The Howler of the Day: Muslims Fear Backlash

Predictable. They do it every time. Its not that they would ever do anything against the ‘extremists’- NO: Its the ‘backlash’ – that dreaded backlash. They weasel and lie, they whine and seek sympathy and attention, (and they never fail to find some bleeding hearts-suckers) but only to deflect away from the problems they cause, never to address them.

I’m going to write a song about it. Sure thing.

Here it comes:

Muslims fear hate attacks as trial of failed suicide bombers gets under way

By Rauf Klasra

LONDON: The Muslims living in Britain, particularly from Pakistan, fear for revival of hate crimes, as an aggressive British media starts reporting of a high profile trial of six Muslim suicide bombers, who had plotted to kill hundreds of commuters by exploding bombs after the 7/7 blasts.

The Muslims here fear that the wide publicity of the “horrible inside details” of the case might revive attacks on the Muslim as it happened after the 7/7 bombings in 2005. Mostly the Pakistanis become the targets of hate attacks, whenever, a terrorist plot is unfolded and “intriguing links of the terrorist are traced to Pakistan”.

Details of a foiled plot were divulged for first time, when the trial of the six accused began the other day. These bombers had vowed in a London mosque to bomb the innocent Londoners but did not detonate the bombs due to luck of passengers.

Read it all, buy a box of Kleenex…

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