TONY Abbott is “comfortable” Australian companies are paying Islamic groups for halal certification

We thought he was the lesser evil. Turns out he is just as evil. Or is he just clueless?

TONY Abbott is comfortable Australian companies are paying Islamic groups for halal certification, putting him at odds with two government MPs who want to curb the practice.

THE prime minister believes Australians want to see certified agricultural businesses thrive by being able to export produce to Muslim countries.

“If we want our exports to grow all the time, this is what we need to do and I think that’s what Australians want,” Mr Abbott told reporters in Hobart following a visit to a halal-certified meat supplier on Monday.That view isn’t shared by some of his fellow Liberals, including Senator Cory Bernardi who wants an parliamentary inquiry into what he claims is a “racket”.He wants to clarify whether funds from the certification process were being funnelled into extremist organisations as had been the case overseas, he said.Processors pay Islamic organisations to certify that foods are prepared according to Islamic law.The issue is becoming more important as Australia seeks to kick-start talks on a free trade deal with the Gulf states, as well as boost exports to Asia.Nationals MP George Christensen and independent senator Jacqui Lambie have also raised concerns, while a petition before parliament urges politicians to ban the practice.

Just a reminder where Bill Shorten and the Labor party stands:

 Labor stands shoulder to shoulder with Australia’s Islamic community and, now more than ever, we are committed to tolerance, social cohesion, mutual respect and multiculturalism.


More of that.

Only Muslims Are Human


Flashback to the failed CAIR “This is my jihad. What’s yours?” campaign. It didn’t work the first time, either. (BNI)

 In their queer and twisted belief system, only Koranimals are ‘human’. The rest of us are sons of apes and swine, dumb, deaf and blind like cattle, the ‘vilest of creatures’, etc etc.

Their claim is one of supremacy; it is not that they want to be part of the human race. They believe they are the master race, that is their understanding.

Worthless Opinions

“Most of the 2.2 per cent of Australians who identify as Muslims are good citizens who support this nation’s values, including individual freedom and the rule of law.”

This is boilerplate nonsense. No Muslim supports this nations values, especially not freedom and the rule of (infidel) law. The writer is deluded.


“Not all Muslims…”

 Spin it, mufti. Spin it!

AN Australian sheikh has urged Muslims to remember that “not everyone in the media is bad” the next time they read a story they feel is unfair.

Not all media is ‘evil': Vic Muslim

AUSTRALIAN convert Sheikh Isa Graham says “we see so many silly articles” but “not every journalist” wants to say bad things about Muslims.

 The good ‘sheik’ won’t have to worry:  Oz media approaches everything Islamic with  brown lipstick and kneepads. I have no hope for that to change anytime soon.

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NZ: Muhammad in the workplace

Forcing Mohammedan mores on their infidel hosts, who are too eager to bend over:

Anti-Islam workplace bias target of summit


A Muslim woman quit her job because company meetings and functions always had alcohol, and the employer of a Muslim chef who worked at a bar kitchen could not understand why he could not touch pork. …

More reinforcement of muslim phobias and assorted prejudices and baggage at New Zealand Herald thanks to Mullah, pbuh

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As long as its black….

There is no good racism, and that includes the kind peddled by the Obamas

Why the constant harping on “race”? Should the focus not be on character and culture?

Mooch Obama shouts, ‘black girls rock!’ She doesn’t care about everybody else?
Michelle Obama wowed the crowd at an annual conference honoring black women with her typical celebration of racial differences.
Mooch received a Cambodian smack down:
Michelle Obama recently traveled to Japan and Cambodia to promote girls’ education in those nations, as part of the “Let Girls Learn” White House Initiative. Here’s what happened.

