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Cash & Carry: the Torture Never Stops For the Litigation Jihad…

Litigation Jihad pays: just follow the Al Qaeda playbook and claim “torture”

A radical Muslim cleric who preached death to Americans now wants their money for what he says was torture suffered in Egypt following a CIA kidnapping.  Here he rolls up his sleeve to show the cameras his scar.  (Unfortunately, Daniel Pearl couldn’t be on hand to show his). With thanks to the Religion on Peace

US Senate-Approved Interrogation

senateapprovedinterrogation1From Sigmund, Carl and Alfred: We have spoken to your mother. We know everything.

Setback for the legal jihad: Supreme Court says Muslims cannot sue Ashcroft and Mueller

“The court ruled 5 to 4 that the top officials are not liable for the actions of their subordinates absent evidence that they ordered the allegedly discriminatory activity.”

Of course, the idea that detaining Muslims after 9/11 was discriminatory is laughable on its face.

“Supreme Court Rules Former Detainee Lawsuit Cannot Proceed,” from the Washington Post, May 18 (thanks to JW):

The Supreme Court ruled today that former attorney general John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller may not be sued by Arab Muslims who were seized in this country after the 2001 terrorist attacks and allege harsh treatment because of their religion and ethnicity.  More>>

Jihad Doctors, Litigation Jihad, UK

* Another case of infidel intolerance towards innocent Muslims, who just wanna be ‘different’- a very lucrative racket:

UK: Muslim doctor says she was fired for attending Friday prayers

Here again we see the same phenomenon playing out that we have seen many, many times over the last few years: a Muslim demands that a workplace change its practices to allow for Islamic observance, rather than dealing with the parameters of the job as it is. Every one of these incidents is a test case in the question of which will prevail: Islamic law or Western practice and custom. Will Muslims be established as a privileged class in Western countries, with rights that others don’t have, or will equality of rights and equality of treatment be maintained?

“Muslim doctor blames prayers for sack,” from the Yorkshire Post, May 15 (thanks to JW):

A Muslim doctor who was dismissed from her job claims she was discriminated against on religious grounds because she wanted to attend a mosque for prayers every Friday, a tribunal heard yesterday.

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Litigation Jihad: Muslim Chef Sues Because He Was Expected to Cook Pork

* Muselmanic Grievance Theater  becomes increasingly lucrative:

Muslim chef sues Britain’s largest police force, claiming religious discrimination because he was expected to cook bacon and pork sausages

Stealth jihad in action: when Islamic law and Western customs conflict, in a Western country, which will have to give way? And what precedent will be set by the endless accommodation of Islamic rules and sensibilities? Either someone at some point will have the courage to call a halt and say that there will be no more accommodation of Islamic law at the expense of British custom and law, or the demands and accommodations will continue until the UK becomes a Sharia state.

“Muslim chef sues over pork request,” by David Sapsted for The National, May 9 (thanks to Weasel Zippers):

LONDON // A Muslim chef is suing Britain’s largest police force, claiming he suffered religious discrimination because he was expected to cook bacon and pork sausages for breakfast.

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Killer Rights: Bassam Hamzy, Emad Sleiman win right to sue NSW Commissioner of Corrective Services

 “I just f..cked the commissioner, I just f..ed the commissioner.”
  * Litigation jihad:  Islamic killers win right to sue…

0659385000Convicted killers … Bassam Hamzy and Emad Sleiman have won the right to sue over being kept in solitary confinement.
  • Murderers can sue over solitary confinement
  • Both part of “Super Max Jihadists” gang
  • Both seeking damages over treatment

Herald Sun, just in thanks to Mullah

CONVICTED murderer Bassam Hamzy, accused of masterminding a drug ring from jail, has won the right to sue the New South Wales Commissioner of Corrective Services over his solitary confinement.

After the decision was handed down, Hamzy – who appeared by videolink from jail – shouted: “I just f..cked the commissioner, I just f..ed the commissioner.”

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Litigation Jihad: Somali pirate suing Germany

AFP Eurobusiness News  H/T Mullah

* here’s a sneering article from Al Reuters, warning the Americans not to “militarize” the situation:  U.S. muscle won’t deter hardcore Somali pirates

* Somali pirate money aids Al Qaeda terrorists

* French Navy Nabs 11 Suspected Pirates During Raid

* Jihadist pirates: “rocket attack on US ship was revenge”

“The aim of this attack was totally different. We were not after a ransom.” From raiding to jihad.  From AFP, April 15


* A bullet to the head would have been a more economic way of disposal:

(BERLIN) – A Somali suspected pirate filed a lawsuit against GermanyTuesday for what he called his inhumane treatment since being handed over to Kenyan authorities, court documents said.

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Quadriplegic Muslim sues UK after being rejected for 007 position

*  A Quadriplegic Muslim James Bond? Why not? After flaming moonbat Dame Stella Rimington anything is possible in dhimmified Britain:


*  Dhimmi of the Year Award: Former chief of MI5, Stella Rimington

Quadriplegic Muslim sues UK spy service after spy application rejected

“Suleman, a Muslim, said he wanted to protect Britain and to take a stand against extremists.” If he really wanted to protect Britain, he wouldn’t tie up its resources with frivolous lawsuits like this.

Litigation Jihad Update: “Wheelchair-bound man sues MI5 after application for spy job rejected,” from the Telegraph, March 9 (thanks to JW):

A wheelchair-bound former bus driver is suing MI5 for £363,000, after his application for a job tracking down suspects was rejected.Sajad Suleman, 35, admitted he could not move his arms or legs when he applied to be a Mobile Surveillance Officer but still claimed he should have been the “preferred candidate” out of the 1,092 who applied.

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The trouble with Muslims in the police force:

UK Muslim cop sues: other cops “laughed at his beard”

                           Don’t you dare

Javid Iqbal, poor lamb, says that the big bad mean “white” police officers made fun of him. Shouldn’t police officers be made of stronger stuff? Could it be that Javid Iqbal is merely trying to stir up resentment among Muslims toward the British authorities, once again deflect attention away from Islamic terrorist activity by portraying Muslims as victims, and divert attention away also from his miserable performance as a police officer? Now, it would be “Islamophobic” to suspect any of that, of course, but couldn’t Javid Iqbal have taken the taunts with patience and shown up his tormentors by doing a good job? Why was that option out of the question?

Litigation Jihad Update: “Muslim PC sues after workmates ‘laughed at his beard,'” by Andrew Levy for the Daily Mail

And here’s another one:

UK: Muslim cop beats up homeless man, gets fired, claims Islamophobia

Though he boasted that he beat the vagrant “good and proper.” Apparently this officer let the Muslim injunction to always “enjoin the right and forbid the wrong” — which can easily involve beating, whipping, and killing those who transgress Islam’s rules for society — get the best of him. Hard to blame him, though, since sharia law has been granted such a prominent place in the UK.

“Muslim Cop Beats Up Home-less Man, Claims Islamophobia,” by Tom Kelly for the Daily Mail


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