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Mohammed only wanted to repair the relationship

Adelaide man Mohammed Tasleem Tahir charged with torture

A SOUTH Australian man who tracked down his former girlfriend on the Gold Coast before allegedly slicing open her cheeks and cutting off part of her tongue has appeared in court.

Mohammed Tasleem Tahir, 21, was not required to enter a plea during a brief appearance in Southport Magistrates Court yesterday, but faces charges of grievous bodily harm, acts intending to maim or disfigure causing grievous bodily harm and torture over an horrific incident at a Surfers Paradise unit early Saturday morning.

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Coming soon to a theatre near you: Muhammad — the movie!

Showing Geert Wilders ‘FITNA’ all over the free world would be better. But no: “the film will educate people about the true meaning of Islam”– and that means the truth can’t be told….

Coming soon to a theatre near you: Muhammad — the movie!

produced by Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders & sheik yer’mami (you wish)

Hey! I’ve got a book you can use as the basis for a script!

And here is a choice portion from another book, Richard Grenier’s brilliant The Marrakesh One-Two, a fictionalized but quite informed account of someone who tried to do just this movie:

We’re making the life of Mohammed, right? It’s going to be like The Mohammed Story, or The Second Greatest Story Ever Told, like Mohammed Superstar. But Islam, a little detail, had this ferocious hostility to the graven image, rather well known in historical circles, and they don’t like tri-acetate images either. There is no show business in Saudi Arabia, you can believe me. The Egyptians are backsliders to the point of having a film industry of sorts, but never deal with sacred subjects. There are places where they’d kill you in a spirit of devoted piety for daring to represent the image of the Prophet. They take these things seriously. No one had ever thought of doing the life of Mohammed until Omar except for Moustafa Akkad, and you know what happened to him. So Omar had to go about it very cautiously so that we didn’t get ourselves assassinated by some fanatic. After conferring with the doctors of Al Azzar in Cairo he tells me we’ve got to cut out Mohammed. We’re doing The Mohammed Story, you understand, but Mohammed’s got to go. Too holy to be portrayed. We’ve got to “shoot around” Mohammed. But also all his immediate family has to go: This wealthy widow he married who gave him his start in life. All his ten or so other wives. His children, all the daughters. His famous sons-in-law. Ali goes. Omar goes. The four first caliphs go. Mohammed’s mother and father go. The ten Companions of Mohammed go. That’s the ten apostles right there. Talk of Hamlet without the prince. This was Hamlet without the prince, king, queen, Ophelia, Polonius, Horatio, Laertes, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern. It was going to be Hamlet with the gravediggers and Fortinbras. The only thing they would give me was that I could have P.V. Mohammed. That is I could script shots from Mohammed’s Point of View, subjective camera. I could have faces reacting and people talking toMohammed. But Mohammed couldn’t answer them because his voice would be too holy. I got to work it all in by hearsay. And Mohammed couldn’t cast a shadow. He was too holy to cast a shadow. That would be sacrilege too. Mohammed seems to have been about five foot four but when people speak to him in our movie they look up to him as if he’s the size of Bill Walton. But it is still the Mohammed story, you understand, and the working title is Mohammed, Man of Mecca, because confusingly enough the Moslems are quite proud of the fact that Mohammed isn’t set up to be any kind of a supernatural being but just a man like you or me, give or take a little. I mean there’s no abracadabra about Son of God, on the third day ascended into heaven where he sitteth on the right hand of God the Father from whence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead sort of stuff. Just an ordinary mortal prophet. The Koran only is a miracle, which Mohammed dictated by bits and pieces here and there when he was in his states, and which I will leave you to read for yourself and you can come to your own conclusion. — Richard Grenier, The Marrakesh One-Two, 1983

“Matrix producer plans Muhammad biopic,” from The Guardian, November 2 (thanks to JW):

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Britain trusts Mohammed, the "benefits worker!"

Benefits worker accused of fraud

Al Bebeeceera

A benefits fraud investigator and his wife have appeared in court accused of making illegal claims for more than £30,000 of benefits.

* Stealing from infidels is not a crime under sharia, which some consider “sacred law”- just wondering how many more Mohammed’s are out there doing the same thing…

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