More BS from AP… Ever seen a Soldier of Allah who was NOT TORTURED?

THEY WEASEL AND WHINE, because that’s what they are taught in the terrorist training camps, and because they KNOW this BS always works with the bleeding hearts, the nut-roots and the moon bats, but how much longer? Is everybody in the MSM and the judiciary stupid? Is expecting institutionalized stupidity the birthright of every Muhammedan?

3 thoughts on “More BS from AP… Ever seen a Soldier of Allah who was NOT TORTURED?”

  1. The al-qaeda handbook says that if you’re ever captured, cry torture. They have a measure of us.

  2. Hand them over to the Mossad-they’ll extract whatever info they might have the “hard” way-not the soft way that’s used at the Gitmo resort.


    The Al Qaeda manual gives clear instructions to captured fighters to claim torture and mistreatment. Since a lot of people seem to be unaware about how the Jihadi’s cunningly use our own laws and ‘human rights’ against us, I’m posting it once again. Scroll down to ‘Prison & Detention Centers’ and learn how to take prisoners claims of being tortured with a grain of salt:
    The al Qaeda manual presented here was made available by the FBI which distributed the manual on their website:

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