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Child Abuse at US Mosque Ignored

American mosque: Teachers beat children — including “married” 7-year old girl — during sharia lessons

And law officials, including the FBI, refuse to investigate lest they incur the wrath of CAIR. More on this story. “Claim: CPS ignored child abuse at U.S. mosque,” 

Counter-terror researcher says detective feared Islamic lobby groups


Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Nashville

A counter-terrorism expert researching extremism at U.S. mosques claims authorities in Nashville, Tenn., ignored his report of child abuse by teachers at a local mosque due to fear of retribution from Muslim organizations such at the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Dave Gaubatz, a former Air Force special agent, told WND he informed the local prosecutor, the FBI and Sgt. Brooks Harris of the Metropolitan Police Department in Nashville of a 7-year-old girl who says teachers at the Al-Farooq mosque “hit the children” during Shariah, or Islamic law, lessons.

Harris insists he was not initially given enough information to pursue the case and denies he said anything about fearing legal action from the Council on American-Islamic Relations – CAIR – or any other Islamic groups.

Gaubatz stands by his claims and insists he gave Harris all of the necessary information to pursue the allegation in March. Gaubatz posted audio of the child on his blog in which she allegedly mentions her “husband” and says her legs hurt from the beatings. Gaubatz said other mosque attendees confirmed that some worshippers practiced polygamy.

The mosque reportedly is frequented by many Somalis, and Islamic websites say services are offered in Somali.

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Hamas: Mosque is a "Factory Educating Jihad Fighters…"

“Even the Muslim fetus seeks Jihad”

arafat                                                     Muslim fetus

Gee, I’m glad he said it. Because if we said things like that, they might call us ‘Islamophobes’ or ‘racists’- but even if they do, we’ll just do what we must:  thanks to Tundra Tabloids:


…of course the bed wetting, pseudo human rights watchers will be screaming raaaaaacism over Israel’s revoking the citizenship of these traitorous Arabs. Just you wait and see. I believe that the Dutch lawmaker, Geert Wilders, has offered similar proposals for revoking the citizenship and the deportation for Muslims who work against the Dutch state. Sounds like a great law, hopefully it will be passed soon by the Dutch parliament.KGS

According to Islamic law, a hudna can only be agreed to in order to allow the Muslim forces to gather strength. This Islamic concept is based the Treaty of Hudaybiyya, the ten-year truce (Hudna) Muhammad signed with the pagan Quraysh tribe. By breaking this treaty, Muhammad again set a precedent: Muslims can sign a treaty but can break it at anytime, when doing so is to their advantage. The purpose of Hudna is to allow weakened Muslim forces to gather strength to fight again later more effectively. This is an extremely important principle for the West to understand today, since it shows the difference between what we perceive as a cease-fire and what believing Muslims think it is.

…and Western dhimmi-wankers are literally falling over each other and cue up for the brand-new “cease fire’- KGS has more

Mashal isn’t trying all that hard to conceal his views, ideology, and strategy. In part, that’s because he thinks the people he’s trying to fool are really stupid. In part, it’s because he will have to defend anything he says to his colleagues. In part, too, it is because he is a real true believer (called fanatics in a “less enlightened” age).


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Aboriginals oppose Swan Valley mosque

The West Australian


* Will be interesting to see how this will play out: when it comes to regular Australians nothing is sacred. Even in the face of overwhelming opposition the Muslim invaders  succeeded in getting a school approved by the Gold Coast  City Council.

* Gold Coast Council doesn’t fear Christian protesters

* Keysar Trad happy: School Approved, Aussie Muslims Happy

* Gold Coast Mayor: MultiCulti ueber alles!

Plans to build a mosque in the Swan Valley have upset Nyoongar elders who claim the Caversham land is a sacred site and has been protected under the Aboriginal Heritage Act since 1984. 
In a submission to the City of Swan, 45 elders and traditional owners of the area have called on the Bosnian Islamic Society to build their 1277sq m mosque somewhere else “where it will not offend the religious beliefs of the indigenous people and original owners of the Swan Valley”. 
“That section of land is a burial ground, very important to blackfellas. Our people were massacred there,” they say. 
The mosque plan is expected to go to the council in the next couple of months.




Mosque Watch: Canada's largest mosque sued for $4 million

Calgary Herald

* Contractual agreements with infidels don’t need to be honored, because Allah has relieved the believers of their vows… Sura 9:3 Allah and His Messenger Dissolve obligations with Pagans. Sura 66:2a says “Allah has already ordained For you, the expiation of your oaths” …

* Newslink: Goa airport closed to visitors due to terrorist threat

CREDIT: Todd Korol/Reuters

CALGARY – A Calgary-based company is suing the country’s largest mosque, seeking almost $4 million in bills it claims were never paid related to the mosque’s construction.

EllisDon Construction Services filed the statement of claim this month in a bid to recover $3.9 million the company claims it is owed, and another $1 million in “damages for interference with contractual and economic relations.”

EllisDon says it signed an agreement in June 2006 to build the 45,000-square-foot Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque, completed in late August this year.

