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Australia: "Protest for burqa ban caused great offense!"


As usual, the enemedia can’t spin it enough to blame those opposing the burqa with “causing offense”- can’t offend poor widdle muslims now, can we?

The aggressive mob of young muselmaniacs who ripped the burqa off from one of the protesters gets no mention. Will the police charge him with assault? I won’t be holding my breath:


“Sydneysiders extremely offended by the male protesters wearing the burqa”

In this second vid (thanks to Vlad) you can see the criminal aggression of the Koranimals who go straight into attack mode: (will post as soon as it becomes available)

A group of protesters wearing burqas gathered in various places in Sydney today to argue for Australia to ban the face veil.

They say the wearing of the Islamic headwear donned by women, should be outlawed because they pose a security risk.

Security and police were called when the burqa-clad non-Muslims incited anger outside state Parliament House.

Members of the public were extremely offended by the male protesters wearing the burqa.

Zubeda Raihman from the Muslim Women’s National Network says, “I think it is pretty offensive because we live in this democratic country and we are given the freedom of choice.”

The only “offended” comment the 7-network offers its viewers is the opinion of a muselmanic agit-prop?

The group ventured to the Downing Centre Local Court, a city pub, a bank, and the NSW Parliament House.

The Bunglawussi knows who is to blame:

Ugly scenes erupted between a group of burqa-clad protesters and a Muslim man outside NSW State Parliament in Sydney today.

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Sydney: 7 charged in violent Anti-anti burka protests

Hired thugs vs the Mural

Update from the Australian Islamist Monitor:

On Sunday, a demonstration was held in Newtown, Sydney, opposing a Mural that states: “Say No To Burqas”.

Sergio Redegalli and his Mural

The demonstration turned violent and over 100 police were deployed and several arrests were made.

The demonstration highlighted two very important issues. In the fist instance, it is reverse discrimination against freedom of speech and expression in Australia as surely the owner of the premises is entitled to express his view in a non violent manner.

I personally find the Burqa offensive, un-Australian and divisive, it is uncalled for and not part of any Australian tradition by any stretch of the imagination and I genuinely pity the poor women who wear it.

We do NOT want the Australian culture challenged by any person, group or faith.

In the second instance, it is concerning that some of the women who wear the Burqa are either forced to, or they tell us it shows they are “dignified, respectable and virtuous, and it is part of their Islamic dress code for unrighteous women”.  (More)

Police report on the violent Anti-anti burk protests

More to come on this. The following is related to this event posted yesterday (Vlad Tepes/GoV)

Seven men have been charged following a protest at Newtown in Sydney’s inner west today.

Here some feedback:

The “racism” crapola by the leftist media loons is deliberate and designed to shut down the debate.

It won’t work: Islam is not a race.

Sharia, burqa, child marriage, polygamy, FGM, honor killings, wife beating, rape, slavery and jihad is incompatible with Australian values. The Islamic invasion must end, Muslim immigration reversed.

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Feelings Hurt: Complaint lodged over burqa mural

Can’t let him get away: The “Islamophobia” Industry Swings into High Gear, Again:

(video thanks to Aussie News & Views)

”It’s Islamophobic; it’s feeding the racist and sexist attitudes we have in our society.”

Sydney Moonbat Herald

IT HAS become a lightning rod in the public debate about the right of Muslim women to wear the burqa, attracting protests, the censure of a mayor and messages of support from talkback radio.

But now the Newtown mural of a woman in a full-face Muslim covering with a strike symbol over her face and the words ”Say No to the Burqa” is the subject of an anti-discrimination complaint.

Cigdem Aydemir, 27, a Muslim, artist and high-school art teacher, said she felt ”completely offended and insulted” when she saw the mural pop up in her neighbourhood. 

The work of a local artist, Sergio Redegalli, the piece adorns a wall of his studio facing the street and the busy rail line.

”My sister-in-law wears a burqa … my mother wears a veil,” she said. ”I wore a veil for 10 years of my life. I think everyone has the right to wear whatever they want on their body and that kind of diversity needs to be protected.”

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Sydney: Nazis Discovered!

No sh*#t! Nazis in Sydney! Who would have thought?!

Not violent Islamo-thugs and rabid mosqueteers who chase our coppers down the road shouting ‘allahu akbar’, no: Nazis! These Nazis must be as rare as the ‘moderate Muslim’ however, because we’ve never seen one. If you happen to spot one, please let us know,  because we’re all Nazi-hunters now:

A CONTROVERSIAL anti-burqa mural in inner-Sydney has been altered because of fears a white supremacy group planned to gather at the site.

