Muslim Professor: Koran Gives Holy Land to the Jooozzzzz

Prof. Khaleel Mohammed, Assistant Professor at the Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University, is the latest Moslem expert to say that the Quran – the holiest Moslem work – is actually Zionist. 


Prof. Mohammed says that Muslim groups have frequently denounced him because “I am out of line with the geo-political movement towards fundamentalism. What your readers must understand is that fundamentalism is rapidly becoming mainstream. Moderation is not. A perfect example is in Akbar Ahmed’s “Islam Under Siege,” where he points out that the Taliban are no longer a fringe group in Pakistan; many Pakistanis are finding themselves drawn to their teachings. Right here in the US, I present a problem to those at mosques who use social pressure to coerce others into accepting their extremism.. Many Muslims stand against me for no other reason than I say that Israel has a right to exist… I in no way deny that Palestinians have rights. But this is generally not considered by those that criticize my position…”

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