no question that the three radical jihadis behind the 2002 Bali bombings are heroes.

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Indonesia: Religious minorities denounce vague "pornography" law as vehicle for censorship and sharia law

*  The Islamization/Arabization of Indonesia continues:

Bucktooth Bashir sends his regards:

The tactic at work here is a familiar one, with the law’s proponents advancing a specific agenda under the cloak of an appeal to various “common values.” We’ve seen this before with respect to concepts like “human rights,” “respect for women,” and “respect for religion.” But in this case, a significant number of people aren’t buying it. “Indonesia, sharia behind anti-pornography law,” by Mattias Hariyadi for AsiaNews, September 17 thanks to JW:

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – There is no let-up in the chorus of protests from Indonesian religious minorities and ethnic groups, against the possible approval of the “law against pornography”, better known as the Undang-undang Pornografi. They claim that the new norm, under consideration in parliament, which has been asked to decide whether to approve it by September 23, brings “national unity” into serious danger, and wipes out “cultural and religious differences” by eliminating “pluralism” and fostering “social discord”. But what is most worrying to the minorities and ethnic groups is the danger that the law on pornography is concealing an attempt by the more fundamentalist branch of Islam to introduce sharia, Islamic law.

Stop Arabization Now !!!

* Gates of Vienna: Stop the Arabization of Indonesia

The areas in which non-Muslim ethnicities and groups are most concentrated are the eastern islands of the country, including the island of Bali, which has a Hindu majority; the Sulawesi, which have a Protestant and Catholic majority; the Moluccas, which are also equally divided between Protestants and Catholics; Papua, which has a Catholic majority, as does East Nusa Tenggaral; Borneo, divided between Catholics and Protestants, and other districts of North Sumatra and West Nusa Tenggara.

The fear is that the proposed law could spread a climate of “anarchy”, because it does not define precisely what can be maintained as “contrary to morality”, and above all what are the “criteria” to be adopted in order to establish whether “a behavior or an artistic/cultural expression” should be censored. Chapter 21 of the draft law also leaves “free rein” for preventing possible immoral acts:“This is an especially dangerous point”, emphasizes Eva Kusuma Sudari of the Indonesian Democratic Struggle Party (PDIP), a nationalist group that has always opposed the law. “This allows people to be manipulated in order to promote anarchy and social conflicts in the country”, while fundamentalist Islamic groups would have free rein to destroy nightclubs or other gathering spots under the pretext of “preserving the purity of the holy month of Ramadan”.

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Indonesia: Islamic Defenders Front "searching for Israelis to kill"

* But not to worry: its only a ‘tiny minority of extremists’, so tiny, you can hardly see them. (They only come walking up to you when you arrive in Jakarta airport and investigate you with sticks..)

* Another gem: “far less than 1 percent of the population subscribes to extremist, global jihadist views”- okay then, people: take your shoes and socks off and go back to sleep!

See: jihad is all about peaceful inner struggle!


Indonesia: Gambling That Tolerance Will Trump Fear

SEVEN years ago, in the pre-9/11 fall of 2000, I was retrieving my luggage at the airport in Jakarta when a tall Indonesian man in a flowing white robe and green scarf accidentally bumped me off my feet.

He apologized and helped me up. Then I noticed he was part of a gang of grim young men stalking the airport with wooden rods.

He said they were from the Islamic Defenders Front and were searching for Israelis to kill. I doubt they found any, but I was shocked. Such bullying and militancy contrasted sharply with the Indonesia I had come to know on previous reporting trips: a model of Islam as a tolerant, compassionate, inclusive and peaceful religion.

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Indonesian Interfaith Derailment Watch

Indonesian priest kidnapped, severely beaten

Asia News IT

by Mathias Hariyadi

Fr Susetyo was taken from his home and beaten by unknown assailants. He is known for his activity in interreligious dialogue, frowned on by radical Muslims. At the hospital, he has been visited by the younger brother of former president Wahid.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Last night, Fr Benny Susetyo, secretary of the interreligious commission of the Indonesian bishops’ conference, was kidnapped and severely beaten. At least three people forcibly removed him from his home in Bintaro, in southern Jakarta, took away his cell phone, and beat him.

He is now recovering at Pondok Indah hospital in Jakarta, where he has been visited by other human rights activists, like Solahudin Wahid, a promoter of interreligious dialogue and the younger brother of former president Abdurrahman Wahid.

The police of Kebayoran Lama say that “we have not conducted any investigation, as there has not been any crime reported to us”. It is the first time in a long time that a Catholic priest has been kidnapped and beaten.

Fr Susetyo is also an active member of the Alliance for Nation and Religious Freedom, a group disliked by radical Muslims for its position on the problem of the Ahmadiyya (an Islamic minority group often persecuted by other Muslims).

Fr Ismartono, who is also active in religious dialogue, did not want to release any comment. He nonetheless noted that “the incident took place suddenly and very quickly. Benny had just regained consciousness when he learned he was at Pondok Indah”.

Monash Wakademic yammers over 'Islamophobia' in Australia, Indonesian Muslims Delighted!

Islamophobia in Australialia ‘irrational fear’ : Australian scholar

* Remember: an Islamophobe is a non-Muslim who knows too much about Islam!

Hat tip: ZIP

From his CV:

Professor Emeriitus of Sciology Gary Bouma ,  born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and moved to Canada on completion of his PhD and to Australia in 1979. An Anglican priest,  he has been a religious professional in more than 8 denominations and particularly enjoys a small Anglican Parish in Brittany which he helped re-vitalize.

*  Indonesia: land of burning churches, destroyed Christian schools, attacked and murdered Christian students

* Christians in Indonesia’s Papua rally over sharia

*  And with all this going on at the same time this asshat goes there and soils his own nest.

There is a difference between right and wrong. There is a difference between good and bad. There is a difference between night and day. This asshat wants you to forget Bali one and two along with 9/11, Beslan, Madrid, London, Moscow, Bombay and another 11.000 Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11 by accusing the victims and sucking up the the perps in a country that doesn’t protect its religious minorities? Where Christians are attacked and killed, where Christian schoolchildren have their heads chopped off on their way to school?

* RIP Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:  Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.

* More pastors continue ignoring Islamic theology in favor of platitudes of peace and harmony. “Baptists, Muslims must work together for a peaceful world,” by Robert Parham for theTennessean, 


Be gone Bouma, be gone!

Jakarta, (ANTARA News) – An Australian scholar said Islamophobia in Australia was ‘an irrational fear’ as Australian society was a multicultural one where any religion could be practiced. 

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