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Breeding Killer Zombies for Jihad, Part II

In January this year we posted part 1, here: Breeding Killer Zombies for Jihad

Part 2 is even more outrageous since Muslims among us do it right here in the USA: by Joe Kaufman and Beila Rabinowitz/Frontpage Mag

Philadelphia’s Islamist Boy Scouts

These are not “boy-scouts”, as they are deceptively  called to obscure the sinister purpose of their indoctrination, these are future suicide bombers, children of jihad.

“Defenders” of future “no-go zones” in today’s America…..

Most Muslim extremists first radicalize their youth via sermon and brainwashing. One group, however, is skipping those steps and is taking the youngest of children right to the paramilitary route. But this group is not in Afghanistan or Iraq. No, it’s in Philadelphia, the so-called ‘City of Brotherly Love.’

The United Muslim Movement (UMM) was incorporated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in June 1994, with the goal of creating a central mosque in the city along with an organization that would be able to “respond to the social, economical, political, educational, and religious needs facing our [UMM’s] communities.” Less than four months later, in October 1994, its first mosque, the United Muslim Masjid, was opened.

The owner of the mosque property and the face behind UMM is music and real estate magnate Kenneth Gamble, a.k.a. Luqman Abdul Haqq. Read it all, here>>

The result of this indoctrination can be seen here:

Jihad/martyrdom bombers smile for the camera before killing 28 at Iranian mosque

They were apparently proud that they were about to “kill and be killed” for Allah (cf. Qur’an 9:111). “The last moments: Two suicide bombers pose for the camera as they strap on explosive vests before killing 28 at Iranian mosque,” from the Daily Mail, via JW

Islamic Invasion in the Heartland (USA)

Newly arrived Somali immigrants have transformed small towns and cities throughout the United States into tuulas (Somali villages).

Tom & Huck meet Muhammad

This is all part and parcel of the “Ikhwan Charter” is it not?

“The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

This was to be expected and this is partly why Obama has the DOJ fighting the immingration laws in Arizona. If Arizona wins the rights to prevent illegals from entering the U.S. then Obama will not be able to fulfill his “dream of his father” and his destiny of creating an Islamic state in the U.S.

Dr Paul Williams has the story, here

U.S. troops face Afghan enemy too young to kill

No surprises here. There are hundreds of thousands  of killer zombies being indoctrinated with the poison of Islam in Pakistani and Afghan madrassas and in mosques paid for by you, the taxpayer.

Afghanistan (Reuters) – U.S. Staff Sergeant Aaron Best made no apologies as his soldiers escorted 14-year-old Ahmad, blindfolded and handcuffed, onto their outpost in southern Afghanistan for questioning.

“Don’t be fooled,” said Best, “I have detained so many teenagers. These fighters are getting younger and younger.”

Ahmad, whose real name has been concealed to protect his identity, was picked up by a U.S. patrol along with a 15-year-old boy in Arghandab, in southern Kandahar province, one of Afghanistan’s most volatile regions, because they were behaving suspiciously.

Ahmad and his friend were hiding in vegetation, observing the soldiers, when they were spotted. The boys scurried away and when Best’s men finally caught up to them they tried to resist arrest, making the soldiers even more suspicious.

True to form, the Muslim Obama is leading his generals on a wild goose chase:

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Breeding Killer Zombies for Jihad

We are dealing with people who are  willing to kill and die for what they call religion.  They are willing to sacrifice their children in the process. Its happening now. Soon coming to a neighborhood near you:

Children in the Jihadi Cause – An Ansar Al-Mujahideen Video Compilation

The following are excerpts from a compilation of videos of Jihadi children, produced by Ansar Al-Mujahideen. The compilation, titled “The Next Generation of Mujahideen,” identifies the jihad groups to which the children belong, and shows them training, giving speeches, chanting, and praying.The compilation was posted on the Internet in December 2009


Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (Algeria)

Boy sitting in forest chants from a book. On screen: “The Mujahid Mu’adh Son of the Martyr Abu Mu’adh

“A child born and raised in the mountains and never experienced city life”

Cut to: Footage of infant playing with a rifle; Arabic singing in background.

Cut to: Scene of boys running with rifles in wooded area.

Same boys sitting;

Boy: “From the mujahid, son of a mujahid, to all Muslims: I urge you to aid the mujahideen, and to defend the best among the Muslims. We will regain our Caliphate, and vanquish the Crusaders, and their helpers from among the traitorous apostates.” […]

Islamic Jihad Union (Uzbek)

Scene of boys undergoing military training in sandy terrain. Arabic singing in background. Cut to clip of boys talking. On screen: “Islamic Jihad Union”

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