Nearly 700 “migrants” rescued off Italy coast in last 48 hours …

Question is who will save the EUro-dhimmies from the soldiers of allah?
Italy intercepts rolls out the red carpet for another 700 Mohammedan welfare parasites en route to Europe:

 Just what Turkey needs:

Turkey’s top religious body has announced plans to construct a mosque in every state university, making it easier for Muslim students to observe their prayers.

Turkey: all universities to have mosques
Catering to the needs of hundreds of thousands of students, Turkey’s top religious body has announced plans to construct a mosque in every state university, making it easier for Muslim students to observe their prayers.
It all started when Erdogan demanded the right for religious women to wear hijab in public. The trend is now that all women wear hijab, or else….

Sex-Slavery in Islamic Jurisprudence

chained-muslim-womenSex-Slavery in Islamic Jurisprudence

©2013. Secular African Society.

Ever heard the saying: “Islam is a perfect religion, it’s Muslims who aren’t perfect”?

Well that is a thoughtfully concocted and sinister deflective tactic designed to acquit Islam of its inherent fascism, while fermenting a discontent for Muslims in academia.

Far from perfect, Islam is fundamentally flawed down to its prophetic traditions. Slavery is one of the most revered divine privileges in Islam. It is not illegal in Islam, rather it is an Islamic right. Muhammad inaugrated a tripartite model of slavery into Islam, encompassing enslavement, slave trade and sex-slavery. It was an enslavement model that thrived unquestioned until the dismantling of the Ottoman empire.

Pro Sharia advocates in the West often castigate the West for its decadence, arguing that adolescents partying out drunk till late hours; and teenage girls posing suggestively on magazine covers, are perfect of examples of just how rife Western society is with alcoholism and prostitution. As a remedy for this rot, such activists proffer the divine solution of introducing sharia regulations, such as alcohol ban, segregation of the sexes and imposed veils. In truth, alcohol, dressing suggestively, and not wearing a veil are in no way the greatest threats to a civilised way of life, Islamofascism is. It is a wry fact that Islam disparages suggestively-clad women, while sanctioning sex-slavery. Sex-slavery in actual fact, is inarguably a form of prostitution in itself. It is clear that civilisation is in need of salvation when one of the first things the Muslim Brotherhood does upon acquiring state power and writing a new constitution – a sharia-based constitution –, is lift a national ban on slavery. Through the imperfect lens of Islam, Allah’s form of prostitution is to be lauded while all other forms of prostitution are to be denigrated.

Slave concubinage is not illegal in Islam.

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Ferguson: “spitting is what Arabs do…”

If you think Ferguson has nothing to do with Islam you might be mistaken.

“You will never be safe, never in your life. None of you. Not you, not your children – none of you will be safe.”–

Bassem Masri, the Muslim Ferguson protest leader who has threatened the lives of police on video, was interviewed on CNN after being arrested for spitting on an officer.

Mike Brown’s Stepfather Screams ‘Burn This Bitch Down!’ to Mob, CNN Downplays

Monday night the American Left looted and burned in Ferguson, Missouri. Tuesday morning the same American Media that stoked that violence is now licking wounds received with the revelation that the American criminal justice system runs on facts and science, and not Don Lemon’s feelings. Here’s how a bitterly disappointed media behaved the day after.

That “progress” will haunt America for many years to come…


 Obama Bastardizes What It Means to Be a ‘Nation of Immigrants’

For the Obamunist it is a nation of undeserving white people who should be serfs to Muslims, blacks and La Raza….

Social Justice
 Most of the businesses destroyed in Ferguson were minority owned. We all have a stake in fighting liberalism so as to preserve civilization against savagery. (Moonbattery)
So what caused this riot?

A gargantuan black criminal who just finished robbing a store tries to kill a white police officer and is shot in self-defense. The white police officer is not thrown in jail to placate a mob whipped up by the media and community organizers. This entitles blacks to loot and destroy. Social justice has been boiled down to its purest essence.

Note that none of the looters shows the least concern about being shot, as would happen to them in a society that still believed in itself.

You have to work twice as hard so that these people don’t have to work at all. Yet the liberal establishment says you are the devil and the looters and moochers are oppressed angels.

