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Turkey: Islamic supremacist government preparing sweeping new anti-alcohol laws

May 17, 2013

Can’t a fella have a dwink? Turkey: Islamic supremacist government preparing sweeping new anti-alcohol laws As Turkey’s Islamization is now galloping forward, before too long Turkish secularism will be a thing of the past and Sharia will be fully implemented. “Islamist Turkish government prepared alcohol ban everywhere in Turkey with new laws,” from National Turk, May […]

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Turkish Police foil attack on church; EU will lose Turkey if it hasn’t joined by 2023: Erdogan

January 19, 2013

Good on them if they did. But did they really? Turkish police have arrested 13 suspects accused of plotting an attack against members of a Protestant church and their pastor in a northwestern city, a local official said on Friday. “The suspects who were arrested by the counter-terrorism units on Tuesday are accused of plotting […]

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Turkey: Parliament Speaker Warns Against Racism &”Islamophobia” In Europe

April 24, 2012

Update: Did you know that the worst racists in the world are Muslims?  (BNI) It’s a dirty little secret that the media and bleeding heart liberals are happy to ignore, but the evidence is clear: Even in Muslim countries, the darker your skin is, the more inhumanely you are treated. Desperately trying to conflate racism with […]

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Mildly Stoopid

March 7, 2012

Scaramouche: “Mildly Islamist.” That’s Like Being “Mildly Pregnant,” Right? The Economist Describes Prime Minister Reccep Tayyip Erdogan  Regime  “Mildly Islamist.”–Delusional spin and prayers from those who are historically illiterate and deride their own religion…..  Time to Kick Turkey Out of NATO! Long overdue! The Turks should have never been in NATO in the first place. Any […]

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The Katzenjammer Mullahs

February 11, 2012

Turkish FM: Israeli Attack on Iran Will be a ‘Disaster’– (For Iran.) Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu sounds just as ominous and threatening as the imbecilic Daisy Khan. He warns against attacking Iran, calls for diplomatic dialogue with the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program. Gimme a break! We’ve done the dialogue thing for 30 years […]

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Wilders: Nothing to Celebrate, Gul is Not Welcome in the Netherlands

November 19, 2011

This is the kind of ‘let me be clear’ we can all appreciate: Wilders slams Dutch-Turkish celebrations  PI has more, in German Anti-Islam Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders says next year’s celebrations of the 400th anniversary of Dutch-Turkish relations should be called off. His comments which appear in the opinion section of Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant on Saturday have […]

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Turkey insults, threatens, whines, accuses and demands…..

November 13, 2011

Update: All your infidel churches are belong to us: Church that housed the Council of Nicea is now a mosque Thanks to KGS & the Tundra Tabloids Beats me why the Germans put up with this, why they even allow him back into the country. Smells like deep rooted dhimmitude: Turks in Germany: The Guests […]

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While the West disarms, Turkey is busy arming itself

August 22, 2011

 … and then there’s Cyprus. While the West disarms, Turkey is busy arming itself (thanks to eye on the world) (Turkey) Last May, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited Greece and asked them to cut military spending so that peace could flourish between the two countries and so, ultimately, they could both save money. Admirable, don’t you […]

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