France: If you attack Christianity, it’s free expression. If you attack Islam, it’s Islamophobia”

France ‘double standards’: Prison for Mosque offence, fines for Femen church affront

This is a rather staggering example of selective enforcement in France. Women who did highly criminal acts in a Catholic cathedral get off scot free and the security guards get fined for pulling them out, while someone who leaves a pig’s head near a mosque does actual jail time. (Thanks to Vlad Tepes)
A member of Ukrainian feminist group Femen stands at the altar of the Madeleine church in Paris. (AFP Photo / Thomas Samson)


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Bosnia’s arms industry targets record revenues

Bosnia, what a place! If they don’t trade in body parts they trade in weapons or narcotics. Allah must be smiling on Mustafa Ceric, the grey eminency of the halal racket; because all of these activities fuel the global jihad.
Bosnia's arms industry targets record revenues
file photo

Output rose threefold since 2010 with exports go to 60 countries, including U.S, Saudi Arabia

World Bulletin / News Desk

Bosnia’s arms industry, which almost died in the decade after the country’s 1992-95 war, has become a rare bright spot for the country’s struggling economy with output and exports almost tripled in the past five years.

Rebuilt factories, modernised machinery and a crackdown on corrupt managers have all helped turn it into a sector that now sells arms and ammunition to over 60 countries, including the United StatesSaudi ArabiaTurkeyand Switzerland.

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That Muselmanic Manifesto


Mustard grievances of the day:

Muslims everywhere have grown uneasy. …

LONDON – At a time when Europe is beating to the tune of far-rightists, its capitals entranced by the aggressive and often openly racist narrative pouring from groups such as the Pegida movement in Germany, the Front National in France or again the UKip in Britain, Muslims everywhere have grown uneasy. …

More on the pan-muslim unease and the associated victim baggage at OnIslam By Catherine Shakdam & Mullah, pbuh


The future must not belong to…. law needed against blasphemers:

Prof Ishaq asked the government to table a resolution in the United Nations for legislation of a law against blasphemers. He said that those who dare to make caricatures should be punished and all the Muslim countries should take a solid stance against blasphemy. …

More on the blasphemous false prophet, conspirackies against evil islam, and other muslim baggage at The News thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Death to blasphemers!

SHC urges UN resolution against blasphemy

FAISALABAD: The Shan-e-Hazrat Conference that was held at Faisalabad Press Club on Friday demanded the government to table a Resolution in the United Nations for legislation of a law under which those who commit blasphemy by publishing caricatures of the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) be awarded severe punishment.

The Conference also urged the heads of all Muslim states to forge unity and also enact a legislation for death sentence for blasphemers. …  Muhammad Arif Dogar

A Closer Look at the “Muslim Manifesto” for the U.K.

Thanks to Jon MC from the magnificent Islam Watch

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Lee Kuan Yew: ‘we can integrate all religions and races except Islam’

Singaporeans pay last respects to Lee Kuan Yew

Tens of thousands line streets to witness elaborate state funeral for country’s first PM and founding father.

 Lee Kuan Yew wrote in his book Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going, that Muslim integration in Singapore is failing.


All his political life, Lee Kuan Yew was aware of the need to keep the Muslim population in check. The laws he had passed, the regulations he enforced, were directed in large part to that end. He knew about Muslim efforts to convert others, and he made sure that any convert had to immediately register with the government, so such efforts could be monitored, and then countered, by the government. A study of all the ways that Lee Kuan Yew dealt with Muslims, and took careful note of, and combatted, their natural aggressiveness and steady machinations, would be instructive for Western leaders, who have the same problem. (Hugh Fitzgerald)

Singapore set to honour founding father Lee Kuan Yew
Tens of thousands expected to line streets during elaborate state funeral for Singapore’s first prime minister.

British Deputy PM: Social Injustice Caused Gaza, its all our fault….

Dumber than dirt. In fact I would like to award John Prescott the much coveted title of A$$hole of the Month:


How can a grown man in his position utter such nonsense?

. isn’t it time we faced up to the fact we’ve played a huge part in making them (Muslims) want to leave Britain and take up arms in a foreign land thousands of miles away?

If I was a young Muslim watching the social injustice in Gaza where 2,000 people died in a matter of weeks from Israeli bombings, the ­displacement of millions of people in Syria and the US using drone missiles to target terrorist suspects but kill ­innocent families, I’m sure I could be radicalised too.

And it’s been made worse by Israel’s PM Benjamin ­Netanyahu’s election pledge to prevent a state for Palestine.More of this idiocy @ the Mirror

White people should get rid of themselves

Thanks to Don Laird, Alberta, Canada