From Timbuktu to Londonistan:

The Ummah is seething, blames ‘Amerikie’ for the failed Somali- jihad against Ethiopia. Which exposes once again the tunnel-vision of the Islamists that ‘Islam Will and must Dominate’ and resistance against ‘Allah’s will’ is something that should be, must be, internationally condemned.

Any setback against Muhammedan expansionism is evil, defense against the global jihad is contemptible. And the lefty loony press shills for the Jihadists and sharia law:

There is Salim Lone, an ex UN official, singing the praises of the Islamic courts:,,1980154,00.html

and Germany’s Spiegel sings along:,1518,456726,00.html

A lesson we should draw from this conflict is that the sons of Allah run for their lives as soon as there is a reasonably organized resistance.

But lets take a real close look: