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Halal Pork For Hamas

August 14, 2011

Hamas reaches deal with U.S. to keep aid flowing to Gaza Hamas’ power play failed for now, and they have backed off enough to keep the aid coming. To lose $100 million in aid would surely entail some political fallout for the jihadist faux-state, as lavish U.S. spending on Gaza is the one form of “pork” that is completely […]

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Like a boomerang: deported hate-preacher caught sneaking into US in car trunk….

January 27, 2011

What is it with radical Muslims who fight tooth and nail to remain in the West they despise? (eye on the world) They got him out, but now he’s back: A radical headbanger was captured in San Diego after he tried to sneak into the country in the trunk of a car. He was “controversial,” […]

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Honor Killing Watch

May 6, 2010

Daily Telegraph [Q 2:223] “Your wives are as a tilth unto you: So approach your tilth when or how ye will…” (Musel-) Man sentenced to death in Jordan after killing wife for refusing sex Yet another misunderstander of Islam who’s got his religion all wrong? Check out Muslim Woman, here… A JORDANIAN man was sentenced to […]

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Ohio Homeland Security publishing “classic Islamist propaganda”

March 19, 2010

Jawa Report: Fox  guarding chicken coop alert! Omar Alomari speaking on preventing terrorism is a bit like asking Emperor Nero  speaking on fire prevention. Not only in Ohio: The Sheriff of Los Angeles seems equally befuddled: “Just because they are Muslim Americans does not mean they want to destroy Israel or the U.S.,” Update:  Hamas-linked […]

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Islam Elevates Women, Right?

February 24, 2010

DC police enforce Sharia, eject women from main prayer hall in mosque …because only men are allowed to pray there. Sharia Alert from…Washington, DC: “Muslim Women Protest Policies At Islamic Center Of Washington,” by Kavitha Cardoza for, February 22 (thanks to JW & Weasel Zippers): The source of contention is a small room created with seven […]

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A New Threat to Free Speech on Campus

February 21, 2010

Frontpagemag. This past fall, a student group known as “Temple University Purpose” (TUP) invited the controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders to give a speech on campus.  Wilders, one of the leading European critics of Islamism and a possible future prime minister in the Netherlands, was slated to show Fitna, his provocative documentary showing how Muslim jihadists […]

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“How will it look if Christians execute a Muslim…?”

February 21, 2010

Christian-Americans Forbidden To Execute Murderer If He Is Muslim? No Muslim must be killed for killing a kafir, a non believer.  His daughter wanted to leave Islam, which made her a kafir, and that’s why her father murdered her. Instead of applying the law, the Arizona judiciary wraps itself in preemptive, voluntary dhimmitude: Arizona Prosecutors Won’t […]

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Up in smoke…

February 7, 2010

Weasel Zippers: Massive Explosion At Connecticut ‘Kleen Energy’ Power Plant… UPDATE: News Coverage Added Another Green FAIL: ‘Green’ Waterless Urinals Being Yanked Out Of Chicago’s City Hall Because They Smell No more “Chocolate city” New Orleans Elects First White Mayor Since 1979…. Tim Blair: AUSTRALIA WINS This rocks: An Australian firm has signed a $60bn deal to […]

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