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by sheikyer mami on October 24, 2014


More Women Enslaved by Boko Haram

Andrew Bolt

In the name of Islam:

SCORES of women and children in northern Nigeria have been abducted by militants, only a day after the military declared a ceasefire with the Boko Haram Islamist group.

As reports of the kidnappings emerged,fresh violence rocked the town of Azare in Bauchi state.

A police spokesman for the state, Mohammed Haruna, said a bomb blast at a bus station in Azare killed five people, with their bodies “burnt beyond recognition,” and injured 12 others.

No-one claimed responsibility, but Bauchi has been attacked repeatedly throughout Boko Haram’s brutal five-year uprising, which has left more than 10,000 people dead.



Lets cut straight to the chase: nothing to do with Islam, can’t blame all Muslims, can’t tarnish…blah blah,  its just a tiny minority of excremists, Islam is a religion of love and butterflies:

New York: (Musel)-man attacks cops with hatchet, police investigating possible tie to Islamic State calls for jihad attacks against police

In late September, the Islamic State’s spokesman, Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani, urged Muslims to murder non-Muslims in the West. “Rely upon Allah,” he thundered, “and kill him in any manner or way however it may be. Do not ask for anyone’s advice and do not seek anyone’s verdict. Kill the disbeliever whether he is civilian or military, for they have the same ruling.” He also addressed Western non-Muslims: “You will not feel secure even in your bedrooms. You will pay the price when this crusade of yours collapses, and thereafter we will strike you in your homeland, and you will never be able to harm anyone afterwards.”


“Muselman attacks New York police officers with hatchet,” by Shimon Procupez, CNN, October 23, 2014: JW

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Aussie IS fighters could be hanged…

by sheikyer mami on October 24, 2014

…or executed by firing squad, in which case we should charge their families for the bullets and the disposal of the cadaver.

Some links from the Q-Society:

Aussie IS fighters could be hanged… (should be hanged!)

AUSTRALIANS captured fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq will be dealt with under Iraqi law, where the penalty for terrorism offences is death by hanging.
The former ALP minister used to be proud of his party because it fought prejudice. Not any longer.
While profoundly unqualified moonbats waffle on about ‘Islamophobia’ a Christian woman who was given the death penalty last year for drinking water from a well reserved for Muslims in Pakistan, has had her appeal against the sentence rejected by the Lahore high court.
Appeal Rejected

Paki Court Upholds Death Sentence Against Christian Woman who Drank from Well Reserved for Muslims…
A Christian woman who was given the death penalty last year for drinking water from a well reserved for Muslims in Pakistan has had her appeal against the sentence rejected by the Lahore high

Treating Islam with special reverence is cultural suicide and just plain wrong

 After we mention “Mohammed” we have to say “Peace be upon him”’- James Delingpole
…. it’s bad enough — as I’ve argued — to teach kids to think that their country’s religious traditions no longer really matter. But what is surely unforgivable is simultaneously to teach those same kids that there is one particular religion which matters so much that even when you don’t subscribe to it you must still treat it with the reverence, fear and awe of those who do.
“Myth-dispelling” Hizbuttnik sees academics withdraw
The Australian National University has defended a decision by several of its academics to withdraw from a public debate on terrorism after they found out a representative of radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir had also been invited to speak.

Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist and a Fox News contributor, said that the tremendous ideological appeal of the Islamic State terror group, also known as…

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Islam, the religion of criminals and homicidal maniacs

by sheikyer mami on October 24, 2014

by Hugh Fitzgerald

Isn’t that the question that ought to be asked all over the Western world? Not to try to say that the mentally ill, who just happen to be converts to Islam, kill people, but that those who are psychically off, if they convert to anything, nowadays will almost certainly to convert to Islam.

So what is it about Islam that makes it so attractive to them?


Let’s give the answers now, again, before some clever fellows apply for a government grant of five or perhaps ten million dollars to answer, after ponderous studies, involving lots and lots of researchers, and papers, and conferences, and come, finally, tortuously, to the conclusions which you and I can come to right now, and spoil their well-paid, overpaid, fun.

