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Follow the Money

The Black Holes of Pakistan:

Earthquake aid millions spent elsewhere

AFP/ thanks to Mullah

MORE than £300 million ($520 million) of aid to help rebuild parts of Pakistan after the 2005 earthquake was diverted to other projects, a British newspaper has claimed.

The Daily Telegraph, citing unnamed senior Pakistani officials, said there were fears this diversion of funds would put off foreign donors from giving money to help 20 million people currently affected by heavy floods. More>>

” 60 Billion in Weapons Sales to Arabs will Not Change Balance of Power in the ME”

The United States has approved a long list of arms sales to friendly Arab countries in the Persian Gulf aimed at countering Iran’s growing influence in the region.The unprecedented sales could reach over $60 billion in pending deals with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.


The largest deal is the possible sale of 82 F-15 fighter jets to Saudi Arabia for $30 billion.

The deal has caused some concern within Israel which is reportedly in a dialogue with the Obama administration regarding its commitment to retain the IDF’s qualitative military edge in the region. J’Post

Here is the boilerplate statement, mandated by U.S. law,  that have or will  accompany the announcements of  $60 billion in American weapons to the  Arabs:

The proposed sale of this equipment and support will not affect the basic  military balance in the region.”

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Collective Punishment. Dare to Compare…

Pakistan: Christian women and girls report sexual abuse; Muslim village chief expels 250 Christian families

And that is just one example described below in the ongoing wave of Muslim persecution of Christians in Pakistan — our modern, moderate “friend and ally.” “In ‘Talibanized’ Pakistan Christians are victims of yet more attacks,” from Asia News, June 10/JW

In Khanewal district, also in Punjab, the chief of a village with a Muslim majority has ordered 250 Christian families to leave the area because “they are too vigorously denouncing sexual violence by Muslims against women and girls”. Most Christians in the area are labourers on Muslim owned land and the women domestic servants in homes. The abuses were occurring in homes, almost “daily.” “Christians – denounce the displaced – are totally at the mercy of the will of Muslims.” Read more>>

File photo: blood thirsty Muselmaniacs attack Christians on the street in Gojra town in Pakistan’s central Punjab

Now compare this kind of “collective punishment” with what happens when Mohammedans go apeshit and behave like they normally do:

UC Irvine Muslim Student Union members shocked by suspension

Orange County Register

“Fanatical frenzy more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog”  shout slogans during a protest rally against Israel in Lahore June 13, 2010

A victory for civil discourse and acceptable standards of behavior, in an update on this story. “UC Irvine seeks to suspend Muslim student group,” by Raja Abdulrahim for the Los Angeles Times, June 14 (thanks to JW:UC Irvine recommends suspension of Muslim Student Union for shouting down Israeli ambassador)

The Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine should be suspended for one year for its involvement in repeated disruptions of a February speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, according to a disciplinary report released by the university.

The Muslim Student Union has appealed the recommendation.

The speech about U.S.-Israeli relations was interrupted 10 times by students who got up and yelled out things like, “Michael Oren, propagating murder is not an expression of free speech.”

As well asSlaughter the Jews“.

Eleven UC Irvine and UC Riverside students were arrested and cited for disturbing a public event, but none have been charged. The student group maintained that the disruptions were done by individuals and not organized by their group, but the report cited internal Muslim Student Union e-mails and meeting agendas that indicated they planned a disturbance.

The group’s attorney Reem Salahi emphasized that a suspension has not yet been implemented but was still disheartened by the report’s recommendations. “It’s collective punishment,” she said. “You have an entire Muslim student body that’s being punished for the actions of a few.”

And yet the whole incident was planned. Is the administration supposed to look the other way from that?

Pakistan: Just Making Sure They're Dead

My Allah is better than yours:

Telegraph UK

Jihadists stormed a Pakistani hospital where doctors were treating the victims of an earlier suicide attack on Monday, killing at least six people…

The assault came three days after two teams of Islamist extremists armed with guns, grenades and suicide vests killed more than 80 worshipers belonging to a minority  (Ahmadiyya) Muslim sect.

