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Asylum For Bearded Babies?

July 24, 2013

Wherever immigration laws grant unaccompanied undocumented minors special treatment — which includes a number of Western European countries and Australia — there is widespread age-related fraud. “Children” with heavy beards and gray in their hair make appear in these countries and claim asylum, giving their age as 15 or 17 to immigration authorities. Sweden has […]

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Harem Welfare

August 1, 2012

UK: Loophole allows polygamous immigrant families to be paid more benefits And it would be “Islamophobic” to close this loophole, of course. “Polygamous immigrant families to be paid more benefits after Government blunder,” by Martin Robinson and Kirsty Walker in the Daily Mail, July 30 (JW) “Immigrants with more than one wife will qualify for extra […]

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Preston Mosque Promotes Polygamy: “A husband is someone you share…”

July 10, 2012

Not sure if ‘interfaith dialogue’ or ‘sensitivity training’ can fix this. And the “embarrassing back-down”  that Padraic Murphy from the Herald Sun fantasises about is of course thinly veiled taqiyya: VICTORIA’S largest mosque has been forced into an embarrassing back-down after women were told they must “fulfil the rights” of their husbands and share him with […]

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“Islamic sex, fighting Jews to return Islamic sex to the world”

October 12, 2011

Okay, I confess: I’m da Jew who snatched the ‘Islamic Sex’ away from them. Now come and get me, you tilts!   The ‘obedient wife’s club’ new book is telling its readers that a  Muslim man can have sex with all his wives at the same time, and while they’re busy doing that, they also […]

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“Polygamy Raises the Position of Women”

September 25, 2011

Sure thing. Nothing raises a wife’s position more than having to fight with another 3 over the scraps that fall from the pasha’s table: When was the last time you looked at your children’s textbooks? “My name is Ahlima” is just the beginning.  If the liberal fascists have their way, they will turn your kids into ladyboys…. […]

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Islamic supremacists move West, collect welfare checks, practice polygamy, plot the demise of their host countries

April 5, 2011

They believe themselves entitled to welfare, in lieu of the jizya, the tax specified for dhimmis in the Islamic state (Qur’an 9:29). They will collect that, too, once they are in a position to do so. Would be interesting to see  a profit & loss statement on their ‘contributions’ to our society, which our enlightened […]

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Arab husbands find polygamy harder to hide

January 14, 2011

Poster Layla nails it: “It appears that many Saudi males have no sense of honor or fidelity to a marriage. All they want to do is to whore around, legally.” Lies, deceit not enough for many to hide their multiple marriages By DIANA AL-JASSEM | ARAB NEWS Hiding the second marriage requires planning and an […]

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Mauritanian women say no to polygamy

November 1, 2010

Many Mauritanian women and their families are now stipulating the one-wife as a prerequisite before marriage, but religious scholars have condemned it as a violation to Islamic teaching. Islamic clerics object to one wife rule Husband pledges in contract not to remarry/Al Arabiya (RoP) “In order to be granted that right we neither ask for […]

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