Nikah mut’ah: When the Imam is a Pimp For ‘Pleasure Marriages’

Mutah marriage in quran. Verse of Mutah in the Quran 2019-01-17

Imams Caught Pimping Vulnerable Women in Sweden (Video)

Sweden: Shia imams conduct temporary marriages as cover for prostitution

It is no surprise that imams would be involved in this. Shi’ites justify temporary marriage, mutah, by their reading of Qur’an 4:24: “And all married women except those whom your right hands possess. It is a decree of Allah for you. Lawful to you are all beyond those mentioned, so that you may seek them with your wealth in honest wedlock, not debauchery. And those whom you enjoy, give them their shares as a duty. And there is no sin for you in what you do by mutual agreement after the duty. Indeed, Allah is ever-knower, wise.”

While Sunnis ostensibly reject this practice, it is rising among Saudis and in Egypt.

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749 Days of Biden Bungles

They don’t call him Creepy Joe for nothing.

I didn’t watch the congressional shit show they call State of the Union.

I’m told  Bono was there sitting with Paul Pelosi. We live in clown world. Will we ever know the truth why Paul Pelosi was attacked with a hammer at home? it certainly wasn’t because of Jan 6.

Most Important First Amendment Case You’ve Never Heard Of: Biden Regime Tries to Toss a Young Man in Jail for 10 Years for Anti-Hillary Memes

Hobby Lobby and other “conservative” Evangelicals are behind huge ad campaign using Jesus to promote illegal migrants and LGBTQ agenda…

Are they all perverts?

U.S. “Navy divers, operating under the cover of a widely publicized mid-summer NATO exercise planted remotely triggered explosives that, three months later, destroyed three of the four Nord Stream pipelines, according to a source with direct knowledge”

How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

The New York Times called it a “mystery,” but the United States executed a covert sea operation that was kept secret—until now

The mainstream news media is the main source of disinformation today

“Operation Mockingbird”


Disney Pushes Slavery Reparations & Anti White Racism Propaganda

Poisoning the minds of children with “Critical Race Theory”

Disney Hammered for ‘Anti-White Propaganda’ After Pushing Slavery Reparations in ‘The Proud Family’ Children’s Show

Disney Hammered for ‘Anti-White Propaganda’ After Pushing Slavery Reparations in ‘The Proud Family’ Children’s Show

People have been hammering Disney and its woke reboot of The Proud Family after a recent episode pushed slavery reparations and various other pro-Black Lives Matter talking points.

As Breitbart News reported on Monday, an episode of The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder featured a scene wherein the characters (kids) protest to remove a historical statue of their town’s founder after learning he owned slaves during his lifetime. Another scene featured those same kids rapping and singing about America’s racist past and how black people deserve reparations for slavery.

The Disgusting Reparations Scam

We should acknowledge that slaves may have suffered terribly, but their ancestors benefitted TREMENDOUSLY from their suffering.

Koran burning is a necessary form of resistance

Mohammedans don’t need to be triggered to stage terror attacks. There are plenty of commandments in the Koran that exhort the soldiers of Allah to wage jihad/war against infidels, so suggesting that we should not provoke them is just suggesting that voluntary dhimmitude would save us. It won’t.

Muslims have put the free world on notice:

if you insult Muhammad, Islam, their holy books, or even fail to consider Islamic law (Sharia) in all things, we will harm you.

As Muhammad stated, “Whoever curses a Prophet, kill him. Whoever curses my Companions, beat him.”

Thousands of Radicalized Muslims Demonstrated in Germany Against the Qur’an Burning in Sweden…

At a show of force staged last Saturday by Mohammedans in Hamburg, the protesters were angry because Rasmus Paludan burned a Koran in Sweden back in January. They demanded better treatment for Muslims.

“Better treatment” for Musims means they must rule over the infidels, the law of the kuffars has to be replaced by the sharia. “The Koran is the Future”

It’s undeniable that Rasmus Paludan has really got the world’s 7.8 quadrillion Muslims riled up. There have been large demonstrations against Sweden in majority-Muslim countries all over the world, and — as reported here earlier today — culture-enrichers in Germany have let it be known that their feelings are hurt.

Now it appears that the USA and the UK are warning their citizens to keep a low profile in Sweden, due to the possibility of Islamic terrorist attacks. But how can that be? Everyone knows that Islam is the religion of peace ’n’ love.


Will Muslims Kill More Innocent People Because Charlie Hebdo’s Latest Cartoon Hurt Their Feelings

Charlie Hebdo


Spain’s VOX Party: ‘Islamism is Incompatible with Western Culture, Generates Violence’ (Video)

Vox is Spain’s only conservative party and one of the few in the world willing to defend its national sovereignty and identity from foreign and domestic enemies at any cost.

