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Religion of Rape & Murder

January 18, 2013

The Rape and Murder of Pakistan’s Christian Children by: Raymond Ibrahim Pakistani children mourn relatives who were massacred in their church. (Photo: Reuters)The West sighed in relief when Rimsha Masih, the 14-year-old Christian girl arrested in Pakistan on August 16 for allegedly burning pages of the Quran, was finally released.  Yet the West remains clueless concerning […]

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UK: Muslims gang-raped and abused vulnerable under-age girls from CARE HOMES

November 6, 2012

New grooming scandal: Girls in care homes ‘gang-raped’ Police investigate claims that gangs of Asian men  Muslims  abused vulnerable under-age girls in the North West British shimmies are so afraid of the word “Muslim” that they rather close their eyes and walk past the most horrific crimes against their own people: POLICE are investigating shocking […]

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Swedish Socialist: “It’s racism to expel them”

May 15, 2012

Isn’t it  paternalistic,  isn’t it white supremacy  to assume that we are responsible for all the ailments of the third world? Update: Looks like Greece is where the action is: thanks to BCF for the vid. As if Greece didn’t have enough problems: Koranimals Demonstrate in support of “illegal immigrants” May 2012.  Ken from the Tundra […]

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‘Asian Culture’ vs Wacky Professor

May 12, 2012

“Once we were just like them”– really? I wonder when exactly.  But we evolved, somehow, and we moved on.  Now all we we need to  do now is to explain it to our Asian cultural enrichers who gets their  religion all wrong and rape children. Peace of cake, really. All we need to do is […]

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CBS’s Lara Logan Inner Struggle With Egyptian Sexual Assault: ‘It Doesn’t Go Away’

January 23, 2012

Ignorance of Jihad and Islam nearly got her killed. Politically correct mainstream news-media did not give details of the rape and just called it simple ‘sexual assault ‘for the fear that details may offend Muslims’- The soldiers of allah saw Lara as “uncovered meat” and, in their mind,  she is a whore and a slut […]

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Why are the soldiers of allah seeking ‘asylum’ in Christian Serbia?

November 12, 2011

Kosovo: An Ongoing de-Christianization Clashes on Serbia-Kosovo border: 11 wounded — RT Serb man dies in Kosovo clash–BBC News – 1 day ago 1 Killed, 2 Wounded in Clashes in Northern Kosovo NATO troops injured in Kosovo clashes | euronews, world news Serbian church destroyed by Albanian Muslims Thanks to the NATO bombing of Serbia, instigated by […]

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The Rape of infidel women is as Islamic as Koran, Sira & Hadith

April 29, 2011

Lara Logan: “They Really Enjoyed My Pain And Suffering” Even in pain and humiliation this liberal reporter-ette protects Islam and Muslim men from any responsibility. Debbie Schussel does a credible job of holding the truth up to Logan and liberals generally. DS: “Sorry, but responsible rape victims call out their rapists. Lara Logan won’t. Again, […]

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Turkish Theology Professor: Cleavage Causes Sex Crimes

February 21, 2011

A professor’s controversial remarks on sex crimes have drawn strong criticism, including from the head of Turkey’s top religious body. Just what are sex crimes?  The cleavage, the rape or the stoning?  Didn’t Taj Din al-Hilali tell us that  women who don’t wear the freedom sack deserve to be raped by the soldiers of Allah? Some […]

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