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Today's Exploits from the Religion of Peace

Catmeat Watch:

Five Muslims Gang-Rape Two Canadian Women…

Infidel women are war booty:

With sexual assaults on women becoming common in Canada’s biggest city, five Muslim Canadians have been arrested for allegedly gang-raping two women here on New Year’s Day.
The five – Rozbah Bahri, 27, Parvez Bahri, 25, Said Serwary, 23, Ahmad Ghafari, 23 and Omed Sarwary, 23 – turned themselves in Thursday after police flashed their photos on TV networks and in newspapers. More>>

Iraq to Build Massive Mosque Over the Tomb of the Prophet Ezekiel

Typical Mohammedan Behavior: Eradicating  Every Trace  of Other Religions. See How They “Respect All Prophets?”

The Iraqi government plans to convert the Tomb of the Prophet Ezekiel, one of the most sacred sites for Christians and Jews, into a massive new mosque.   What’s more, the Iraqis intend to erase all Jewish markings from the tomb so that no indication of its historic significance will remain for future generations.  New Media Journal

14-Year-Old Among the Dead in Attack on Coptic Church…

Graphic Pics of Massacred Copts: (VERY GRAPHIC) These are very graphic photos of the Christian victims of an Islamic shooting attack outside a church in Egypt. This is the Religion of Peace at work. (Copts.com)

Other News:

Religion of Pedophiles

Kids go to serve sex in Dubai

MidDay via RoP

Hundreds of minors flown out to Gulf to dance in bars, provide sex, as Ramzan month of abstinence ends

Good News Update: Poland okays forcible castration for pedophiles (Reuters)


* F*#k, it pains me to put this s#*t up day after day after day, knowing its all tribal and cultural and totally unislamic and not in the Koran…

For three days now, 2,000 girls, almost all minors, have left for the Middle East, particularly Dubai, to feed the needs of a population starved of entertainment and sex post the rigours of Ramzan.

The girls have been told they are being taken to dance in bars, but it is implicit that they will double up as prostitutes for well-paying clients. Another 1,000 will leave by tomorrow.

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Maldives Muslims Marry 9-Year Old Girls

But not to worry, they’re only a tiny minority of extremists and it has nothing to do with Islam. Just wondering: where did they get such ideas?


Police investigating reports of illegal under-age marriage

Maryam Omidi/Minivan News

Police raided a house on Laamu atoll Fonadhoo today following reports of an illegal marriage involving a girl around nine years of age.


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Arab child bride scandal: just don't blame Islam!

Save the child bride
Khalaf Al-Harbi | Okaz, klfhrbe@gmail.com

Arab News

Khalaf Al-Harbi’s intentions might be good and his concerns genuine, but  he literally ties himself in knots when he tries  to avoid the 600 pound gorilla in the room: Islam.


Because Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9,  a good Muslim is an even better Muslim when he emulates the holy prophet.  A good Muslim knows there is nothing  wrong with it, because its the sunnah of the prophet.

In this case the 80-year old geezer is Islamically correct, and unless these Islamic teachings are altogether  abolished, we will see cases of this institutionalized pedophilia again and again.

Khalaf also invokes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (Sounds good, doesn’t it?)  but what good is this to anyone if the Arab-Muslim world doesn’t sign up and instead insists on the warped, nonsensical Cairo Declaration of Human Rights which is nothing more but Muselmanic deception, replacing human rights with the shari’a?

Related Link:

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Calling Muhammad a Pedophile

Blasphemy Charges in Finland: 


Jussi Halla-aho to stand trial for blasphemy against Allah

Besides blasphemy, Halla-aho was “ordered to stand trial for publishing on his blog that Islam’s prophet was a pedophile.” Here again we encounter the Orwellian, or perhaps more precisely Alice-In-Wonderland, Through-the-Looking-Glass quality of today’s public discourse.


Helsinki city councilman, Jussi Halla-aho was charged with blasphemy and incitement of an ethnic-group in the Helsinki district court today, and ordered to stand trial for publishing on his blog that Islam’s prophet was a pedophile.


* In Austria, elected politician Susanne Winter was convicted on similar charges. The truth is no defense.  WTF?

The councillor’s blog post here.

Jihad Watch wonders what else you’d call the Prophet by today’s standards:

The collection of traditions of Muhammad that Muslims consider most reliable, Sahih Bukhari, affirms in no less than five places that Aisha was six when Muhammad took her and nine when he consummated the marriage (vol. 5, bk. 58, no. 234; vol. 5 bk. 58 no. 236; vol. 7 bk. 62 no. 64; vol. 7 bk. 62 no. 65; and vol. 7 bk. 62 no. 88). It is also in Sunan Abu Dawud (bk. 41 no. 4915), another of the Sahih Sittah, the six hadith collections Muslims accept as most reliable.

Update from Tundra Tabloids:

* Jussi Halla-Aho Being Tried For Postulating What Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini Freely Espoused…….

* Prophet Muhammad was a pedophile and islam revers pedophilia as a religion. Islam is a religion of pedophilia. Pedophilia is Allah’s will.”

* Update from Shiva: http://islamonthisday.blogspot.com/2009/03/on-this-day-march-29.html

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Moroccans won't submit to pedophile demands, not yet…

* They must be bad Muslims, these Moroccans. After all, the prophet did it, and the prophet could do no wrong. Right?  But they must be brought into the fold, otherwise there will be JIHAD!!!!

Moroccans react strongly to fatwa authorising underage marriage

A Moroccan cheikh has said parents may marry off their underage girls. Human rights and children’s advocacy organisations, and many Moroccans, have denounced the fatwa, saying it “endorses rape”.


By Imane Belhaj for Magharebia in Casablanca –

[Naoufel Dekkaki] Moroccan Cheikh Mohammed Maghraoui has caused indignation among rights groups and citizens who denounce his recent fatwa authorising the marriage of nine-year-old girls.

Moroccans and rights groups are speaking out against a recent fatwa that would allow parents to marry off their underage daughters.

Opponents to Cheikh Mohammed Maghraoui’s fatwa say the marriage of nine-year-old girls is a violation of human rights in general, and children’s rights in particular.

Maghraoui said that at the age of nine, girls are capable of marriage, just like Aisha was when the Prophet Mohammed married her.

“We thought we were rid of those problems after the passage of the family code, which included a number of guarantees to protect children from early marriage, and after setting up the Fatwa Council,” the Democratic League of Women’s Rights (LDDF) said in a statement.

The fatwa “endorses rape and child abuse of a nine-year-old child,” the LDDF statement continued, adding that the organisation believes the fatwa goes against the children rights’ convention and the traditions of the Moroccan people.

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The Lisbon Treaty permits paedophilia – the end of the EU?


The EU Lisbon Treaty of 2007, to all intents and purposes, is identical to the EU Treaty of 2004 (The EU Constitution rejected by French and Dutch voters), but with paragraphs being relocated and consequently renumbered.

 Page 412 Article 21 of the Charter of the Lisbon Treaty is identical to Article 2-81 in the EU Treaty of 2004 and states, “Any discrimination on the basis of… sexual orientation or any other factor is prohibited”.

 In all previous treaties, such as the Nice Treaty, there is a protocol which excludes paedophilia from the prohibition of discrimination (NJS 16 AUG).

Muhammad & Aisha

Saudi Arabia: 8-year-old files for divorce

An update on this story. “Saudi Arabia: 8 Year-Old Files For Divorce, Judge Takes Time,” from ANSAmed,


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