“The nation’s finest…”

by sheikyer mami on November 15, 2013

Global Warming Torches Australia’s Finest Bar


Police investigating the incinerated ruins of Anthony Mundine’s coffee shop struggled yesterday to come up with a possible motive for the fire-bombing.


“Anthony Mundine is Australia’s greatest and most revered sports star,” said one mystified officer, speaking on condition of anonymity. “Who on earth would ever want to do him any harm?”

Some authorities believe that the attack on Mundine’s business may have been the result of a simple mistake. “Perhaps the bomber meant to burn down the crèche at the end of the street,” said one officer. “Late at night, all of these places look kind of the same.” — (Tim Blair)

Two Muslim girls leave nursing school over hijab ban in Prague

Prague, Nov 8 (CTK) - Two Muslim girls left a nursing secondary school in Prague as they were not permitted to wear their hijabs, being the first to have ended their studies for this reason in the Czech Republic, Czech Television (CT) said Friday.

GOP Rep. Confirms Articles of Impeachment Will Be Filed Against Eric Holder – Here Are the Lawmakers Who Are Supporting the Effort

GOP Rep. Confirms Articles of Impeachment Will Be Filed Against Eric Holder – Here Are the Lawmakers Who Are Supporting the Effort“A pattern of disregard for the rule of law.”–421 Comments »

“Pali Terror Group: Israelis Should Be Met Only on Battlefield, Not Negotiation Table


“They’ve apparently made their threat thematic, likening it to a nightmare or even a haunted house.”


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