Terror raids in Italy. Usual suspects rounded up. How much longer must this go on?

Andrew Bolt

More of the blessings of mass immigration from the Muslim world:

Italian police on Friday arrested 10 people and were looking for eight others suspected of belonging to an armed group linked to al-Qaeda who had plotted attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan and at least at one point the Vatican.


Some of the suspects, who are all Pakistanis and Afghans, were arrested in early morning raids across Italy. Police burst into the home of the group’s suspected spiritual leader, in the northern city of Bergamo, a video released by them showed.

Yes, they are among a minority. But it’s a rather large, dangerous, inevitable and unique minority, which raises important questions for those in charge of Europe’s border controls. Will more Muslim immigration from the Middle East, Asia and Northern Africa make Europe less safe? If yes, then what?

But nothing will be done for a long while because merely to ask such questions is still regarded as evil by the political and media classes which still dominate debate there and here.


No, it is far more fashionable, says Chris Kenny, to join with jihadists to blame ourselves for the attacks on us:

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Muselmaniacs whine about “backlash” after ‘American Sniper’ dropped

Get your head around this, infidels: first the Koranimals whine about “American Sniper” by claiming it “fuels hatred”, which causes the PC clowns to ‘postpone’ it. Then the same cretins turn around and whine that not showing the movie might cause a “backlash” against them.

University of Maryland Caves to Muslim Students Demands, Cancels “American Sniper”

American-Sniper-Chris-KyleA movie about a great American war hero is cancelled (for the second time) from an American college campus because it offends Muslims. And this is somehow, someway normal and OK? The Oscar-winning movie was supposed to be shown on May 6 and 7, but the university’s Student Entertainment Events (SEE) postponed the event  [Geller]READ MORE

The Armenian Genocide: 100 years After

The 1915 Armenian Genocide – Why Is It Still Denied By Turkey (And The U.S.)?
What do you call the 1915 “mass deportation” of Armenians from the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) that resulted in the death of 1.5 million people? Most historians…THEBLAZE.COM
A Turkish Muslim teases starving Armenians with a piece of bread.

Armenian Genocide: 100-Year Anniversary

Obama would not keep a campaign promise to the victims of genocide this week (but he did agree to help Turkey open a mosque in the U.S.)

Britain First's photo.

“The Armenian claims on the 1915 events, and especially the numbers put forward, are all baseless and groundless,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. “Our ancestors did not persecute.”

Turkey, Armenians battle over genocide 100 years later
Armenians from around the globe are in Istanbul to commemorate the start of what’s been called the first genocide of modern times, when up to 1.5 million Armenians died.
Britain First's photo.
Britain First's photo.
Britain First's photo.

WE DEMAND RECOGNITION OF THIS GENOCIDE FROM THE UK AND USA! (Sent to Britain First by Armenian supporters)

The Assyrian Genocide as an Anti-Christian Jihad  (AINA)
The Ottomans have a long history of exterminating Christians.
Why the World Ignores the Islamist Armenian Genocide

I cringe every time I see the  word “Islamist”. There is no such thing. There is only Islam, and every Muslim is religiously obliged to spread it, by all and every means.

Breitbart News

Friday marked the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and President Obama, despite his prior promises to recognize the Armenian Genocide, failed to do so for the seventh straight year.

The same week, the Turkish government announced that Obama would join the Turkish government, led by Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in opening the Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center in Maryland. Mevlut Cavusoglu, visiting Washington in advance of the commemoration of the Genocide, said, “During a phone call, President Erdogan asked President Obama to accompany him in opening the center together and President Obama accepted his offer in principle.” Cavusoglu then talked about the dangers of Islamophobia.

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The children, the children!

‘Over 115′ children killed in Yemen war

A spokesman from UNICEF said on Friday at least 64 children who had died between March 26 and April 20 had been killed by the strikes. Others have been killed by bombs, mines, and gunshots.

UN agency UNICEF says about half were killed by air strikes, and others by mines, gunshots, and shelling.
Why should we care?  “…they are from them”, said Muhammad, profit of Islam. But don’t take my word for it. Here: 

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PuffHo whines over Pamela Geller’s advertisements

New York City “plagued by AFDI advertisements”

Anti-Muslim ‘Killing Jews Is Worship’ Ads Set To Go Up On NYC Buses, Subways

The PuffHo has long been in the Mustard camp.

