Cartoon Terror Continues

The deliberate spreading of rumors, that one of the cartoonists who drew caricatures of Mohammed was murdered and his body dumped in front of the offices of Jyllands Posten, are false. These rumors seem to have originated in the Italian media where people don’t seem to realize that spreading such lies is just another way of keeping the infidels terrorized: Don’t print the cartoons or we will bomb you or slash your throat….

This website will print many more cartoons, stay tuned!

Here’s the official dementi:

A rumour among international news organisations says that one of the Danish Muhammad-cartoonists has been murdered, and that his body should have been disposed of in front of Morgenavisen Jyllands-Postens headquarters.

None of the above has happened. None of the cartoonists are dead.

Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten has decided to publish this announcement to prevent the untrue story to circulate among international news organisations – and in the public outside Denmark.

One thought on “Cartoon Terror Continues”

  1. Did you hear the one about Moamor Kadafi when he was stuck in a little aluminium dhow off the coast of Bengahzi…?

    Well, there was this little Baby Elephant, see?
    Baby Elephant was having tons of fun swimming about in the Mediterranee…

    Baby Elephant’s Mum was non too pleased with Baby Elephant, but he was enjoying himself mightly….

    “The Adventure of The Imam’s Son and Baby Elephant” was filmed by The Eighth Army Film Group on the Orders of Field Marshall ‘Monte’ Montgomery. (He of Alamein.) July 1957.

    Would look good on Youtube, non?

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