Ferguson is our future if we don’t do something about it. (Moonbattery pics, here)

550 “German Muslims” are fighting for the Islamic state….

550 German Muslims Fighting For the Islamic State
Thousands of jihadists live in Germany; several hundred are considered “militant.”
Correction: tens of thousands of jihadists live in Germany, possibly several hundred-thousand. Not all are headchoppers, not yet; but all are heavily infected by the Islamic doctrine.
Some are converts, but for the most part they’re the children of immigrants. Yesterday, Pamela Geller reported  on the thousands of British Muslims waging jihad for the Islamic State. Germany is reporting that 550 German Muslims have gone to join them….
…and the good news is that 60 of them already met the virgins!
A fighter of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) stands guard at checkpoint near the city of Biji
ISLAMIC STATE Gets Tough On Foreign Terrorists With BUYERS REMORSE

That’s Islam. Once you’re in, you can never leave, alive that is. (TT)

Isis Syria News: Islamic State ‘Massacres’ Foreign Fighters who Wanted to go Home.  Last month three Syrian men were allegedly beheaded by the terror group for cursing.

Correction: here’s one who got away:

French (Musel-)man quits ISIS because it was too hard to stop smoking

…and he was allowed to leave with his head on, go figure!

“I really struggled with not smoking,” Moreau testified before the court. “It was forbidden by the katiba [a group of Islamist militants]. I had brought Nicorette gum with me, but it wasn’t enough. So, I left my gun with my emir and I left.”

Swedish Welfare Benefits And The Jihad 

The average immigrant family with “two children” receives about $3,200 per month. And with more children — oh, the sky’s the limit.

And who are those immigrants? And how do they behave, inside Sweden, in Schengenland, and in the Midldle East?

Read here. (By Hugh Fitzgerald)

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Who’s Treasure, Pope Francis?

Universities prove fertile ground for Islamist  Mohammedan propaganda

There has not been never been an in-depth investigation of Islamic extremism in Australian universities. The silence should not be taken as proof that all is quiet on the Western front. (Full article below the fold.)


The source of hostility toward Israel can be found in the American academia. If this is the education young students get, what will the lecturers of the next decade teach? writes בן-דרור ימיני BEN-DROR YEMINI (the same as the 68’ers who are now filling their minds with Marxist garbage.)

The truth about beheadings

Ibrahim al-Marashi is an assistant professor at the Department of History, California State University, San Marcos. Its the media and western converts who cause the beheadings, go figure! Here, a sample:

With an act of a sword, they manage to force both Obama and Cameron to react.

“The focus on Kassig’s conversion was irrelevant.” Was it? Me thinks that sentence alone makes that whole article irrelevant. Another whitewash of 1400 years of forced conversions, by a cunning savage in a suit who poisons the minds of naive American kids in a California State university.  Never buy Islam from a Muslim!(al Jizz)


“Abdul Rahman” conversion was “irrelevant”….

Cultural enrichment from Africa or headchoppers on a mission from Allah?

Nearly 800 migrants rescued in Mediterranean
Italian and Libyan authorities say at least 796 people rescued from boats in distress while attempting perilous journey.
Pope Francis in Cloud Cuckoo-land: Migrants a treasure for welcoming countries

Francis also said Europe should create jobs for headchoppers and halal butchers…..

After remarking on the causes of migration – including inequality, poverty, disasters caused by climate change, and wars and persecution – the Pope noted that migration offers benefits both to the receiving nations and to the nations from which migrants come. But he added there are problems, including “brain drain” in developing countries and the breakup of families in countries of origin.

Syria al-Hamraa

Islamic State has “sleeper cells over here…preparing to unleash their war in Europe”– JW)

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Oz: things may never be the same again….


Fairfax journaillie milquetoast Max Opray discovers the “anti-halal brigade”, but remains deaf, dumb and blind to the impact of the Mohammedan  extortion racket. Instead, he projects his hatred onto  his countrymen who reject being taxed by the Mohammedan expansion project.  Which proves beyond any doubt that leftards are manifestly insane.

