Filipino Jihad: US Offers $ 50.000 for Islamic Bomber

From Al Reuters

Question: Why does the US have to pay a reward  for some Islamic lunatic who runs around bombing people in the Philippines? And why do they call such an asshole a ‘rebel’ instead of Islamic terrorist ?’

Inquiring minds want to know:


MANILA (Reuters) – Washington is offering a $50,000 reward for the capture of a Muslim rebel blamed for bomb attacks in the southern Philippines just ahead of a summit of Asian nations this month, the U.S. embassy said on Tuesday.

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5 thoughts on “Filipino Jihad: US Offers $ 50.000 for Islamic Bomber”

  1. I’d offer $50K for the islamist dead and maybe $5,000 alive 😉 And yes, they need to name things by name. You wouldn’t call a cockroach a pheasant.

  2. And OT
    Why do we have to pay them so they may learn to hate us?
    Fraud in islamic schools being investigated.
    Islamic schools fraud
    Major Fraud Squad detectives have raided three Perth schools and an administration centre run by the Australian Islamic College.

    The raids are part of an investigation into allegations that student numbers have been falsified, to claim thousands of dollars in Federal Government grants.

    Police carried out simultaneous raids around yesterday, on three different schools in Dianella, Thornlie and Kewdale.

    There have also been further searches at a number of other premises links to the colleges.

    Police have not yet laid any charges.

  3. STFU! Honestly the Americans Are no better they bomb entire villages and say “terrorists are in them” And saying muslim Terrorist Is Rascist! Its Rebel because they are fighting to free their Country it isnt Muslim You dont call a palestinian a muslim rebel you call him a palestinian Rebel… You americans make me sick by Being rascist I resent You all! also GO Irish Republican Army! GO Palestine Liberation Organization! Go Tamil Tigers (LTTE) ! Go All Freedom Fighters and destroy Your Oppressive Goverment! Si Si GO REVOLUCION!

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