“Ahmadiyyah’s Are Heretics”

Ali Zafar  tries to explain:

All of this because Ahmadis believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who founded the movement in 1889, was the messiah foretold by Muhammad, the prophet of Islam — a belief that has made Ahmadis non-Muslims under the laws of Pakistan and infidels in the eyes of many Muslims. More from the National Post

Misunderstanders of Islam disrupt Afghan peace conference with suicide attacks

No outrage whatsoever:

Karzai offers them an olive branch, they return with gunfire and suicide attacks. “Militants attack as Afghan peace conference starts,” by Kathy Gannon and Rahim Faiez for Associated Press/Jihad Watch


Muslims never condemn the daily murder and butcher of their fellow Muslims by Muslim fanatics, their silence tells me they don’t care if it is Muslim on Muslim violence but watch those moderates roar with anger and hate if Israel protects it’s self and kills the fanatical Islamists.

Paki Watch: Allah hates competition; 70 roasted in mosque attacks

At Least 80 Killed In Pakistan Mosque Attacks

Attacks on the Ahmadi Muslims are a constant in Pakistan, considered heretical because they do not recognize Muhammad as the last prophet. And because they eschew violent jihad.


Suspected Islamist militants attacked two mosques packed with hundreds of worshippers from a minority sect in eastern Pakistan on Friday, holding hostages and battling police, officials and witnesses said. Some 80 people died, and dozens were wounded in what’s believed to be the worst attack ever against the Ahmadi sect.

Pakistani media take cover outside one of two mosques stormed by gunmen in Lahore on May 28, 2010. Gunmen dressed in suicide vests stormed two Pakistani mosques belonging to a minority sect in Lahore on May 28, killing at least 56 people and reducing prayers to a bloodbath, officials said.

The assaults in Lahore were carried out by at least seven men, including three suicide bombers, officials said. Two attackers were captured. At one point, a gunman fired bullets from atop a minaret.

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Pakistan: "Blasphemous act is punishable by death" and "We are ready to sacrifice our lives for the holy Prophet"

Pakistan blocks YouTube, Facebook as backlash grows

They shouted “Death to America” they denounced Israel:   “Al-Jihad, Al-Jihad”-

but not to worry: we all know that jihad is peaceful inner struggle, right? And to prove it, we have a case of Donkey Jihad from the Israeli border. We also need to familiarize our children properly about da Jooozzz:  Egyptian Cleric Sheik Ahmad Al-Johainy: “We Must Get Our Children Accustomed to Hating the Jews”

Update: U.S. State Department displays dhimmitude;  expresses “respect for any actions that need to be taken under Pakistani law to protect their citizens from offensive speech”


Quick: lets send them another 10 billion jiziya to prevent them from radicalizing!

ISLAMABAD (AFP) – Pakistan on Thursday condemned caricatures ofthe Prophet Mohammed that appeared on Facebook, blocking thesocial networking site and YouTube in a growing backlash over Internet “sacrilege.”

Several thousand activists protested against the drawings and denounced the West in an expression of outrage that sparked comparisons with riots across the Muslim world in 2006 over drawings published in European newspapers.

The caricatures appeared on Facebook after a private user asked people to submit drawings of the Prophet Mohammed in an online competition that sparked fury in conservative Muslim Pakistan.

(See, they are “conservative”, just like our conservatives in the West. Now, if we could only get rid of conservatives the muslims would really love us and we could really get along swell……ed)

Tiny minority of excremists displays fanatical frenzy….

The proper spirit:

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Fanatical Frenzy Watch: Muslims Prove Beyond Any Doubt That They Worship Muhammad!

Islam is, in fact, Mohammedanism. Muslims are Muhammad worshippers.

That’s why we celebrate “Draw Muhammad Day”, Here’s some stuff from ZIP, enjoy!