Posters with the message “Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah” next to a photo of a man with a keffiyeh wrapped around his face may soon be plastered on New York City subways and buses, after a federal ruling on Tuesday cleared the way for their placement.

The posters are not sponsored by an anti-Semitic organization, however, but by a pro-Israel one. The American Freedom Defense Initiative, classified as an anti-Muslim hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, has been fighting to get the ads up since last year.

The quote on the ads is attributed to “Hamas MTV,” and is followed by a second line that states, “That’s his Jihad. What’s yours?”

Per a 1998 federal ruling, city buses and subways are considered a “designated public forum,” meaning that in most cases, the MTA can’t restrict the content of ads displayed there. However, a legal regulation does forbid material that “incites or provokes” violence.

Latest News:

Officials with New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved six of the AFDI’s other anti-Islamic ads in September, but rejected the “Killing Jews” poster because they feared the second line of the ad could be interpreted as a “call to violence,” according to The Washington Post.

U.S. District Judge John Koeltl ruled Tuesday that the MTA cannot prevent the ad from running.

“There is no evidence that seeing one of these advertisements on the back of a bus would be sufficient to trigger a violent reaction. Therefore, these ads — offensive as they may be — are still entitled to First Amendment protection,” Koetl said.

AFDI President Pamela Gellar (sic) tweeted that the decision was a “victory.”

This journo is so ignorant she can’t even be bothered to spell Pamela Geller’s name right.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 5.19.06 am

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Self-Loathing Sweden Should Only Welcome Persecuted Immigrants, Not the Persecuting


Sweden prides itself on being a “humanitarian superpower”, and it displays and polishes its halo via granting asylum, almost no questions asked, to anyone who claims to be from dangerous parts of the world. The country, with a population of eight million, is now taking more than 100,000 refugees per annum and it’s rising 20% year on year.

Cultural enrichers, file photo

The country has a zero-tolerance attitude towards any scepticism of the country’s masochistic levels of immigration and politicians constantly denigrate native Swedes and their culture. Mona Sahlin, a former leader of the currently ruling Social Democrats said she hated anything Swedish and that Swedes were jealous of immigrants because they have “a culture, an identity, a history” and that Swedes don’t, and Sweden’s previous Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said, last December, that Sweden belongs to immigrants, and not to Swedes.

Multicultural Sweden is very different from the rainbow paradise Sweden likes to pretend, but the debate on immigration is so toxic that to criticise or question any aspect of it is to attract the attention of the violent “anti-fascist” thugs AFA and the self-proclaimed “Swedish Stasi”, Researchgruppen.

In other news:

IS is smuggling jihadists to Europe disguised as desperate refugees, warns Nato chief
ISLAMIC State is exploiting the Middle East refugee crisis to smuggle jihadists into Europe, a Nato security chief has warned.

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Paki Imam plotted “big jihad in Italy”

Italy terror suspects ‘planned Vatican attack’

Islamic extremists Devout Muslims suspected over a bomb attack in a Pakistani market that killed more than 100 people had also planned an attack against the Vatican in 2010, Italian prosecutors said.

Wiretaps indicated the suspects were planning a bomb attack at the Vatican and that a suicide bomber had arrived in Rome, prosecutor Mauro Mura told a press conference in Cagliari, Sardinia.


Arrests of 18 suspects prevented suicide bombing at the heart of Catholicism, police reveal. Two of the arrested are former Bin Laden body guards who were also behind several bomb attacks in Pakistan.

The Imam Behind The Latest Plot In Italy

By Hugh Fitgerald

Hafiz Muhammad Zulkifal, 43


He is Pakistani, and arrived in Italy six years ago.

He has no record of employment.

He has six children, and a wife, whom somehow were supported.

He owned his own dwelling.

He had time to gather funds, apparently, money spent on plots to attack the Western Infidels from within.

Among the targets: the Vatican.

He hates Infidels, and the West in which he has been allowed to settle, and to procreate, supported at every turn by Italian taxpayers, unaware or if aware, feeling hopeless about remedying this situation.

