Yes, the first time the soldiers of allah sacked Rome was in 812

by sheikyer mami on June 8, 2014

So no, its not ‘the first time in history’ and it isn’t progress, its madness:

This South American pope is a nightmare.

Yes, dear readers: you are right reminding us that it wasn’t the first time that the Mohammedan war cry ‘allahu akbar’ was heard over the Vatican. In fact, the first time the soldiers of allah sacked Rome was in 812:

Many of us would be startled if we are told that in the 9th century, an Arab fleet based in Sicily sailed up the Tiber and occupied and sacked Rome and the Vatican for days together till they were defeated and expelled by the papal militia along with the armies of the Holy Roman empire and Frankish contingents. This attack was brief, mercifully very brief, but the Arabs could reach Rome – a feat that even Hannibal could not achieve! To be precise the Arab attack took place on August 28, in the year 846 CE when the Arabs arrived at the mouth of the river Tiber and sailed into Rome.

The Arabs did not succeed in entering the fortified inner city of Rome that was defended by the Romans, but the churches of St. Peter and St. Paul, in today’s Vatican that lay outside the fortified boundaries of Rome, were violated by the Arabs. The Pope Leo IV had to briefly flee Rome and appeal for help from the neighboring kingdoms.

For the first time in history, Islamic prayers and readings from the Qur’an will be heard at the VaticanFor the first time in history, Islamic prayers and readings from the Qur’an will be heard at the Vatican

When will there be Christian prayers and readings from the New Testament at the Grand Mosque in Mecca? Will the Qur’an readings at the Vatican feature these verses? Christians have forgotten part of the divine revelations they received: “From those, too, who call themselves Christians, We did take a covenant, but they forgot a good […]Continue Reading »

The cultures that succumbed to Islamic invasion were invariably superior to Islam…

Clash of Worlds by Ali Sina

1- How are young Muslims losing their faith due to lack of education?

Muslims are losing their faith, whether young or old and the reasons are multiple. Islam is not compatible with science, with ethical and moral values, with democracy and with commonsense.

Two factors contributed to the growth of Islam: a) ignorance and b) brute force. Islam has always been incompatible with the above mentioned values. Muslims are not allowed to question Islam. “Believers, do not ask about things which, if revealed to you, would disappoint you. Some people before you did ask such questions, and on that account lost their faith.” (Q. 5: 101-102)

Muslim authorities did their best to keep Muslims ignorant and instill in them religious fervor and fanaticism. This is however, not possible in the age of the Internet. Now anyone can access to any information and Muslims are asking questions they are not supposed to ask and when they get the answer, they lose their faith. There is nothing the authorities whose livelihood depends on Islam can do to stop the exodus of Muslims from Islam short of banning the Internet completely. As that is not likely to happen, Muslims will continue losing their faith and leaving Islam and this process with accelerate in future.

Education is the main reason that Muslims are losing their faith. So do you think denying them education would be a solution? That is what the real Muslims such as al Qaida and Boko Haram believe. Their view is in fact very much in accordance to Islam. But that requires another article.

2. How are young Muslims being influenced by western culture?

What do you mean by western culture? Are you talking about equality of men and women, democracy, equal rights for all the people irrespective of their religion, freedom of conscience and belief, freedom of speech, respecting the right of the children to their childhood? Although these values originated from the western enlightenment, they are universal values, embraced by people of all cultures and races with the exception of Muslims. Muslims can’t adopt these values because they go against the Quran and the sunnah of their prophet. In Islam women are not equal to men. All men do not have equal rights. Islam condones slavery and regards non-Muslims as inferior, najis (filthy) and second class citizen. Islam allows marriage to children as young as nine and according to some schools there is actually no age limit for marriage. Khomeini had intercourse with a five years old girl, with the consent of her father.

Most Muslims are decent people and when they compare their religion to the so called western values that are based on humanism they see the inferiority of it and lose their faith.

Not only Islam is incompatible with our time, it has not been compatible with any time. The cultures that succumbed to Islamic invasion were invariably superior to Islam…

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Nordicelt June 9, 2014 at 5:52 pm

Robert Spencer asks, above, “When will there be “Christian prayers & readings from the New Testament at the Grand Mosque in Mecca,.?”
Well, that is an easy one to answer,..
The answer being, It will be the day before any Christian prayer, or reading, of the New Testament occur in ANY synagogue Anywhere in the world,..

Hill June 9, 2014 at 6:33 pm

Poor Nordicelt,

Still looking at the Jew as being the baddies in the world whilst the glaringly obvious, over 22,000 examples are staring you in the face.

How unfortunate it must be for you to be on the wrong end of life.

Too bad there are enough interfaith examples on the web and in print that spotlight your antisemitism for what it is…

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