Muslims always deny it, but nobody in the Islamic world really cares about the imaginary moon-god of the ancient desert Arabs. The whole cult was invented, and evolves around the 7th century bandit, caravan raider, slave trader and child molester Muhammad:


Pakistan: Thousands rally against Facebook because of Everybody Draw Muhammad Day

Note the threats on some of the signs.

Islamic War On Free Speech Alert, and an update on this story. “Muslim anger prompts Pakistan to block Facebook,” by Babar Dogar for Associated Press, May 19 (thanks to JW):


Islam is known for it’s violence towards, not only other religions but to their very women. Nowhere on the planet is there such a justification for accepted, indoctrinated and currently practiced violence towards others.

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Stoopid in the US of A


Its the Jihad, stupid!

Any grudge Shahzad may have held against the United States appears to have developed recently, according to a senior U.S. official who is familiar with the investigation but not authorized to speak publicly. CNN (of course)

Unholy Mole

NY car bomb suspect cooperates, but motive mystery

Islam mentioned:

Meanwhile, efforts to determine what may have motivated the suspect continued. An official familiar with the investigation said Wednesday that Shahzad felt Islam was under attack. More CNN


It takes a special kind of dhimmitude to publish such self-destructive propaganda.

Robert Spencer:

Denying Jihad — Again

We know now that the car bomb in Times Square was an attempted Islamic jihad attack. But the mainstream media, following its usual pattern, is once again denying, minimizing, or obfuscating this fact.

Christian question: ‘Interfaith dialogue’ or ‘useful idiots’? Michael Carl

Growing trend to meet with Muslims rings alarm bells for some


Portsmouth police investigate bomb threat on bus Boston Herald

BREAKING! NY: Emirates Airplane Stopped at JFK With ‘No-Fly’ Passenger

Emirates Airline Jet Reportedly Stopped on Taxiway of JFK With ‘No-Fly’ Passenger FOX

Related: Nofly list’ flaws seen in suspect’s boarding of plane USA Today

Not to worry: America’s first Muslim POTUS is on the case:

Obama gets weekly tutorials in terrorism

After a car bomb nearly detonated in Times Square on Saturday night, White House officials convened a series of impromptu briefings to keep President Obama updated as the suspect was identified, located and caught trying to flee the country. Obama often raises questions about what causes someone to become a terrorist. WaPo has more>>

Army of Bullshit-peddlers: obfuscation from a “pro-American” Muslim

The Qur’an – Islam’s holy scripture – makes it clear on several occasions that Muslims are forbidden to create chaos in society. Muslims are charged with obeying authority and defending the order and peace of society from anyone who dares to wreak havoc and chaos through acts of terror. Reverence for life is a part of Islam, and no excuse can justify taking a life. WaPo sells this crap

Brother Tariq Coins a New Word: “Jihadophobia”

Once-banned Islamic scholar shyster Tariq Ramadan talks to Sally Quinn about South Park, the Prophet and the real meaning of jihad. Jihadophobia

Pakistani Foreign Minister on Times Square jihad car bomb: “This is a blowback. This is a reaction. This is retaliation. And you could expect that.”

Of course there is always response and retaliation in war. That’s what war is. But what Makhdoom Qureshi is trying to do is put the blame on America for Shahzad’s jihad attack. The implication of his statement is that if we stop resisting the jihadis, they will stop fighting us. But of course they wouldn’t stop, for the Qur’an and Islamic theology and law mandate warfare against unbelievers simply because they are unbelievers, not solely because they are fighting back. “Taliban lackey’s twisted mission,” by Bruce Golding, John Doyle and Dan Mangan for the New York Post,  More here:   Times Square jihad

Pakistan producing 10,000 active Misunderstanders of Islam every year

Churning out massive numbers of killer zombies:

And of course, Faisal Shahzad may well have been one of these. One would think a Muslim country wouldn’t have so much difficulty getting the Religion of Peaceâ„¢ right! Everyone’s favorite stomach-stapled beekeeper, Honest Ibe Hooper of CAIR, should head over to Pakistan immediately and explain to the Pakistanis how only greasy Islamophobes believe that jihad has anything to do with gratuitous violence against unbelievers!

