Deport Hilali T-Shirts Now Available!

*Lets just revoke his citizenship while he is out of the country! While he is fomenting hatred against Australia in the ME. How about it, Amanda Vanstone? This is your chance to become a national hero! What are you waiting for? The guy is guilty of perjury, he has sworn an oath of allegiance to the people of Australia and he hasn’t done anything other than wage jihad against us. Bar him from re-entry, thats it!

* T-Shirts:

*Somebody beat me to it, but I sez ‘Good on you boyz, sell as many as you can. We’ll help you with the promotion right here in the Winds of Jihad Towers in the outer Outback!’

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4 thoughts on “Deport Hilali T-Shirts Now Available!”

  1. Keeping this idiot out of the country probably won’t help much. Creeps like these simply get on the Internet and keep spouting their drivel. What he needs is a permanent stay in prison. And, since he’s a Muslim and loves sharia so much, he should be punished according to it. Whatever the punishment is for what he does (inciting riot, treason, etc) should come right from the Koran. Subjecting these “holies” to their own brand of justice might shut them the hell up when it comes to demanding sharia for infidel nations.

  2. Gotta start somewhere.

    Besides, it does make a difference if he is not physically present. It scares others and the disc’s or tapes don’t replace the leader in person.

    Like I said: Gotta start somewhere!

  3. Ok labour voters, here’s ya choice: A muslim, a muslim or Iemma. Good luck with that suckers!

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