New Australian Courses to Teach Moderate Islam

Seriously: This one cracked me up! I had to laugh so hard I spilled the coffee over my keyboard. Good luck boyz!
*Voice of America*
By Phil Mercer
24 January 2007

The ‘spiritual leader’ of Australia’s Muslim community, Sheik Taj Aldin al-Hilali, in brown cape, joins members of Sydney’s Lebanese community in a march through Sydney’s central business district, 22 Jul 2006

Young Muslims are to be taught Australian-friendly Islam under a government plan to stop them being influenced by extremists. An approved curriculum will be introduced at universities in an attempt to counter the teachings of controversial Muslim clerics. Phil Mercer in Sydney reports.

The program announced this week is aimed at challenging firebrand clerics in Australia, who preach a radical version Islam that is peppered with intolerance and hate.


Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch could help them out:


Let’s see…sura 9 will have to go. And much of sura 8. And 47:4. And 2:62-5; 5:59-60; and 7:166. And 5:82. And 98:6. And dozens of other passages. And after that you’ll have to tackle the Hadith…

    A better course of action….

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  1. The inimitable Hugh Fitzgerald comments. from Jihad Watch:

    Suppose one were to come up with Bowdlerized versions of the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira? What Muslim would agree to have his child learn from those? The only Muslims who would do so would be those who are not Muslims at all, but essentially something else: Muslim-for-identification-purposes-only Muslims. Real Muslims would not agree. Or if forced to send their children to such schools, they would provide a little home-schooling of their own in the real Islam.

    And even if the parents did not supply it, what would prevent a Muslim child, at any point, as a child or later on, from simply consulting the full text of the Qur’an, or finding a click away on-line hundreds of the most authentic — and most menacing — Hadith, and the full, not the carefully filletted, biography of Muhammad, with the Khaybar Oasis, and little Aisha, and Asma bint Marwan, and Abu Akaf, and the decapitation of the Banu Qurayza, and so much more?

    There is no way to prevent people who call themselves Muslims and who consider themselves Muslims from finding out all about Islam. They will do so. And then they will either be horrified, and reject it, or not be horrified, and accept it, even if they may not act on what the texts teach and what can be inculcated, or self-inculcated, by reading and rereading what is apparently, to some, a mesmerizing text, an Answer to Everything, a Total Regulation of Life and Complete Explanation of the Universe.

    It’s all just a click away on the world-wide web. This Australian plan is silly, hopeless, mere whistling in the dark, and finally, evasion of what is going to have to be faced, just as the Czechs, in 1946, had to make certain difficult decisions, for their own future security, about the 3 million Sudeten Germans who had before the war identified with Hitler, been used by Hitler as a reason for invading Czechoslovakia, and during the war, for the most part, had not only been given preferential treatment as Volksdeutsche by the Nazi invaders, but sympathized and collaborated with those invaders.

    Posted by: Hugh at January 25, 2007 12:42 AM

  2. Yes, it was a hoot! Just tell me any other ethnic group here that has gotten any similar treatment as what is bestowed on muslims?

    Did any catch Hilali being interviewed on Today Tonight? You could tell the girl interviewing him knew nothing about islam.

    He actually says – at the end- that there will be no terrorist attack in Oz while he is alive. Now what could he possibly know that we don’t know???

    Here it is – unfortunately not a full transcipt with the questions:
    Sheik insists he said nothing wrong


    Reporter: Today Tonight
    Broadcast Date: January 25, 2007
    Controversial Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly has used an interview on his arrival home in Sydney to claim he was misunderstood in reporting of comments he made overseas.

    The Sheik avoided television cameras at Sydney Airport last night, but has told Today Tonight he was taken out of context on many points in translations of an interview aired on Egyptian television.

    The Mufti was accused last month of saying Muslims had more right to be in Australia than those descended from convicts and that Anglo-Saxons were liars.

    But the Sheik today said he had actually said that Muslims loved Australia more than anyone.

    The Sheik insisted he was confused about the controversy, describing it as “media propaganda for nothing” and claiming he was “100 per cent misunderstood”.

    “Firstly, it’s not correct to interpret my comments that Muslims have more right to Australia than Anglo-Saxons, that’s not correct,” the sheik’s spokesman Keysar Trad translated.

    “What my words should mean is that if we are competing to show who loves Australia the most, my words should be interpreted as that we love Australia more than anyone.”

    “Australia for all, not for any nationality”

    “When I talk about lies in the west I’m talking about the politics of telling untruth.”

    The sheik said he had also been taken out of context in apparent claims that a long prison sentence given to gang rapist Bilal Skaf was racist.

    “I said in the same interview, in the same sentence, that he deserves what he gets,” the sheik said.

    “What I was illustrating is that in the history of rape trials in Australia nobody received such a sentence.”.

    “He or anybody else, anybody that rapes another person, if they were in a Muslim country that applied Islamic law, this person would be executed.”

    The Mufti did not comment directly on speculation that he may run against Premier Morris Iemma or endorse candidates for the seat of Lakemba in this year’s NSW state election.

    “Anything with benefit for our society or community, I send,” Sheik Hilaly said.

    However, the Sheik said he might have considered running for election 40 years ago, as a younger man. His role now, he said, was to serve society in his current role.

    Speaking on the chances of a terrorist attack in Australia, the Mufti said: “It will never happen as long as I am alive”.

  3. “Now what could he possibly know that we don’t know???”
    Sorry – typo. That should read ” what we don’t don’t know”.

  4. >>>“Now what could he possibly know that we don’t know???”
    Sorry – typo. That should read ” what we don’t don’t know”.

  5. Sorry guys – messed it up again. Its been a long day here.
    I am sure you know what I mean.

    >>>“Now what could he possibly know that we don’t know???”
    Sorry – typo. That should read ” what we don’t don’t know”.

  6. How will this be done? By using a Koran minus Mr. Perfect? That might be the only way to accomplish “moderate” Islam.

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