“Pak producing 10,000 jihadists a year: Report,” from Indian Express,  Misunderstanders of Islam

Connection between Times Square bomber and Pakistani Taliban would be a “game-changer”

Rep. Hoekstra smells the coffee:

It ought to be, and it would be long overdue with regard to American tolerance of Pakistan’s foot-dragging, highly selective approach to addressing jihadist groups within its borders, and the frequent complicity of the Inter-Services Intelligence with those groups’ activities, whether involving Kashmir or the western frontier provinces. “Congressman cites probable link between Shahzad, Pakistani Taliban,” from CNN,  JW:  “game-changer”

Stop Making Excuses For Faisal Shahzad

I am sick and tired of leftist media accounts portraying the would-be car bomber Faisal Shahzad as a poor aggrieved suburban… »

Why Does Faisal Shahzad Hate Us?

By Greg Gutfeld/Fox News

Check out my favorite headline of the day — no, make that year. The AP headline reads: “NY car bomb suspect cooperates, but motive mystery.”

It’s only a mystery if you’re in the media and really stupid. Everyone else pretty much understands why the terrorist left a fuel bomb in an area filled with families: He hates us, he wants us dead.

But the media — full of fragile egos and bubble-encased boobs — can’t see that. In fact, it’s kind of awesome how huge their blind spot toward radical Islam is. If only there could be other motives, so they’d never have to place blame on anything (other than America, of course).

So I thought I’d help them with motives they could be comfortable with: Why did Faisal Shahzad try to blow us up?

• Obviously, global warming: The rising temperature forced him to jog at night. Plus, it made his beard itch

• Wall Street greed: Faisal was so enraged by this that he got lost and ended up in the Theater District. Better luck next time

• The “The Lion King” musical didn’t reflect the horror of Bushitler the way “American Idiot” does

• Walmart: Their cheap prices deeply offended his “mom and pop” sensibilities

• Lack of workplace diversity: Well, except for MSNBC. Their whiteness gets a pass because their hearts are in the right place

• Same sex marriage won’t lead to marrying a goat — sadly

• Bill Ayers never returned his ball gag

• Evil Tea Partiers who mock Islam with their delightful bacon and egg salad sandwiches

Actually, it must be the Tea Partiers’ fault for they created the hateful climate that encouraged Shazhad. In fact, let’s also blame the Arizona immigration bill, Rush Limbaugh, offshore drilling, and, of course, Fox News. Because all that stuff is evil — unlike, you know, real evil.

And if you disagree with me, you’re a homophobic back-lashing racist.

“Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld”/ redeye@foxnews.com

Times Square Updates

Mark Steyn



…but sometimes he’ll still eat you first. While the initial US reports on the Times Square car bomb concentrated on the by now traditional denials that this was anything to do with terrorism and, even if it was, it was “amateurish”, the Telegraph in Britain was the first to note the parking space:

Steyn has more>>

“Person of interest” in Times Square bomb plot had just returned after spending 5 months in Pakistan

“Another clue in the investigation is a video posted online early Sunday morning by persons in Connecticut.” More on this story. “Authorities Have Identified Person of Interest in Times Square Bomb Attempt,” by Richard Esposito, Pierre Thomas, and Brian Ross for ABC News/JW

Meanwhile, Pakistan is lashing out at USA for ‘discrimination’ (no kidding):

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Monday stressed that United States must end “discriminatory behavior”  towards Pakistan and provide civil nuclear technology to overcome acute energy shortage in the country. DAWN has more>>

Just when the jizya ran out:

ISLAMABAD: The US completed a transfer of $656 million to the Government of Pakistan today for some of the costs incurred while conducting counterinsurgency operations against militants in 2009. Dawn has more>>

Pakistani Muslim Shahzad Faisal arrested in NYC car bomb case

Just as he was about to leave the country. “NBC: Suspect arrested in NYC bomb attempt: Man is a Connecticut resident who bought the SUV at center of probe,” from MSNBC, May 4 (thanks to JW):

And investigators had not ruled out a range of possible motives….

