Al Guardian Promotes the Mohammedan Perspective:

The usual drivel and a lecture in morality from the same people who never object to suicide bombers and head-choppers:

“These shameful events have humiliated the Arab world”

Saddam’s trial and mob execution reeked of western double standards. Yet Iraq’s neighbouring states failed to speak out

Ghada Karmi
Tuesday January 2, 2007
The Guardian

The spectacle of Saddam Hussein’s execution, shown in pornographic detail to the whole world, was deeply shocking to those of us who respect propriety and human dignity. The vengeful Shia mob that was allowed to taunt the man’s last moments, and the vicious executioners who released the trapdoor while he was saying his prayers, turned this scene of so-called Iraqi justice into a public lynching. One does not have to be any kind of Saddam sympathiser to be horrified that he should have been executed – and, so obscenely, on the dawn of Islam’s holy feast of Eid al-Adha, which flagrantly defies religious practice and was an affront to the Islamic world.

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One thought on “Al Guardian Promotes the Mohammedan Perspective:”

  1. this is one of the best aritcles i have read regarding the whole Saddam debacle. It is absolutely spot on. In Iraq we had the most liberal of all the Arab states and within 12 months we will see another “Iran” with sharia law and a breeding ground for terrorists. The Iraqis WILL get their revenge on the West in a 9/11 style attack. Can’t wait for that one. Gee…. the world is just so much better off without Saddam Hussein… NOT..
    Just a reminder – there was not one Iraqi in the 9/11 attacks. The country had no WMD’s and posed no threat to the West whatsoever. Iran has seen what has happened to Iraq and subsequently is obtaining WMD’s to keep the stupid Yanks from attacking. North Korea the same. Thanks George W for totally fucking up the world you piece of shit.

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