“Inner Struggle” in Gaza Continues…

Because Islam means ‘Peace’- right?

Fifteen Palestinians killed in Gaza clashes
By Nidal al-Mughrabi Fri Jan 26,

GAZA (Reuters) – Rival Palestinian factions clashed in the Gaza Strip on Friday, killing 15 people including a two-year-old child, and a Fatah-linked group said it had captured 24 Hamas hostages.

The death toll in a wave of bombings and shootings is the highest in internal Palestinian fighting in a single day of violence since Hamas’s rise to power exactly a year ago.

In Jabalya in the northern Gaza Strip, Hamas gunmen besieged and later stormed the house of senior Fatah militant Mansour Shalayel, who they accused of shooting a Hamas supporter.

Security forces said they managed to regain control of the house and drive away the attackers and free Shalayel and other people who were holed up inside the house unharmed.

Hamas disputed Fatah’s claim of success and said they were in control of the house. Shalayel had not been seen late on Friday and his whereabouts or condition were not known.

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades said it had seized 24 Hamas supporters in Gaza and the West Bank and threatened a “severe response” if Hamas gunmen harmed Shalayel.
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4 thoughts on ““Inner Struggle” in Gaza Continues…”

  1. When this conflict started Charles Johnson of LGF said,”I am rooting for both sides!”

    Yep,,so am I!

    (I am also waiting till they blame it all on Israel).

  2. I see the building of the palestinian nation continues to go smoothly. Very nice to see. At that rate, they might achieve the level of civilization seen in the Stone Age in a couple of millenia-provided they don’t kill off one another first. In that case, the loss will be insignificant.

  3. the religion of peace marches on. soon, as gramfan states, the Israelis and the US will be held to blame for this. I hope that Israel does NO MORE capitulating to the palestinians and that no more money goes to these people who wish for the demise of our Western civilization.

  4. Charles in LA and everyone:

    This is a bit OT, but it is a call for help. Something we can all do via email or posting by ‘bloggers. I have already posted it at Jihadwatch.

    I am most concerned about the negative publicity the US and Israel get.

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    Israel’s destruction also exhibit contempt for the United
    States and for notions of democracy, tolerance and
    religious freedom that are the hallmarks of Western
    But as hostile as these extremists are to western notions of
    free speech and tolerance, they have a deep understanding of
    how to manipulate our institutions to their advantage.

    In particular, these extremists have proven adept at
    manipulating Western media coverage of the Arab-Israeli
    conflict in a manner that promotes hostility toward Israel.
    When Hezbollah launches rockets at Israeli civilians while
    hiding behind Lebanese civilians, Israel is blamed for
    firing back and causing civilian casualties. When violence
    against Israel increases after it withdraws from places like
    the Gaza Strip or Lebanon, Israel – not those who seek its
    destruction – is blamed for not making more concessions.
    When Hamas, Hezbollah and extremists in Iran chant for the
    destruction of Israel and the United States, Western
    outlets shrug it off as business as usual in the Middle
    East. When Christians leave the Middle East because of the
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