The mosque was officially opened in July with a gala reception attended by an estimated 5,000 people, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Naseer Ahmad, an agent of Ahmadiyya, is named as a defendant. The lawsuit claims he interfered with EllisDon’s contractual and economic interests with an intent to damage its reputation.

If the sum isn’t paid, says the claim, a builders’ lien must be placed on the mosque and property and it should be sold to pay off EllisDon.

No statement of defence has been filed and none of the allegations have been proven in court.

*    “Allah is the best of deceivers”

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Boxer Mundine: "just mosquing around"

Anthony Mundine, Hazem El Masri in Illegal mosque row

* The laws of the kuffar no longer deter this new ‘revert’, who has become a price-fighter for Allah. Every new mosque is a land grab for the cult…

By Justin Vallejo/Daily Telegraph

Delayed … the partly demolished former church.

* The tribal chiefs are back: KRudd fires up the multiculti gravy train (again)

BOXER Anthony Mundine and league star Hazem El Masri have been fined for illegally beginning work to convert a Christian church into a mosque.

The pair were fined $600 and ordered to stop illegal work on the proposed Islamic prayer hall at Roselands, in Sydney’s south, after sections of the building were demolished without council approval.

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News from Germany: is the tide turning in Cologne?

With thanks to the Gates of Vienna:

 Support for the mainstream parties is hemorrhaging, and disaffected voters are transferring their allegiance to Pro-Köln and its allies.

Two interesting developments:

1. Calling Pro-Köln members “Nazis” will cost the average blackhood 450 euro per smear from now on.

2. Christian Democrats are defecting to the Pro-Köln movement because of the multicultural near-leftist attitude in the CDU.

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Somehow, the truth is seeping through…

…but only on websites like Winds of Jihad, with thanks to Gates of Vienna:

Somebody in Spain (Al Andaluz) smells the coffee:

Politically Incorrect Press in Spain

La ultraizquierda impone la ley de la selva en Colonia: ‘Congreso Anti Islámico prohibido por la policía’ (in Spanish)

“Extreme left wing imposes the law of the jungle in Cologne: ‘Anti-islamic congress prohibited by the police’“.

*  .. thanks to  the spineless little rat-mayor of Cologne Fritz Schramma, almost a clone to the commie mayor of  Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, who has verboten the anti-Islamic rallies for 2 years in a row…   

Fritz Schramma

Cologne mayor Schramma

* Newslink: Spain Will Pay Jobless Migrants to Return Home

 Berlusconi dealing with the Libyan PoS:

Italy-Libya: Frattini, 450 Mln Company Refund Refused

(ANSAmed) — ROME, SEPTEMBER 17 — Italy has not forgotten the problem of credits claimed by Italian companies and co-nationals expelled from Libya in 1970, an issue which “will be discussed in a parallel negotiation which we pledge to start” with Tripoli after the signing of the agreement between Italy and Libya on August 30, Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, said in Parliament. The head of the Italian diplomacy said that the Italian negotiators have already refused 450 million euro which Libyans offered to pay as compensation for the credits claimed by Italian companies. Italy did not accept the offer because the sum is insufficient and Libya “accepted to continue the talks”, Frattini said. “Italy has launched a more efficient collaboration, much more efficient than in the past, in the fight against human trafficking and illegal immigration,” the minister addedd, commenting on the recent signing of the friendship and collaboration agreement between Rome and Tripoli.

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Anti-mosque 'nationalists' attacked in Germany

Cologne Update: try to count the smears!

* A left-wing protester s#*thead demonstrates against the anti-Islamization congress, organized by “Pro Koeln.”

* Update:      

 Violence works: ‘Anti-Islamisation’ event abandoned after protests

*  Link to The Irish Times

COLOGNE, Germany (AP) — Protesters throwing stones and paintballs disrupted the opening of an “anti-Islamification” conference Friday organized by a right-wing German nationalist group that opposes the building of a large new mosque.

Some 100 protesters gathered outside city hall in Cologne’s borough of Rodenkirchen to prevent two leaders of the Pro-Cologne movement from entering the building where they were to hold a news conference.

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Philipino Ramadan Jihad

The Mosque! the Mosque! The Mosque is on Fire!

* Damn those infidel sons of apes and swine!

“Army attacked our men inside a mosque – MILF”

Nation/GMA News TV

 MANILA, Philippines – The Moro Islamic Liberation Front on Saturday accused the Army of attacking MILF forces while the rebels were praying inside a mosque in Sarangani last Friday. 

A statement on the MILF Web site said one MILF member was killed in the attack on the 107th Base Command at 12:30 p.m. in Daliao, Maasim town.

“Firing at the Mosque, a sacred religious symbol of the Muslim, is an attack to all the Muslims the world over. This was an act totally disrespectful of the cultural and religious symbols of the Muslims,” it said.

* Sure thing. As if Muslims showed ever showed respect to other peoples cultural and religious symbols. When did they ever care when their bombs go off in churches, temples, synagogues or even other mosques? Like here or here or here (and that’s just from today!)
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