Don’t Call Them Terrorists, Or They Might Just Become…


“…a government-appointed panel suggested that ignorance and prejudice have now made Muslims an underclass on par with the lowest Hindu castes. Now, politicians who have long avoided the subject are openly talking of helping Muslims – potentially even setting aside quotas for Muslim admission into schools and political institutions…”

Hmm, wonder why that is…?

This is just in from the Christian Science Monitor:

The concern, he says, is “that if we don’t do something, they’ll be drawn to militancy.”

Strange, isn’t it? How about all the other pariah’s in India, why are they not ‘drawn to militancy’ and start bombing trains and keep blowing stuff up?

One thought on “Don’t Call Them Terrorists, Or They Might Just Become…”

  1. Read this yesterday,

    Here are so quotes taht stand out

    After partition, Muslims won the right to devise their own educational system. But that system is now failing, Anees says, and with few government schools in Muslim-dominated areas to fall back on, Muslims are failing with it.

    “If you go on branding [Muslims], they will one day become what they are branded to be,”

    Well there would be a great improvement if they closed the islamic schools so that they are not indoctrinated with hate,and thus avoid be branded.

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