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"We don't have freedom of speech in Islam. We have the freedom to obey Allah."

Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari Condemns Freedom of Speech– and a whole lot more. He also  seems to have an issue with cartoons:

David Wood from Answering Muslims.

I keep telling people that Islamic values are inconsistent with Western values such as Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. Whenever I bring up the issue, however, I am labeled a “racist,” a “bigot,” a “hate-monger,” and an “Islamophobe.”

But what happens when Muslims themselves say that Islam doesn’t allow Freedom of Speech? Should we call these Muslims “racists” or “Islamophobes”?

(JW has good comments)

Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari has issues with Christmas:

“Christmas worse than alcohol & fornication…”– we suggest therapy. Or perhaps one of Obama’s shovel-ready jobs, like  digging a trench from Canada to USA:

NY Libtards confused, made ‘uncomfortable’ by Charlie Brown, the jihadist

” It turns Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special into some sort of very uncomfortable jihadist joke. As Mande put it, “I still can’t get over how profoundly fucked up and confusing it is.”

“Brown Converts To Islam In Xenophobic Peanuts Parody”

Oldie but goldie….. Vlad Tepes

The comments on the Gothamist are hysterical: leave us alone, we want nothing ‘controversial’ – we are libtards and we don’t want to be confronted with reality…….

Gothamist discovers years-old Charlie Brown jihad parody, calls it “xenophobic”

Spencer picks up on it:

I posted this video, a parody of A Charlie Brown Christmas in which Charlie Brown converts to Islam and becomes a jihadist, here at Jihad Watch on October 29, 2006. It had been posted at YouTube on April 17, 2006. So it is at least five and a half years old, and probably older.

But Gothamist just noticed it, and featured it December 24 in a post entitled “Video: Charlie Brown Converts To Islam In Xenophobic Peanuts Parody.” The title says the video is “xenophobic”; the commenters, inevitably, call it “racist.” So apparently it is both of those things and more to poke fun at jihadists, and to make even the most comically innocuous recognition of the fact, abundantly documented here day in and day out, year in and year out, that some of the people who convert to Islam end up being violent jihadists.

Xenophobic to oppose jihad. We should instead be welcoming of Islamic supremacists who want to kill, convert or subjugate us. To resist them would be racist. That’s the Gothamist’s take. And that of many others as well, of course.

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The Jihadist Next Door

The Terrorism Quiz

Who, really, is behind the epidemic of global terrorism against civilians? Whom should airport security personnel view carefully—respectfully—but very, very carefully?

Oh the irony! A hijabbed muslimah is frisking a nun…..

A friend just sent me the following “laugh until you cry” quiz. One hopes that the folks screening us at airports are given this quiz and are guided accordingly. Perhaps passengers should carry it with them; as they say: “Don’t leave home without it.”  Read the complete original version of this item…

By ANDREA ELLIOTT/ The New York Times

ON A WARM, cloudy day in the fall of 1999, the town of Daphne, Ala., stirred to life. The high-school band came pounding down Main Street, past the post office and the library and Christ the King Church. Trumpeters in gold-tasseled coats tipped their horns to the sky, heralding the arrival of teenage demigods. The star quarterback and his teammates came first in the parade, followed by the homecoming queen and her court. Behind them, on a float bearing leaders of the student government, a giddy mop-haired kid tossed candy to the crowd.

Left, Omar Hammami as a freshman in high school. Right, in a Shabab propaganda video released in March 2009.

Omar Hammami had every right to flash his magnetic smile. He had just been elected president of his sophomore class. He was dating a luminous blonde, one of the most sought-after girls in school. He was a star in the gifted-student program, with visions of becoming a surgeon. For a 15-year-old, he had remarkable charisma.

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What if?

Amirs of Caucasian Mujahideen

What if Kadyrov did win the Melbourne Cup?

Melbourne Cup Controversy

Ramzan Kadyrov, the son of Chechnya's first president Akhmad Kadryov, was appointed president in February 2007

As the richest man in the former Soviet state, Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov, “has” 99.9 per cent of the vote, a $ 1 million watch, a gold-plated gun and a stable of horses based in Dubai. One of these horses, Mourilyan, owned by Kadyrov,  had a good chance to win the Melbourne Cup along with 3 million prize money and the gold cup.

Kadyrov is implicated in many nasty things in Chechnya, in Russia and outside the borders of Russia. Personal enemies of Kadyrov die like flies in Russia and also in Dubai.

No, the shifty eyed Kadyrov didn’t win the Melbourne Cup, but there is still a moral dilemma: If Kim Jong-il applies to have a horse run next time, what should we do?” said Australian National University academic Leonid Petrov. Kavkazcenter

Kadyrov is a war criminal and a hardcore jihadist. WoJ reported, here:

Jihadist Parasite in Denmark recruited suicide bombers; Denmark unable to deport him on "humanitarian grounds"

  • Our humanity and our do-gooders are killing us:

“The documents ‘from several German terrorism trials show that PET believes that Amer Saeed has been the main organiser in Northern Europe for recruiting terrorists to Iraq,’ Politiken said.”


It is most ironic to let him stay on “humanitarian” grounds when his own agenda in Denmark is a major cause of the conditions in Iraq from which he’s now being protected. “Iraqi in Denmark recruited suicide bombers,” from Agence France-Presse, May 3: via JW:

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