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Al Qaeda propaganda chief Adam Gadahn may have been roasted in predator attack

Western intelligence sources in Pakistan believe that al-Qa’eda’s prize American recruit and propaganda chief may have been killed in a CIA-directed airstrike.

Months of attacks by unmanned US predator aircraft have caused carnage among the middle ranks of terrorist leaders in the lawless lands along the border with Afghanistan, where al-Qa’eda remains dangerous despite suffering a serious defeat in Iraq.


Paki’s howl and whine over ‘hot pursuit’- demand more $$$$

* 10 suicide bombers enter Punjab

* Bush: Pakistan has ‘responsibility’ to battle extremists

* Peter Bergen’s delusions: ‘US should help Pakistan build counterinsurgency skills’

* Pakistan cuts off US forces’ fuel supplies

* US air raid on religious school kills 16 in Pak

‘Govt will not tolerate hot pursuit’/  Daily Times

ISLAMABAD: The government will not put up with ‘any hot pursuit’ inside Pakistani territory, Leader of the House Raza Rabbani told the Senate on Monday. Responding to concerns voiced by Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Professor Khursheed Ahmed, Rabbani said there was no ambiguity in the government’s policy on the war on terror, and it would not tolerate attacks against the country’s territorial integrity. “We have a clear policy that no one will be allowed to violate our territorial, political and economic sovereignty,” he added. Earlier, Khursheed had said that two contradictory statements – by Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar and Interior Adviser Rehman Malik – had been reported in the media regarding the suspension of supplies to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) troops in Afghanistan. Khursheed said one statement had said the supply was suspended indefinitely, whereas the other said it was a temporary delay. Khursheed said NATO forces had carried out another missile attack in Miranshah on Monday that had resulted in the deaths of seven people, including three women. staff report

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Untouchable Hindu women and kids being sexploited in Pak

Karachi, Sept 6 (ANI): A new study has found that the Hindus belonging to lower (Scheduled) castes are unofficially declared as untouchables and are given a second-grade-citizen treatment. Their kids are made to clean the school premises and are forced to sit on back benches.

* Pakistan: girl married at 9, gunned down by parents and accomplices in front of police at 17

* Pakistan’s double game exposed

* ‘Chaaders’ must for girls in Pak university (usually spelled chador or burka)


The study also found that Hindu women belonging to scheduled castes were the most vulnerable and considered sexually available by men of Muslim-dominated communities. Since the SC Hindus are economically weaker with no social support or political leverage in the community, their young women/ girls were lured into matrimony or abducted and wed through forced conversions.

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Pakistan, we want our money back

And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers. (3:54)

And when those who disbelieve plot against thee (O Muhammad) to wound thee fatally, or to kill thee or to drive thee forth; they plot, but Allah (also) plotteth; and Allah is the best of plotters. (8:30)

Hugh Fitzgerald:

$30 billion in military and economic aid, and debt forgiveness, has been lavished by the American government on Pakistan, and on Bush’s loyal friend Musharraf — whom he not only could count on, but who of course would remain forever in power, since late 2001 alone.

What have we gotten for that money?


U.S. gives its “staunch” and “loyal” ally Pakistan $365 million

Who will probably only funnel some — not all of it — to the Taliban. “US reimburses $365 million to Pakistan,” from the Daily Times, September 6 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

WASHINGTON: The United States has reimbursed a tranche of $365 million to Pakistan from the Coalition Support Fund. Pakistani diplomats headed by Ambassador Husain Haqqani interacted with Pentagon and State Department officials for the release of the reimbursement, the state-run APP news agency reported.

* Fitzgerald: How much more money will flow to Pakistan?

Pakistan’s double game exposed

Regular readers of Jihad Watch have known for years that Musharraf and Co. were talking out of both sides of their mouths, pledging support for the war on terror on the one hand while aiding the jihadists on the other. Now direct and abundant confirmation of this comes from, of all places, The New York Times.

Right at the Edge,” by Dexter Filkins, link to JW

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The one who got away

  “Almost captured”- imagine that!

As if Pakistan had an interest in chasing the sinister midget and the chief headbanger out of their caves!

Pakistan: We just barely missed nabbing Zawahiri!

Because, after all, the Pakistani government is doing it’s absolute very best to capture al-Qaeda — except when it’s pre-warning them of U.S. operations. “Pakistan ‘missed chance’ to catch al Qaeda deputy,” by Kamran Haider, for Reuters, thanks to JW

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Paki PM to GWB: "pay the jiziya"- Bush: "How much..?"

