Canada: Clueless in Toronto

Robert Spencers Jihad Watch ran this article today. I’m reposting it here just to show that Canada is a target of the global jihad just like Australia, Holland, Denmark or Israel, Cashmere or Chechnya.

That’s right folks: There is NO difference: There are 30 plus jihad wars in the world today. Lebanon is about to fall to the ‘mujaheddin’- Nasrallah’s ‘Hezbollah’-army of thugs. The question we should ask is: What for do we need intelligence agencies if they are not intelligent and remain clueless about the global jihad?


How can we cope with all this ‘inner struggle?’


National Post

2 thoughts on “Canada: Clueless in Toronto”

  1. When will people realise we are all targets:i.e. anyone who isn’t a muslim?

    Ooops scratch that. They are killing each other all over the place.

    Of course they are annoyed about Iraq and the pallies,,,so they say. But they are happy to be revolting all over the place. (yes, I meant that – deliberate bad English!)

    I found this link on LGF. It is worth keeping and checking from time to time.

  2. Most intelligence agencies are not intelligent enough to read a Koran. If they read one, we’d all be a lot safer.

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