Play it again, Sam!

The Al Qaeda manual gives clear instructions to captured fighters to claim torture and mistreatment. Since a lot of people seem to be unaware about how the Jihadi’s cunningly use our own laws and ‘human rights’ against us, I’m posting it once again. Scroll down to ‘Prison & Detention Centers’ and learn how to take prisoners claims of being tortured with a grain of salt:
The al Qaeda manual presented here was made available by the FBI which distributed the manual on their website:

First Lesson — General Introduction
Second Lesson — Necessary Qualifications And Characteristics For The Organization’s Member
Third Lesson — Counterfeit Currency And Forged Documents
Fourth Lesson — Organization Military Bases “Apartments Places”-Hiding
Fifth Lesson — Means Of Communication And Transportation
Sixth Lesson — Training
Seventh Lesson — Weapons: Measures Related To Buying And Transporting Them
Eight Lesson — Member Safety
Ninth Lesson — Security Plan
Eleventh Lesson — Espionage (1) Information-Gathering Using Open Methods
Twelfth Lesson — Espionage (2 )Information-Gathering Using Covert Methods
Eighteen Lesson — Prisons And Detention Centers

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  1. Torture? What a laugh-this filth lives better at Club Gitmo than it ever did being free in the ummah. Bush is bashed for being SOOOO hard on these poor prisoners-hell, if I ran things those complaints would indeed be justified.

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