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Why Berlusconi agreed to pay the jiziyah to the Libyan thugs

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*   Italy wants Libya to crack down on the thousands of illegal migrants smuggled across the Mediterranean to Italian shores. Libya has largely not delivered on pledges over the past few years to eliminate the problem. Italy will pay for $500 million worth of electronic monitoring devices on the Libyan coastline.

 “There should be “fewer clandestine migrants leaving Libyan shores for Italian coastlines”, Berlusconi said

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There’s little reason to be optimistic they will pay anytime soon. Qaddafi has a history of discarding his promises once he gets what he wants. And now he’s laughing about it.

 The Associated Press

BENGHAZI, Libya: Italy agreed over the weekend to pay Libya $5 billion as compensation for its 30-year occupation of the country, which ended in 1943.

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Italy promises 5 billion jiziyah to Libya

*  There are no words…

Italy says sorry to Libya “for damage inflicted during colonial era”

* Why would you apologize to this murderous scumbag? Whatever works in Libya is because of Italian “occupation”…
Imed Lamloum I AFP —

 *  Saif Gaddafi has criticised Lockerbie relatives for being ‘greedy’

*   Gaddafi’s son: We lied about Lockerbie

BENGHAZI, Libya: Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi yesterday apologized to Libya for damage inflicted by Italy during the colonial era and signed a $5 billion investment deal by way of compensation.

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EU to pay wages to Pali terrorists


LUCIA KUBOSOVA    EU Observer.com

Jiziyah alert:

* These EU-cock-suckers truly believe they’re above the law. By transferring wealth away from their citizens  they’re hoping to bribe the  Pali Arabs not to commit  terrorism against the EU, which, as we all know,  simply leads to more blackmail. But where are the filthy rich Sowdi Arab Muslim brothers who already raked in 600 billion dollars this year and in excess of 11 trillion dollars over the last 30 years? What are they doing to help their Pali brothers?

The European Union has announced it will boost its financial aid to the Palestinian Authority by €40 million in a bid to secure salaries for government workers.

“This extra package is a clear indication that we are continuing and reinforcing our commitment to the Palestinian people,” EU’s external affairs commissioner Benita Ferrero Waldner said in a statement on Wednesday (20 August).


EU has decided to add extra €40 million on its aid cheque for Palestinians (Photo: European Commission)

The financial injection comes on top of €256 million provided so far by the EU this year by other instruments. It follows an international conference last December where various donors pledged €5.2 billion in aid to the Palestinians over three years.

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G8 remains "committed to pay jiziyah to Palistanians"

* From the “Stop the jiziyah” department:

Three-day summit of eight rich nations ends with statement reiterating full support of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, hopes sides can see way to reach agreement by year’s end.

* These ‘rich nations’ are becoming poorer by the day because of Muhammedan  infiltration and extortion from the ummah…

Israel News
The G-8 remains committed to providing assistance to the “Palestinians” (why??) and helping to strengthen their institutions, Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda said at the end of a three-day summit of the Group of Eight rich nations.

Fukuda, in a chairman’s statement on the meeting, said the G-8 had reiterated its full support for the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations with a view to reaching an agreement by the end of the year and called on all parties to refrain from any action that would undermine the negotiations.

In a statement, G-8 leaders – which include the US, Japan, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Canada and Russia – called on both the Israeli and Palestinian leaders to put a stop to violence on both sides, also calling on Israel to cease all settlement construction.

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