HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Jihad came to Bangkok!

Four bombs go off in Bangkok

Four explosives went off almost simultaneously in Bangkok, injuring at least 20 people as the city people have just started to celebrate the New Year’s eve.

One person was dead at the Big C supermarket, Sapan Kwai branch, where witness saw a man dropped a grenade from a pedestrian bridge, police said.

At least 20 were injured at the Victory Monument when a powerful bomb went off near a bus station.

At the Klong Toei area near the Na Ranong intersection, a bomb hidden in a trash can near a Chinese spirit shrine exploded and injured two bypassers. The explosion caused a secondary explosion to a number of cookinggas cylinders that were situated nearby.

At the Season Square Shopping Mall, a loud explosion went off at the parking space, creating a panic but no injury.

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And of course: More teachers killedand burned in Muslim south:


9 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Jihad came to Bangkok!”

  1. Of course not!

    That’s why we will be looking for Buddhists, boy-scouts, the Mossad and the CIA first before we accuse the ‘Religion of Peace’….

  2. Sheik,and other readers,

    Happy New Year!!

    Let us hope and pray for some good tidings for the west and lovers of freedom this year! (one must live in hope).

    Bozo: is that a trick question? lol!

  3. not really ….. did anyone notice the Madrid Airport bombing ? 2 dead there too… this was ETA … not Islamists…… just have to be careful before we accuse that’s all..

  4. Bozo questions if this New Year’s “gift’ is from the cult of death. It’s a legitimate question. However, we can still blame the usual suspects to a certain point regardless who did this. Anytime there’s an explosion, a plane crash, a kidnaping the first thought nowadays is Islamania. That’s what Mo’s minions get with their record of brutal deeds and words.

    By the way, given the doings in southern Thailand and who’s conclusively known to be doing them my money is on the cult of death being behind these bombings.


    By the way, given the doings in southern Thailand and who’s conclusively known to be doing them my money is on the cult of death being behind these bombings.

    After the second wave of bombing which targeted tourist,and the denials,I will also put my money on the cult of death


    Thai Interior Minister Aree Wongaraya on Monday morning also called for cautions in relating the explosions in Bangkok to the southern violence, Aree, himself a Muslim, explained that Sunday marked both the New Year’s Eve and an important Islamic religious day, when Muslims attended prayers in festive mood, according to Thai News Agency.

    Eight bombs exploded across Bangkok overnight, killing three people, wounding nearly 40 others and forcing the cancellation of New Year celebrations in one of Asia’s liveliest party cities.

    Two bombs went off at midnight in Rachadamri Street, a shopping boulevard in central Bangkok. Two others failed to detonate.
    The street would have been packed with thousands of revellers had authorities not called off the New Year’s Eve festivities following an earlier wave of explosions elsewhere in the city.
    Thirty-eight people were injured, including nine foreigners, national deputy police chief General Ajirawit Suphanaphesat said.The foreigners included four Hungarians, three Serbians and two British nationals.



    In reply to you comment at JW/DW

    Anything by John Pilger is not worth the paper it is written on. I saved the link and I might have another look at it one day when something about Burma comes up again, but I just don’t have time for such a demented commie-nutcracker like Pilger.


    But I would like to point out that Pilger did not write the article.The authors only used his quote as an introduction,and as you can see I left his quote out

  6. Indeed, this whole coup d’etat stinks to high heaven.
    Looks like this is a Mohammedan game plan unfolding: Sonthi Boonyaratglin, a Muslim, is the coup-leader. The interior minister Aree Wongaraya is also a Muslim and obviously a close associate of his.
    One could suspect that the bombings were indeed very much in their interest, who else benefits from it?
    We should take a closer look. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this is a sinister plot by the Mohammedans to take over Thailand.



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