Yeah, his motive is a real puzzler.

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Education is "un-Islamic"

Pakistan: Taliban blow up 3 more schools

What’s the wisdom of Ask the Imam on the very important question of education for Muslimahs? He quotes the Hadith:

“Ibn Umar reports that Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: ‘A woman should not emerge from her home except if she is forced to do so”

Of course, he goes on at greater length, but why bother? What do you need school for when you have purdah?

With apologies to Sam Cooke:

Don’t know much about history;
Don’t know much biology;
Don’t know much about a science book;
Don’t know much about the French I took;

But I do know that Allah hates you*;
And I know that if we blame the Jews,
What a halal world this would be.

*Sahih Bukhari 2.24.555: “Allah has hated you” for asking too many questions.

“Three schools blown up in Orakzai Agency,” from Dawn, April 29, thanks to JW

Not to worry: KRudd finances madrassas & mosques —

PESHAWAR: Three schools were blown up by militants in the Mamozai area of upper Orakzai Agency on Thursday.

The attacks were the latest in a slew of militant violence. On Wednesday, suspected militants attacked a checkpoint in Beizot. Forces retaliated and killed five suspected militants and injured several others.

Five suspected militants were also arrested in Mishit-Mela and Ferozekhel.

It has been almost four weeks since the Orakzai operation was launched in the agency, in which troops claim to have killed over 400 militants so far.

Security forces also claim to have consolidated their positions in most parts of the lower Orakzai and now claim to be advancing towards the central part of the agency.

In the Khyber Agency at least five militants have been killed and 18 others have been arrested including two commanders of Lashkar-e-Islam in Bara Tehsil.

Tricycle jihad injures six in Pakistan

A beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, a ride in the sun and the breeze on a tricycle, a bomb exploding among a few Infidels — what could be more delightful? “Tricycle bomb wounds six in SW Pakistan: police,” from AFP, H/T JW

Afghanistan: Jihadists attack a third girls’ school with poison gas

The intrepid mujahedin, attacking schoolgirls with chemical weapons. “Afghanistan: Gas attack targets third girls’ school,” from AdnKronos International, May 11/2010

Muslims "respect" other religions….

10 Armed Muslim men and women attack Chapel after Good Friday services in Pakistan


Rawalpindi: April 3, 2010. (XAvier William report for PCP) Five Muslim men and 5 Muslim women in Burqas (Veils) equipped with Kalashnikov rifles and Pistols attacked Chapel in vicinity of Gordon College after Good Friday Services on April 2, 2010,
and desecrated Holy Bibles and vandalized Chapel. They fire shots on Church windows and damaged every thing which they found in Chapel.

The armed group of Muslim men and Burqa covered women entered in Chapel at 7:45 PM and took control of Chapel, after taking over Church they moved to residential compound and started yelling on Christian children and women and took them as hostages. Pakistan Christian News has more>>


The Attack on the Church of the Nativity, hostage taking, desecration and  the shootout with the IDF is almost forgotten. In fact, the net is pretty much scrubbed clean from this atrocity……

Philippines: Jihadists in police uniforms attack church, government office

Update: Abu Sayyaf tagged in simultaneous attacks/15 dead in Basilan blasts

A dead Abu Sayyaf bandit lies on the road (right) after an improvised bomb exploded prematurely inside a van the terrorist group parked beside the grandstand of Basilan National High School. Police are investigating the botched terror bombing. AFP/Inquirer has more>>

Perhaps symbolically, as al-Qaeda-linked jihadists tend to pay attention to that sort of thing, in a city called Isabela. On the other hand, they do like their slaughter wherever they can inflict it. “15 killed in Philippines attacks,” from Agence France-Presse, April 13 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

Al Qaeda-linked militants in police uniforms set off bombs and fired at civilians on a strife-torn Philippine island in violence that left 15 people dead.

The gunmen targeted a government office and a church in Isabela city on Basilan island with two home-made bombs, in the latest show of force from the Abu Sayyaf network that is blamed for the worst attacks in the Philippines.

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