Bush offered $115 mln in food aid to Pakistan

But you’re still not allowed to roast any Taliban on our soil!”- U.S. air strike kills al-Qaeda’s “mad scientist”; Pakistan complains

“The strike was too unilateral”, says Pakistani army, and “could be detrimental to bilateral relations.” “U.S. air strike on al-Qaeda hideout lays bare Pakistan’s border,” by Saeed Shah and Graeme Smith, for the Globe and Mail,

U.S. President George W. Bush (R) walks with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani to the White House in Washington July 28, 2008

WASHINGTON (Reuters)U.S. President George W. Bush offered $115 million over two years in food aid to Pakistan, the White House said on Monday, after he met with Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.

“The president offered $115 million over two years in food aid and $42.5 million of that will be available over the next six to nine months,” White House spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters.

*  Don’t you think there is something seriously wrong with a country that produces nuclear weapons and on the other hand needs to extort money to feed its people?


Legendary duplicity in Pukestan:

UN diplomat: Pretending that Pakistan is not supporting the Taliban is similar to “pretending that Niagara Falls doesn’t flow”

“Courage, at last,” by Jiti Khanna, for the Globe and Mail, July 29:

Using modern equipment for old fashioned lynching: Taliban

Vancouver — At last, a Western diplomat – Chris Alexander, a former Canadian ambassador now serving as a United Nations special envoy in Kabul – has had enough of the political correctness to publicly acknowledge that Pakistan, through its Inter-Services Intelligence agency, is supporting Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan (UN Envoy Backs Karzai Against Pakistan – front page, July 28). “Otherwise we really are pretending that Niagara Falls doesn’t flow.” 

* CIA confronts Pakistan over top-level ties to jihadists

To date, the Western democracies have simply been shooting themselves in the foot by appeasing Pakistan’s government, under whose watch Islamic extremists are spreading their jihad against the Western way of life. (Wow! All the forbidden words: “Jihad”- “Islamic extremists”- are there any other ones? But yes, it could be the beginning of something new…)

Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

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Pakistans Threat to World Peace


Breaking the silence on Pakistan and terrorism

By Con Coughlin/Telegraph

Last Updated: 12:01am BST 20/07/2008

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The biggest threat to the West is not al-Qa’eda, Afghanistan or Iran, but the country that, thanks to its laxity, has become the terrorists’ chief hideout and breeding ground

  A Pakistani Army guards a position only a few hundred meters from the Afghan border
Terrorists defeated in Afghanistan often regroup and rebuild across the border in Pakistan’s lawless tribal areas

It’s the threat to world peace that dares not speak its name.

We hear plenty about the dangers posed to our security by al-Qa’eda, Afghanistan and Iran. But when it comes to talking about the country that arguably constitutes the greatest threat to our everyday wellbeing, Pakistan hardly ever seems to merit a mention.

This is rather surprising, given that if you talk to any of the military commanders or politicians responsible for prosecuting the war against Islamist terrorism, Pakistan is the country that is almost universally identified as constituting the most serious active threat to our national security.

And it is also seen as the greatest obstacle to our efforts to combat the pernicious threat of jihad by terrorism.

Last week, the subject came up in conversations I had with one of our leading military commanders and a senior politician who is personally involved in the defence of the realm.

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The Kidnapping and Rape of Infidel Women

* Correction: girls, not women. In this case the girls were 10 and 13!

*  Muhammedans have 1400 years of tradition in kidnapping and rape and are unlikely to abandon the practice anytime soon. Besides, the rape of infidel women is sanctioned in the Koran and the sunnah, the meshugga ‘prophet’ practised it and encouraged his murdering, marauding compagnons to do the same. Since Muhmmad ( uswa hasana, al insan al kamil….) was the perfect man who has given the ummah ‘a beautiful pattern of conduct’, we will see more of this. 

Pakistan:  Muslim “judge” rules kidnapped Christian girls “converted to Islam and cannot return home”

Update about the adolescent girls who were kidnapped and forced into conversion. Seems they did so “voluntarily.” “Kidnapped Christian girls, judge ratifies marriage and conversion,” by Qaiser Felix, for Asian News, July 16:

The district of Muzaffargarh rules in favour of the Muslims, rejecting the request from the family that wants to bring home the two sisters – 13 and 10 years old – kidnapped last June 26. Christian associations charge that they could end up as prostitutes.

* Almost half of Egyptian women harassed daily: poll


Islamabad (AsiaNews) – District judge Mian Muhammad Naeem, of the section of Muzaffargarh, has ruled that the two Christian sisters “have converted in a legitimate manner to Islam”, and for this reason they cannot be “restored to their family of origin”. Setting aside the request from their father to regain custody of his daughters, the judge also admitted the “validity” of the marriage of the girls to two Muslims.

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