He teaches his children — they are still small — exactly what he believes. They are growing up in an atmosphere suffused with Islam. This can mean nothing good for the Italians among whom they have been allowed to live and obtain support.

It is the same all over Western Europe and North America, among the advanced countries, whose principles, laws, customs, understandings, are flatly contradicted by the tenets and teachings of Islam.

How and why has this been allowed to happen, and keep happening? Why is it not stopped? Where are the political figures who will state the truth, and protect us in our own countries, that is in our homes?

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Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman & the Islamic Duty to Vote For Him

by Esmerelda Weatherwax

Police are facing criticism for failing to investigate allegations of widespread election fraud as the judge who sacked Britain’s first Muslim mayor warned of ‘postal voting factories’


The Metropolitan Police has come under fire for failing to do anything to address concerns about Rahman’s behaviour since he became leader of the council in 2008 and then the elected mayor two years later.

Instead it was left to four ordinary voters who picked up the case after it was dropped by the police to convince the courts of Rahman’s corruption.


Gorgeous Gallowswine to save the day:
Galloway: I Will Run For Mayor If MP Bid Fails
The controversial politicians finally confirms he will make a bid for London Mayor in 2016 if he is not re-elected on 7 May.

On Thursday night senior Met commanders were locked in an urgent meeting to decide whether the findings of the Electoral Court warranted a full criminal investigation. (Of course they bloody do)

And with less than two weeks to go before Britain goes to the polls in the general election, the spectre of voting fraud was also raised when the Election Commissioner warned of “postal voting factories” where thousands of fake votes were being cast.

In a damning ruling handed down by election judge Richard Mawrey QC, the court heard that such was the level of corruption that the 2014 mayoral election in Tower Hamlets was void and would have to be run again. The former mayor, who was not in court for the judgment, was ordered to pay £250,000 costs, with possible liability for far more.

Rahman’s demise came only after four ordinary Tower Hamlets voters risked personal ruin to bring the case.

Andy Erlam, the leader of the petitioners, said that police and the Electoral Commission had been “useless” and had “done nothing” to bring Rahman to justice.

The moment you have Mohammedanism on a large scale everything falls apart.

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James Delingpole reviews the recent Katie Hopkins controversy:

Over the weekend, you may have noticed, Katie Hopkins was trending on Twitter yet again – this time because of a piece she’d written in The Sun in which she’d upset the Offenderati by using the word “cockroaches” in the context of the boatloads of hapless, parched, pitiable migrants now fleeing Libya. At this point you’re obliged tactically to distance yourself from Hopkins by noting how distasteful you too find her appalling choice of words. But I’m not going to, for several reasons, the first being that that it was so devastatingly effective.

It’s Delingpole, so read on. Incidentally, caring leftists don’t mind describing people as cockroaches when it suits them. (Hating Katie, by Tim Blair)

EU-Innenminister reden über FlüchtlingswelleWhat does it mean “thousands rescued?” Who will rescue the Europeans from their folly?

imageThey will never stop coming until European governments start turning those boats back to North Africa.

Imran, you lying turd:

“The Quran clearly states…” what it does not state. Ahmadiyya da’awa propagandist M. Imran Hayee is a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Minnesota Duluth and lies his a$$ off to put lipstick on that Islamic pig.

Hillary Hanson’s tortured dreck in the PuffHo:


Robb tells Muslim bastards: its YOUR problem, fix it!

By AGE scribbler Michael Bachelard

Trade Minister Andrew Robb said Muslim community leaders needed to do more.Trade Minister Andrew Robb said Muslim community leaders needed to do more. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Muslim communities have not yet received any funds from the Abbott government to combat the lure of Islamic State recruiters, and neither the government nor community leaders can say how that money will be spent.

The failure has led to frustration with the Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his ministers who say the Muslim community were not doing enough to combat radicalisation​ of young people.

On Monday night, Trade Minister Andrew Robb said the leadership of the Muslim community, “the imams in particular … should be doing a lot more to look after their community”.

The imams are the recruiters, isn’t that obvious? (SY)

“You’ve got the problem. It’s principally your problem. You’ve got to show the leadership and we’ve got to do whatever we can to help you in that regard,” Mr Robb said.

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