Things may never be the same again:

While the OIC does not have a particularly strong track record of implementing change, one gets the feeling that this time it may be different; something of a perfect storm, if you like.

The ABC is not a “company in the media sector”.

A wholly government-funded ideological and financial handbrake on the nation, yes, but a company, no. (Tim Blair)

Government considers move against Gillian Triggs

About time.


THE Abbott government has “great concerns” about the behaviour of Human Rights Commission president frightbat Gillian Triggs and will “take the matter forward”, according to Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Josh Frydenberg.

Protesters draped in Australian flags clashed with members of an “anti-fascist” group last night as Penrith Council debated the approval of a second Islamic headchopper academy… DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU
Australia will pay the ultimate price for allowing the Mohammedan expansion project to spread unhindered….

Londonistan: Police Afraid to Walk the Streets Alone…

Nothing to do with Islam:
Frontline police say ‘let us patrol in pairs’ due to rising risk of street attack by jihadis
  • Officers in London feel increasingly at risk from attacks by jihadis
  • Some even want to carry CS spray and batons when they are off-duty
  • The first ‘counter-terrorism awareness week’ will be launched tomorrow

Police are demanding to be allowed to patrol in pairs because they fear fanatics are planning to murder an officer on the street – in a horrific echo of the killing of soldier Lee Rigby last year.

Frontline officers in London feel increasingly at risk as they take to the streets by themselves in cars or on the beat because of the danger of a jihadi attack. Some also want the right to carry protective equipment such as CS spray and batons when they go off-duty, over concerns they could be targeted as they leave stations at night.

Senior figures in the Police Federation have met counter-terror chiefs to voice their members’ fears after alleged terrorists were accused of plotting to shoot officers after carrying out surveillance of their station.


Police are demanding to be allowed to patrol in pairs because they fear fanatics are planning to murder an officer on the street – in a horrific echo of the killing of soldier Lee Rigby last year,  Read more: DailyMail  

Sharia law guidelines abandoned as Law Society apologises 

From The Telegraph

The Law Society has withdrawn controversial guidelines for solicitors on how to compile “Sharia compliant” wills amid complaints that they encouraged discrimination against women and non-Muslims. Andrew Caplen, president of the society, apologised and said the criticism had been taken on board.

It follows a storm of protest after The Telegraph disclosed in March that the society had issued a practice note to solicitors effectively enshrining aspects of Islamic law in the British legal system. The guidelines advised High Street solicitors on how to write Islamic wills in a way that would be recognised by courts in England and Wales.

Racist’ to Prosecute Muslim Rape Gangs?


The British are so ‘tolerant’ that they’ve sacrificed their own children on the altar of political correctness (Robert Spencer)

Muslim Politician Claims Call for Stoning Wives to Death was “Taken Out of Context”

Isn’t it always.

Ghana is only around ten percent Muslim so Member of Parliament’s Nelson Abudu Daboya’s enthusiasm for stoning women to death did not go over well.

“I was just trying to make some examples like in Saudi Arabia. If what I said, people don’t understand it, I am sorry and I’m not cruel,” Baani stated.

So Baani’s wife can be a sigh of relief. He is not currently in favor of stoning her to death. (Daniel Greenfield)

Paul Weston vs the treason of the British establishment

A Battle for Western Civilization

Paul Weston, the leader of the LibertyGB party in Britain, spoke yesterday at an English Defence League demonstration in Luton. Below is the video of his speech:

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna we have a transcript of Mr Weston’s remarks below those of Mr. Cameron.

Speaking of traitors, the following is an excerpt from Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech to British Muslims at a Downing Street reception to mark Eid al-Adha:

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Sheesh, fight FOR ISIS, that’s ok; fight AGAINST ISIS, could be tried for murder!

Former Solicitor General warns British ex-servicemen fighting Isil in Syria face criminal investigation/Telegraph
“Nothing to do with Islam…”

Schools, shopping centers, universities and businesses across London are being urged to be vigilant against the growing terror threat as a Scotland Yard chief told how several recent plots were foiled in their “final stages”

Terrorists have sought to kill thousands in around 40 plots targeting Britain since the July 7 attacks on London nearly ten years ago, Home Secretary Theresa May…
Just a reminder: