Are People Waking Up?

The worst hatemongers from the ‘RoP’ are usually the first to call others ‘bigots, hypocrites, Islamophobes and haters’-, something which, coming from those who suck the hatred in with the mothers milk, is called projection. Accusing the accuser, deliberately confusing and deflecting away from the issues, lying and obscuring, this is all part and parcel of the strategy to spread the ‘RoP’ in the lands of the infidels. This is a strategy called ‘kitman & taqiyya’. Unfortunately the unholy alliance of the left-wing moonbats with the great unwashed masses from the Middle East protects the rights of those who came to conquer, to spread their poisonous ideology in the lands of the infidels. ‘All religions are the same,’ we are told, but are they really?

Some people seem to be waking up:


Critics interrupt speaker’s talk on Islam
One woman was ejected, another nearly arrested

By Jeff Hood
Lodi Bureau Chief
January 21, 2007 6:00 AM
STOCKTON – A talk on the basic tenets of Islam was repeatedly interrupted Saturday by a few anti-Muslim members of a crowd at the Cesar Chavez Central Library.

One woman was forced to leave early in the two-hour program after she accused guest speaker Tarek Mourad of lying, yelling that Islam’s holy book teaches Muslims to kill Jews and Christians and that Muslims are trying to take over the Western world.


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4 thoughts on “Are People Waking Up?”

  1. I just read that one also, Sheik.
    One day, all these voices in the wilderness, including yours and maybe mine,(don’t have a ‘blog), will find themselves quite a force to be reckoned with!

    Every time a see a documentary about a single person making a positive difference to the whole planet I get encouraged.

  2. Nice to see a story like this-usually, the story is about the peaceful ones and their lapdogs shouting down the speakers of what Islam REALLY is.

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