Tory bloodbath over Muslim ‘Trojan Horse’ schools fiasco

by sheikyer mami on June 8, 2014

Cabinet meltdown as Gove is forced to apologise for undermining Theresa May – and her aide is fired

  • Mr Gove forced to apologise over vicious feud with fellow minister Mrs May
  • Began with him criticising Home Secretary’s approach to ‘Trojan Horse’ plot
  • Hit out at Cabinet colleague and counter-terrosim boss Charles Farr
  • May’s aide Fiona Cunningham responded by publishing damaging letter
  • Row complicated by Ms Cunningham being in a relationship with Mr Farr
  • Furious Prime Minister then ordered an investigation into the feud
  • As a result, Mr Gove was humbled as Ms Cunningham forced to quit

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SafariScreenSnapz116My bet is that Camoron doesn’t have the guts to see this through. His sidekick for all things Islamic, Muslim ‘sister’ Sayeeda Warsi and the rest of the Muselmaniacs in the British cabinet will see to it that its all covered up. (Thanks to Marc Louis)

UK PM ‘concerned’ over Muslim schools row

Remarks come as education minister prepares to submit report on alleged Birmingham plot by “Islamic extremists”.

Cameron’s intervention follows months of reports about ‘extremists’ infiltrating schools [Reuters]

David Cameron, the UK prime minister, is “deeply concerned” about allegations that “Islamic extremists” have been plotting to take over UK schools.

“Islamic extremists” stands for devout Muslims, the mainstream. (al Jizz)

    • Theresa May Asks Michael Gove ‘Why Did Nobody Act?’ Over ‘Islamic Extremism’
      Home Secretary Theresa May has questioned Education Secretary Michael Gove over claims Islamic extremism was able to take hold at schools in Birmingham, asking why nothing was done when the allegations were first made. The home secretary has called for tougher rules to prevent Islamic extremism in schools and questioned the education secretary’s efforts to address the issue in a letter to him, asking: “Why did nobody act?”



    • ‘Trojan horse’ row: Michael Gove ordered to apologise to Cameron for ‘Times’ briefing
      The battle between two of David Cameron’s most senior cabinet ministers over “Trojan horse” extremism in schools came to a bitter climax last night as Theresa May’s closest aide resigned and Michael Gove was ordered to apologise to the Prime Minister.



    • Theresa May calls on Michael Gove to act on extremism in schools
      Home secretary writes letter demanding tougher treatment of extremism threats in wake of Trojan Horse affair

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