1. Islam offers a Total Regulation of Life. Like the Junior Woodchucks of America, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, you get special Arabic words to learn: Allahu Akbar, alhumdulillah, Jihad, Kuffar, things like that. You get to make up a special name, in Arabic, for yourself. It can express your origin in a particular country: Al-Amriki, Al-Frangi, Al-Britani, just the way those to the manner born can be called Al-Misri (from Egypt) or Al-Shami or Al-Hijazi. You can give yourself a new first name: Stephen might choose to become Suleiman. It’s such fun. A new identity, and an instant Community of Bruvvers, fellow Believers, one for all and all for one (that can be especially important in prison).

2. Islam offers a Compleat Explanation of the Universe. Life is so confusing, so overwhelming. But to the True Believer, life suddenly beomes simple. See Eric Hoffer. There is the Enemy — in Islam,it’s the non-Muslims, the Unbelievers, the Kuffars, the Ungrateful Ones. .There is the Cause for which one subsumes one’s own personality (not that such people ever had much of one to begin with), ready to do everything, ideally, for that Cause. And Islam is all about a Cause — the Cause of Islam itself. The true object of worship in Islam is not Allah, but Islam. It is for Islam that we live and die. And Muslims, to the precise extent that they take Islam to heart (and someone may not take Islam to heart, and then do so, but converts ordinarily are among the most fanatical, the least willilng to modify their behavior, or to embarrassedly or uneasily try to ignore some of the tenets and teachings of Islam).

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The West is Rotten

by sheikyer mami on October 23, 2014

Mark Steyn:

The real challenge isn’t terrorism but a self-imposed cultural relativism, promoted under the soppy slogan, “multiculturalism”. Whatever the pretense, this approach amounts to a policy of unilateral cultural abdication. The old saying, ‘nature abhors a vacuum’, applies here. In effect, the message from a culturally relativist West to Muslims is loud and clear. If you come to our country, there is no obligation to assimilate for there is nothing to assimilate to. Moreover, the implied message to the majority of Muslims is that there is no point in attempting to resist “extremists”. If the West has lost confidence in its traditional values, where do the “moderates” seek shelter?

Mark Steyn: Islamic Radicalism Fills the Void Left By Multiculturalism

Andrew Bolt:

Tanveer Ahmed is right – Leftist hatred of our traditions and history has created a gap now being filled for some by the fierce pride of the jihadist:

Jihadists just agree with the Left: the West is rotten

Recent stormy debate over a T-shirt bearing an Australian flag and the slogan ‘Love it — or leave’ illustrates how difficult it is for Australian progressives to embrace outward displays of patriotism…

Patriotism is a dirty word. Indeed, hip-hop artist Matt Colwell not only labelled the Australian flag “racist” on the ABC’s Q&A, he said later: “The way those people have used the flag has so tarnished the flag for me personally that it stands for a sort of swastika symbol in my mind.”…


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Dutch battle surge of desperate, violent Muslim refugees

by sheikyer mami on October 23, 2014

Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party pushes government’s “hard-line immigration stance”

The WaPo scribbler Gordon Darroch makes it sound as if that was a bad thing. He also pushes the tale of the poor, traumatised migrant hoping for a better, safer life and ignores the Mohammedan mission to make the world Islamic….

Dutch police have been evicting immigrants who have been staying in the Netherlands after their applications for asylum have been rejected. The government has taken an increasingly hard line on immigration to try to allay public concerns about overcrowding. (Associated Press)

Dutch police have been evicting immigrants who have been staying in the Netherlands after their applications for asylum have been rejected. The government has taken an increasingly hard line on immigration to try to allay public concerns about overcrowding. (Associated … more >
By Gordon Darroch — Special to The Washington Times – – Sunday, October 19, 2014

THE HAGUE — Nasir Galid fled Somalia hoping for a better, safer life. Instead, he died in an Amsterdam hospital five days after being attacked in a garage where he was living with other homeless immigrants.

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Backlashphobia in Canuckistan

by sheikyer mami on October 23, 2014

CAIRO – The killing of a solider near Montreal has left Canada Muslims terrified of an expected backlash against the religious community, calling on Canadians to join hands against extremism, ins tea…–ONISLAM.NET
A real headscratcher:
No surprise here. Even if the Islamic State wasn’t directly involved, the jihad shooting in Ottawa is just the kind of thing its leaders want to see on a regular basis in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Western Europe.

