After he gave 14 million to the Pali’s…

..he couldn’t afford to buy new socks:

Yes, it is him: Paul Wolfowitz from the World Bank, Santa Claus of international finance, a man who gives untold, unearned wealth away to ingratiates like the ‘Palestinians’-, to maintain the Gaza green-houses…

If you don’t wanna end up like Wolfowitz, don’t give money to the


(Wolfowitz seen here at a Turkish mosque..)

4 thoughts on “After he gave 14 million to the Pali’s…”

  1. Hey, I want some money too! Call me Achmed- now give me a million!

    Like that old saying goes-there’s a sucker born every minute. And anybody who wastes a penny on the worthless palestinians is worthy of enshrinement in the suckers’ hall of fame.

  2. The only thing he should have given was his socks,just a few more holes,then any Pali would be proud to put them on their head

  3. Yet more proof of the corrupt UN continuing to fund islam- and yet the USA continues to fund it…WHY????!!!

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