Biden White House “to Keep an Eye On Elon Musk”

The White House is furious that there’s free speech on Twitter.

Let that sink in.

Creepy Joe’s spokesturd KJP puts Elon Musk on notice:

White House is keeping a “close eye” on Twitter and turning a blind eye to pedophiles.

Being Lesbian is now a qualification?

Degeneracy on steroids:

Meme Sunday

Good morning, everyone!

(Except the clowns who voted for chairman Dan.)

Where the hell did this bloody week go?

Here it is. In your face. In plain sight.
Are we all stupid or what?

This is what the Q Club shooting suspect looked like after the army vet and the trans woman were finished with him. The MAGA terrorist’s booking photo was just released by the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Demented lefturd argument:

It is a gun thing. Republican believe guns > lives. Therefore, it is a Republican thing.

It’s like…. the gun shoots itself.

China is turning into a monumental gulag

If  the Chinese politbureau continues with this oppressive regime, they might very soon have a counter revolution on their hands. There’s only so much a people will take.

The ruling CCP are pushing the population into open rebellion with this chicanery.

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Covid: he FDA have zero integrity, ethics or morals

“Died Unexpectedly” is the new catchphrase in Obituaries.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is urging Americans to get tested for the Chinese coronavirus prior to attending Thanksgiving gatherings, adding that “everybody” should not only be vaccinated but boosted as well.

“First of all, everybody should be vaccinated and boosted with flu and with COVID ,” he began. “Whether or not you wear a mask — or another thing we shouldn’t underestimate is testing.”

Fauci Urges Americans to Get COVID Tests Before Thanksgiving: ‘Everybody Should Be Vaccinated’

Fraudci is a demented swine. It was he who was engaged in the illegal ‘gain of function’ research project who released the virus. It was his connivance that cost #Trump the presidency, and it was Fraudci who caused the world to go into lockdown for two years. That MF should hang in a public square.

The FDA just committed Purgery in Court by stating they never said Doctors cannot use or prescribe Ivermectin.

We’ll get to that. But first, this:

After analyzing more than 7 years of Massachusetts death certificates, independent investigator John Beaudoin, Sr., uncovered evidence that thousands of deaths in 2021 may have been linked to COVID-19 vaccines.

A 14-year-old boy died three weeks after receiving his Covid vaccine, an inquest heard.

Coroner Pat O’Connor, of County Mayo, Ireland, described the death as a “significant public concern”.


Joseph McGinty was vaccinated with the Pfizer Covid-19 jab on August 20, 2021.

He died at home on Achill Island, Mayo, just over three weeks later on September 13, the Irish Mirror reports.

Look how they lie about Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine

Drs and Pharmacists were warned not to prescribe. They were threatened with loss of license.


Tucker Carlson: “Of course there is no elite pedophile ring that runs the world.”

They’re coming out. They seem to think it’s safe coming out.

But it looks as though Tucker Carlson made himself a target of pedo hatred:

Qatar: it’s not about the football. It’s all about the call to Islam

Of course! What were you thinking? That the filthy kuffars could just pop around, watch the games while having a few beers & have sex with the hookers in the hotel bars? Not so fast, buddy:

Qatari Officials Have Made Full Preparations For Inviting The Spectators To Islam”; “While The Spectators Will Enjoy The Games At FIFA Qatar, They Will Also Listen To The Call Of Islam”

World Discovers Qatar is an Islamic Tyranny and There’s No Beer

World Cup: ‘Qatari officials have fully prepared to invite spectators to Islam’ with ‘preachers of every language’

Qatar has already taken a public relations hit with its Sharia enforcement at the World Cup, but apparently they believe it is all worth it for the opportunity for dawah. Soon we will be hearing about World Cup converts.

“Pro-Taliban Urdu-Language Daily Reveals Qatar’s Plans To Invite FIFA World Cup Attendees To Islam: ‘Training Of 2,000 Volunteers For Invitation Of The Religion At The Mega Event Has Been Completed Who Will Deliver The Message Of Truth To The Spectators,’” MEMRI, November 18, 2022:
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Al Banause throws (your) wealth around…

Senator Alex Antic:

Today I joined with Senator Matthew Canavan, Senator Gerard Rennick and Senator Babet to lodge an order for production of documents in the Senate seeking production of the contracts between the pharmaceutical companies and the Australian government for the provision of the C@VID mRNA injections.
The Australian taxpayer deserves to know the details of these deals including the indemnities given to these companies in relation to the rollout.
You can read the full wording of the Notice of Motion on my website at the link below:
Alex Antic will continue to call out the woke bureaucrats running this country.

The Vax is a Killer!

“The Beauty of Diversity” pope sez “world needs young ‘transgressives’”

Pope Francis: Today’s World Needs Young ‘Transgressives’

Whatever. I have given up trying to figure this Marxist degenerate out. None of it benefits our society. This South American infil-traitor is full of shiite.

ROME, Italy — Pope Francis called on young people to be “transgressive” Sunday instead of conforming to the expectations of the world around them.

Today, “we need young people who are truly ‘transgressives,’ non-conformists, who are not slaves to their mobile phones, but who change the world,” the pontiff told those gathered at the cathedral of Asti for his weekly Angelus message.

Pope Francis: ‘Immigration reveals the beauty of diversity’

The Pope has stated that every Christian is “called to reflect God’s gaze towards our migrant and refugee brothers and sisters,” except that he does not differentiate among migrants. Is the pope referring also to drug dealers among refugees, criminals, rapists and jihadists?

More degeneracy:

ROME, Italy — The United States Embassy to the Holy See celebrated “Transgender Day of Remembrance” Sunday, offering tribute “to those of the transgender community who have been murdered because of hate.”

Stolen elections? Here’s proof:

Just one case of drop box cheating:

And then there’s this:

Clay Higgins takes no prisoners with Chris Wray… This is outstanding…

Elon Musk’s poll finalized after 24 hours with 51.8% of Twitter users voting to reinstate and 48.2% voting no.

Bear in mind that Twitter is still a predominant leftist cesspool, but there is still a tiny minority for free speech.