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UK: We will regret ignoring Asian thugs who target white girls

May 17, 2013

How Paki pimps use “racism” to terrorise their underage victims: Nothing to do with Islam, as always, they’re just “Asian thugs”, not soldiers of allah emulating Muhammad: In a particularly warped twist, the pimp will teach his victim that her parents are racist towards Asians, which is why they disapprove of their relationship – absolutely […]

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UK: local yokel arrested for “racism” because “Muslims are welcome and well established part of our community.”

May 16, 2013

But Islam is not a race. That, my friends, is sharia applied and enforced by infidel dhimmies.  So why is the ugliest, most violent ideology on earth and their fanatical followers treated with kids gloves? Man held over “racist” comments on Muslim prayer centre A man in his 20s has been arrested in connection with […]

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Sheer Coincidence

April 25, 2013

Three British Islamic extremists devout Muslims  including a Muslim convert and a former police community support officer have been jailed for terrorism. It happens too often for Islam to be a coincidence– Andrew Bolt Trio ‘seduced by dangerous ideology’ (good grief, what could it be, this ideology?) “I don’t wish to stand up, I believe […]

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UK: Somali Pedophile back on the streets; deporting him or locking him up is a ‘breach of his human rights’

April 10, 2013

UK Government ordered to pay more than £7,000 in damages and legal costs A Somali paedophile has been given thousands of pounds by a human rights court – and released on to the streets. Ministers have spent more than a decade trying and failing to deport Mustafa Abdi, who is thought to have cost taxpayers more […]

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UK: Labour betrayed the working class over immigration

March 11, 2013

Trouble is that the David Cameron’s phoney “conservatives” are doing exactly the same. There is no end to this: Labour betrayed the working class over immigration, by Leo McKinstry THROUGHOUT the Labour Party’s long, destructive period in office the party’s immigration policy represented a savage betrayal of the British people.   80 per cent of migrants vote […]

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‘Women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground’.

January 26, 2013

“Muslim abuser who ‘didn’t know’ that sex with a girl of 13 was illegal is spared jail” Meanwhile Tommy Robinson has languished in prison in inhuman conditions for a far less serious offense — and people still deny that he is a political prisoner. Update: Child-sex attacker can’t be deported because his African tribe is […]

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Steyn: In Britain, defending your property can get you life.

January 23, 2013

In the Absence of Guns Mark Steyn wrote what you’re reading here way back in June 2000. As we can see below from another article  jammed in between, nothing has changed, things have only got worse, much worse: In Britain, criminals, police, and magistrates are united in regarding any resistance by the victim as bad. In […]

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UK Mustard rally: “We will not stop until the whole world is governed by Islam”

January 20, 2013

Jihad on the dole. Its Andy Chowdryputz again: “Our leader is the final Messenger Muhammad. He is the Messenger. He gave us glad tidings: that we will conquer, we will lead, we will spread mercy, and we will spread justice, whether you like it or whether you don’t like it. Look to your own doorstep […]

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