Affirmative Action explained

What is a right? Professor Walter E. Williams

Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur


Pat Condell

Appeasing Islam

The trouble with Islam

Islam and Slavery

Robert Spencer on The Glenn Beck Show:

The Truth about Mohammed: Koran is a Fraud!

Islam: Jihad in the West (fraction 1of2)

What do radical Muslims want?

Islam: Hitler & the Mufti

The Strangest Thing: ‘Moderate Muslim’ Spotted:

Liberal Bahraini Author Expresses Amazing Views

Radical Islam: Terror in its own words:

‘Dr’. Azzam Tamimi Declares Support For Terrorism

and there’s at least 2 Neturai carta nutcrackers standing by supporting the destruction of Israel. Incredible!

The true religion according to Allah is Islam:

Imam Musa: “These Jews are Nothing”

Why Nobel Prize only given to Joozzz? Muslim enraged! (windows media player)

More from Memri Tv – Sheik Al-Quaradwi Rants (windows media player)

Very graphic images about the Religion of Peace and GWB, great friend and understander of Islam!

Pali Propaganda exposed:

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