Kudos to Shiva!

A long time blogger (and fellow counter-jihad warrior) by the name SHIVA deserves a mention here, just have a look at the excellent ‘ILLUSTRATED P.I.G. TO ISLAM” and read up on the Barbary wars 200 years ago, learn why Thomas Jefferson got America to build a Navy and why the US-government way back then decided ‘Everything for defence, not a penny for tribute’ in order to teach the Barbary pirates a lesson, (the ‘Algeriennes’ or ‘Musulmans’ who were terrorizing the West then just like they do now) to no longer conduct raids on merchant ships, enslave their crews and release them only after horrendous amounts of ransom money was paid.

Once again: This is a very old war which we are fighting, exactly 1400 years old and started by Mohammed himself. The constant raids against Europe over a millenium, the enslavement of more than a million white slaves mostly for the harems of the Sultans had to be stopped.

Congratualions Shiva, for a great blog and all the good work you are doing:


3 thoughts on “Kudos to Shiva!”

  1. Eliyahu Says:

    Shiva is apparently unaware that the Barbary Pirates were in fact jihad warriors

    I am very much aware about the Barbary Pirates,that is why I mention them on my blog.

    The article on my blog was first published on a Swedish forum (FOMI) Thu Feb 02, 2006,and since been removed.

    The main emphasis of my blog are the images related to Islam,as there is already many excellent commentators on the net. When I started the ILLUSTRATED P.I.G TO ISLAM,not many bloggers where using images,and I felt it would not do any harm to use images that the PC MSM avoid using.

    I do not have comments on my blog,as I prefer to use my time to search for obscure or older articles and images,as I have done,with my comment about the Barbary Pirates.

    So here is something to think about



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