End of Multiculturalism

Amanda Vanstone Sacked

Long overdue, but it seems the government has got the message:

Thanks to John Howard we might see a bit of a shake-up in the immigration ministries. Is it true that many immigration offices in Australia are infiltrated by Muslims who actively work against the interests of the country by rubber stamping and fast-tracking immigrants from Islamic countries?

If so, will they be sacked and replaced? How far does the shake-up go?


With thanks to the Daily Telegraph


End of multiculturalism
January 23, 2007

PRIME Minister John Howard officially scrapped multiculturalism today as he sacked Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone and renamed her old department.

The trouble-plagued Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA) will now be known as the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, with former Workplace Relations Minister Kevin Andrews the new minister.

Mr Howard defended the change, saying Australians believed that immigration should lead to citizenship.

“I think the title of the new department expresses the desire and the aspiration, and that is that people who come to this country, who emigrate, immigrants, become Australians,” Mr Howard told reporters.

“That’s what the Australian people want.”


Yes, Sir: That’s what we want. It shouldn’t end there!

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  1. Multiculturalism-the worldwide cancer whose mother was mindless leftism. The sooner this disease is eliminated the sooner we can gain a giant victory against jihadism.

  2. Multiculturalism’s pre PC name is Cultural Apartheid.Do any of these moonbats actually research anything?Its just that PC is a Gramsci/Marxist theology.Does the left research the MILLIONS of lives lost in the name of Communism?

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