Don’t Let Hilali Get Away This Time!

Please don’t let Hilali be seen as misunderstood

Jill Rowbotham, Religious affairs writer/The Australian
January 19, 2007

ISLAMIC specialists have scoffed at the idea that Taj Din al-Hilali had been using exaggeration for effect when he questioned the right of non-Muslim Australians to live hereduring an Egyptian television appearance.
The Reverend Fayek Iskander, an Egyptian-born Presbyterian minister, said he had heard Sheik Hilali make similar derogatory remarks about non-Muslim Australians in the past and rejected that he had been misunderstood.
“It’s not true,” said Mr Iskander, who speaks Arabic fluently.

“It’s not colourful exaggeration. They speak literally and they mean it literally. Many times I have heard Sheik al-Hilali and he is not misunderstood.

“Many things he says in Arabic which the translator tries to hide, I think. And jihad means fighting and killing Christians and Jews. Full stop.”

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Let Hilali Get Away This Time!”

  1. Great stuff here. More please, Reverend Fayek Iskander.

    When are we going to reach “critical masse” re islam and what its basic teachings are?

    I hope this gentleman doesn’t get the “2 Dannys” treatment.

  2. Somebody should put a muzzle on this idiot’s mouth.
    Or maybe the muzzle of a gun in his mouth.

  3. Encourage Hilaly.

    I love his speeches.

    Go my Lovely…

    Inform us, O’ Great Hilaly!

    This Great Orator is a boon to all Crusaders.
    Does he not inviegel and invite us to share in Sharia?
    Are we not most sweetly offered the invitatiion to become at one with The Umna?

    Can any of you fault this man for the Truth he speaks?

    Listen most carefully to al-Hilali.
    Your future will be revealed by the Great Imam.
    For he is Allah’s spokesman.

    May the new English-language Al JazeeraTV Station have the good sense to give Al-Hilali his own weekly Talk Show: so that Australians may come to learn of the New Australia which is in progress of Divine Manifestatiion as we speak….

    I am interested to learn my Fate.
    How mighty is Muhamed?
    What did The Prophet see ahead?

    (Much like Ozymandias, perhaps?)

  4. Much like Ozymandias, perhaps?
    I damn well hope so Mother Ecclesiastica!!

    OT everyone:
    This weekend on Foxnews (US time Saturday;Aussie time Sunday), they are doing a documentary on Hizbollah. Hope I remember to watch it myself!

  5. Islamforlosers:

    For heavens sake no muzzle!

    This guy is the very bestest we can get!

    Keep his mouth oiled to spew his BS, incite him, make ’em all come out and tell us how they feel about us, so we can deal with them in the proper fashion….

  6. Point well taken. However, at least put him in a zoo as some sort of specimen-people can go see this creature in a cage. Such an example of 7th century thinking deserves nothing less.

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