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Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Gov: “Israel Stole $50 Billion of Our Sand”

January 9, 2013

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Gov: “Israel Stole $50 Billion of Our Sand” Posted By Daniel Greenfield  In The Point Sand. It’s the one truly rare thing in the Middle East because it’s so very rare. And while there’s no word on whether the feared Mossad Sharks and IAF vulture had anything to do with it, they probably did. Sinai […]

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They say they are winning….

March 12, 2012

From the Elder: Islamic Jihad refuses cease fire – because they think they are winning Islamic Jihad put out an announcement saying that they refuse to consider a cease-fire from their rocket attacks. And the reason seems to be that they think that they are winning. Here are the brave mujahadeen who are too afraid to show […]

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Islamic Savages Fire Qassam Rockets at Israel, Kindergarten Hit

November 16, 2011

The Blaze Palestinian Arab terrorists are intensifying their assault on Israel, this time launching two Qassam rockets from Gaza into the western Negev late Tuesday afternoon. Israel National News reports that one rocket hit a local kindergarten, and while no physical injuries were sustained in the attack, the school was badly damaged. If the school had not already closed for the day, the attack […]

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Vehicle Jihad

November 12, 2011

 Normally the Israeli’s finish these guys off on the spot. Unfortunately in this case they let the perp live and that’s why we’re having this unnecessary court circus: Shouting “Allahu Akbar,” Issa Islam “did not stop, but rather stepped on the gas and continued his killing spree” — his lawyer says it was an “accident” […]

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US to give Egypt F-16 fighter jet in Grapel deal’

October 27, 2011

They couldn’t just tell the Mohammedan thugs in Egypt  to release Grapel ‘or else’… they had to “make a deal…?” Ma’an news agency report: US participated in negotiations, worked to sweeten deal over dual US-Israeli citizen Grapel, held on spying charges. The United States is set to give Egypt an F-16 fighter jet as part of the […]

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The Questions Never Asked About Palestine

September 22, 2011

Obama: Peace requires compromise. Abbas: We’ll never compromise.  (poster from the Elder of Ziyon) By Steve Feldman/American Thinker As the Palestinian-Arabs and their friends make their latest push for “Palestinian” statehood at the United Nations this week, once again the wrong questions are being asked, while the pertinent questions every reporter, activist, and foreign minister should […]

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Israel Part II

August 11, 2011

 British Taxpayers Must Be Pleased: £5 million of British aid money to Palestinian Authority has gone to suicide bombers’ families Just what Britons didn’t need to hear in a global fiscal crisis, as the PA pulls in a total of £86 million in British aid each year. Will the government continue to pay with “willing […]

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Motherly Love: ‘My Son Doesn’t Kill Jews’

May 16, 2011

But he did. Typical motherly reaction after the fact: Israel: Muslim truck driver shouting “Allahu akbar” and “death to the Jews” plows into cars, murdering one person, injuring 17 For jihadis and Islamic supremacists in general, the founding of the State of Israel was a nakba (catastrophe). This, however, is not. “‘Driver in Tel Aviv […]

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