 “Perfectly Placed”

“Muslims in the West have to remember that they are perfectly placed to play an important and decisive part in the jihad against the Zionists and Crusaders…

Losing Everything

Tim Blair

Send this far and wide. Mark Steyn on the latest Canadian Islamist atrocity:

The sub-title of my new book is “Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned”. I have been writing for over a decade now about the west’s wannabe jihadists, often born and raised in Canada and America and Britain and Australia and Europe, some of them converts – or “reverts”, as they call them.

Throughout that period, the multiculti delusionists have insisted that Islam’s contribution to the diversity mosaic is no less positive than that of Poles or Italians. Now we have pure laine Quebeckers and Nigerian South Londoners converting to Islam because it’s the coolest gang on the planet. And one consequence of that is that a relaxed, open capital city will descend into the same panopticon security state as Washington.

I love Ottawa – I know every yard of that stretch of Wellington Street connecting Parliament and the Cenotaph: Chateau Laurier is where I always stay when in town; not so long ago I walked past the war memorial with a senior Minister of the Crown and we talked about how simple and dignified and profoundly moving it was; and during my battles with the “human rights” commissions I had the honour of testifying to the House of Commons and strolling that same Centre Block corridor that that Allahu Akbar loon rampaged down today.

That security-lite Ottawa is gone, and that is a loss. But there will be others in the years ahead. Because the price of welcoming and incubating and growing Islam in the west is, ultimately, the loss of everything else.

Do read on. And click on the video.


Unconscionable and morally outrageous, but not at all surprising coming from the relentlessly anti-Israel Obama Regime…. (JW)

Read the whole thing.  Horrible. Absolutely horrible.
Abdelrahman Shaludeh, the terrorist who murdered a three-month old infant and wounded eight other people a short distance from Carl’s home on Wednesday night, bragged for months on social media that he wished to murder Jews. In the end, the police only stopped him after he succeeded.
Shaludeh, who was 20 or 21, had a long history of arrests for terrorism – and releases. clear
Infant terror victim 221014

From the Times of Israel via by Esmerelda Weatherwax

A three-month-old girl was killed Wednesday afternoon and eight others were injured when a Hamas terrorist crashed his car into a crowd at a light rail station in Jerusalem.

The suspect, identified by an Israeli official as a member of terror group Hamas, attempted to flee the scene on foot and was shot and badly hurt by police, a police spokesperson said.  “A private car which arrived from the direction of the French Hill junction hit a number of pedestrians who were on the pavement and injured nine of them,” police spokeswoman Luba Samri said in a statement. “Initial indications suggest this is a hit-and-run terror attack,”

“This is a culture of incitement and jihad against Jews.”

Widespread violence and several riots that erupted in Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem overnight following the murder of an American-Israeli baby have forced the police to fill the vacuum that the government created with a “hands-off” policy that have left both Arab and Jewish citizens at the mercy of terrorist anarchy.

Violence is a way of life in the Palestinian Authority for Arab Muslims, and whenever anyone, especially Jews, try to clamp down, they are called “occupiers” and are met with more violence.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh warns Israel: “A murder for a murder, a conflict for a conflict, and a run-over attack for a run-over attack.”

One week after Hamas leader’s daughter received medical treatment in Israel, group’s top official in Gaza praises ‘martyr’ who killed infant in Jerusalem light rail attack–YNETNEWS.COM

Palestinians praise baby murderer, encourage more car attacks

The official Pal-Authority news agency, for its part, is calling the murder a mere traffic accident and is denouncing the shooting of Al Shaludi.

Palestinians have been praising yesterday’s murder of three-month old Chayah Zissel-Bron.

The new theme among Arab media (from as far away as Saudi Arabia) is that the murderer Abdel Rahman Al-Shaludi was acting out of revenge for the incident last Sunday where a Jew accidentally hit and killed a five year old Palestinian girl, an act that has been widely reported in Arab media as a premeditated murder.

Here is a “martyr poster” for the murderer that includes a photo of the accident victim:

Another poster reproduced by the Shehab News Agency encourages more Palestinians to use their cars as weapons.

Terrorist violence continues to spill over after lethal attack Wednesday, as Arabs rocks hurl rock at buses and Jewish homes.–ISRAELNATIONALNEWS.COM

New Arab cartoon shows evil Jews replacing Al Aqsa mosque with Temple

Arabs sure spend a lot of effort to incite against Jews. (EoZ)

Ateret Cohanim called this “the feel good movie of the year!”

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