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Mark Steyn quits GB News after being threatened with law fare

Free speech is at stake here. It’s huge.…/spectator-mag-gb-news…/

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UN & WHO Target “Misinformation” & “Disinformation”

In other words, they demand censorship. Only politically correct propaganda is allowed to be disseminated, anything else could collapse the scam.

The UN & the WHO are working in tandem to censor everyone who opposes tyranny. This is extremely dangerous for all of us. These forces of darkness must be stopped:

The unelected global health agency will get new legally binding censorship powers if the treaty passes.

From the Expose’

This calls for an all-out revolt.

#UKGovernment to launch #SocialCreditSystem in 2022′ ‘There is a coordinated effort worldwide to introduce a Digital Identity and Social Credit System, and the latter is coming to the United Kingdom from January 2022 according to a UK Gov.’

Tony BLiar is on board with the shysters who are about to implement a UK Social Credit System:

UK Government to launch Social Credit System in 2022

In January 2022 the the Department of Health and Social Care, currently led by Sajid Javid, plan to launch a new app that will allegedly help people to make positive changes to their diet and physical activity.

A pilot scheme will see users wear wrist-worn devices that can generate personalised health recommendations, such as increasing their step count, eating more fruit and vegetables, and decreasing portion sizes.

Users will allegedly collect points for behaviours deemed healthy by the Government, which will unlock “rewards”. The Government says these rewards could include “gym passes, clothes or food vouchers, discounts for shops, and cinema or theme park tickets”. Continue reading UN & WHO Target “Misinformation” & “Disinformation”

Have you been Pfizered?

Holding Them To Account For Crimes Against Humanity

“They even have the jurisdiction. It’s universal jurisdiction, crimes against humanity.”

BOMBSHELL interview with Pascal Najadi and attorney Todd Callender. The dam of disinformation and lies regarding the Pfizer & Moderna bioweapon vax is breaking with Switzerland and Thailand leading the way by bringing justice to those responsible for crimes against humanity.

“They even have the jurisdiction. It’s universal jurisdiction, crimes against humanity.” – Todd Callender

Censorious, woke libturds are still embedded at Twitter, engaging in mischief.

What used to be called investigative journalism is now being labeled bullying, harassment, and conspiracy theory. This is how social media channels and the gov are disguising their abuses.

The Agenda is Satanic

Promoted by Hollyweirdo’s and brought to you by Pfizer:

The grammys were paid for by Pfizer.


Billionaire Bill Gates is currently flying around Australia on board his $70 million dollar luxury private jet lecturing people about climate change.

The billionaire spent some time relaxing on Lizard Island (how appropriate) on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef before taking the gas guzzling form of transport to travel to Sydney for a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Demons live amongst us.

That explains her trips to Lolita island

WEF and Gates must be charged with crimes against humanity

When you know you know

Brought to you by Pfizer

The enemy within (Israel)

From the BBC:

Five Pali “militants” have been killed in an Israeli army raid near Jericho in the occupied West Bank Judea & Samaria.

DF and Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) forces conducted counterterrorism overnight Sunday to apprehend the terrorist squad that carried out the shooting attack at a restaurant in the community of Vered Yeriho.

Exclusive – America First Legal Suing Biden Administration for ‘Enabling’ Palestinian Terror

The Israeli left goes apeshit:

Israeli Left FREAKS OUT, Calls for Civil War, Fighting in the Streets, and Killing Netanyahu

Speaking at the Israeli Bar Association in Eilat on Wednesday, left-wing attorney David Hodak said that he would “have no choice but to use live fire” if someone tried to force him “to live in a dictatorship”, the Jerusalem Post reported.

With friends like that….

Secretary of State Blinken Warns Israel Against Limiting Power of the Left

Out of line. Secretary of State Blinken visited Israel where he appeared to spend much of his time berating Prime Minister Netanyahu and the new Israeli government against democratic judicial reform. Under the current system, Israel’s Supreme Court has unlimited power, selecting its members and claiming standing and absolute authority to intervene in any and […]

Any Military Action Against Iran Deemed Declaration Of War: UN Mission

teaser image

Tehran officials suggest US involvement in major attack widely believed to be an Israeli operation.

In Ramallah, Blinken Mourns ‘Innocent Palestinian Civilians’ Killed, Abbas Blames Israel

Exclusive: ZOA Accuses Ilhan Omar of Hating the U.S. ‘as Much as Israel,’ Lauds Kevin McCarthy for ‘Throwing Her Off the HFAC’

ZOA Accuses Ilhan Omar of Hating the U.S. ‘as Much as Israel’

Following Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) outrageous claim she was unaware of antisemitic tropes associating Jewish people with money, Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) head Morton Klein blasted the Somalia-born Democrat, accusing her of hating America “as much as Israel,” while commending House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for vowing to remove her from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.