The Daily Telegraph/Henry Budd/thanks to Mullah

62 comments on this story (Personal protest … glass sculptor Sergio Redegalli outside his studio in Newtown)


Protection … A mural depicting a woman wearing a burqa had to be protected by a security guard overnight.

Newtown artist Sergio Redegalli painted the mural with the slogan “Say no to burqas” and featuring the image of a veil-wearing Islamic woman with a red line through it.

Such was the controversy, the artist employed a security guard to stand watch over the mural on Thursday night to prevent it being defaced.

But Mr Redegalli yesterday painted over the burqa-clad woman and someone had added a slogan “stop racist attacks”. The change, he said, was a bid to ward off a neo-Nazi group which was threatening to hijack his campaign.

Mr Redegalli painted the original sign on the exterior of his workshop early this week to protest against against face-covering veils and extremism.

He said his original image was neither anti-Muslim or anti-Islam and he was angry that fringe groups were trying to hijack his message.

“I didn’t think twice about changing the mural,” he said.

“I wasn’t going to give the wrong people the ability to use the image in the wrong way.

“It was already hard enough to explain the image without some neo-Nazi group using it in their own way.”

Almost 90 per cent of the 7700 participants in an online poll for The Daily Telegraph wanted the original mural to stay. But police advised Mr Redegalli not to leave his workshop today just in case tensions erupted.

Asked if he feared for his safety, the artist said: “After what the police told me, yes.

“Being abused takes it out of you.”


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Anti burqa mural vandalized in Newtown, Muslim mayor supports vandalism

Mural Rage

Update: SECURITY has been called in after tensions threatened to boil over a provocative mural to ban burqas at a Newtown workshop.

Security guard Nathan Daniels, called in by Mr Redegalli to protect his work, said there had been a lot of abuse – nearly all from women.   “The trouble has been mainly from feminists saying it was sexist and racist. This one woman was abusing the artist – shouting and swearing at him as well as making threats that she’s `going to get him’, so we had the police called in,” Mr Daniels said.   (Source)

Strange “feminists”, indeed. UPDATE. As she’s done previously, Elizabeth Farrelly presents a feminist challenge

The  jihadists from “Aussie Muslims” are sharpening their knives:

“Sergio Redegalli Sydney Hate-Mongerer Paints Anti-Burka Mural”

Lauren Murada from the  Inner West Courier hastens to deflect from reality:

Is it unAustralian to dictate what people wear?

Newtown shop owner Sergio Redegalli doesn’t think so and has painted a large mural on the side of his shop of a woman wearing a niqab (Islamic headdress) with the slogan ‘Say No To Burqas’.

Mr Redegalli said he is not racist or anti-Islamic but the mural on Station St was “anti-extremist, attempting to stop violence in the future”.

“I would not like to see Australia have Sharia law (the sacred law of Islam),” he said.

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Australia: Mural Rage in the Making

This mural has appeared in the trendy Sydney suburb of Newtown.

  • Henry Budd/Daily Telegraph
  • Ban the burqa mural ‘not anti-Muslim’ says artist

    Note the dumb, disparaging slant by reporter Henry Budd. He also finds it necessary to mention that  “2000 Muslims held a peaceful protest in Lakemba”….. (no s#*t, really?)

    Glass sculptor Sergio Redegalli outside his studio in Newtown, today, where he has painted a mural saying no to burqas

    A MURAL urging governments to outlaw the burqa has appeared in the trendy inner-city suburb of Newtown.

    Local artist Sergio Redegalli painted the “Say no to burqas” sign on the outside of workshop this week to start a debate about the practice of wearing face-covering veils.

    Redegalli said burqas and niqabs are symbols of religious extremism and were becoming more prevalent in Australia.

    He said the image was not anti-Muslim, anti-Islam or anti-women.

    “If you let it [the practice of covering your face] go, someone, somewhere down the line will say we would like Sharia Law,” he said.


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    Mr Redegalli said the image has already been defaced twice since he began painting it on Monday.

    Mr Redegalli also drives a ute with stickers on the front saying “Australians have nothing to hide, say no to burqas”.

    About 2000 Muslims held a peaceful protest in Lakemba last Saturday, angered by growing local and international pressure to restrict the wearing of veils in public.

    The rally was a response to recent bans in Europe and two failed attempts by Christian Democratic Party MP Fred Nile to have a Bill banning burqas and other face veils in public introduced in the NSW Legislative Council.

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