Mama Moonbat in Cuba

Anita Snow from AP calls treasonous Moonbats Cindy Sheehan and the rabid anti-war nuts that support her ‘Peace Activists’- but that is just one of many distortions and misrepresentations in this ‘WoT’…

Anyway: Mama Moonbat has landed in Cuba and intends to do what she does best: Smear the troops, diss America and blame B*U*S*H… what else? Ah, she will be marching on Gitmo, of course! To show the world the unjust and inhumane treatment of those who want you and me (and her pink brigades) dead. But such small details wouldn’t worry her:

4 thoughts on “Mama Moonbat in Cuba”

  1. simple question:
    when do you expect the US to “cut and run” from Iraq ? sometime this year ? next year ? they have already admitted they are losing so I suppose it won’t be long before we can expect this ….. will the loony right finally admit then that the whole Iraq debacle was doomed from the start ? Of course us on the left always knew it was going to be a disaster… we’re just so much smarter I suppose ….

  2. She hates Bush for liberating two countries while implicitly loving Castro for trying to enslave dozens in Africa and Latin-America; she worries about terrorist prisoners that eat better than the other 10 million people on the island; and she doesn’t give a raton’s behind for the political prisoners in Cuba.

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