Travelling in Italy

By Sheik Yer’mami

Don’t go in January.

January is perhaps the worst month of the year; if you have a choice, go in spring or in late autumn. Most of Italy’s great cities are gloomy, damp and cold in the winter. When choosing a hotel your best bet is one of those new American type hotel chains. However, these are rare like hens teeth and usually outside of the cities. Without a car you don’t have that choice. So you have to stay in town, where you are likely to learn that Italy has virtually no standards. You can pay 400.00 Euro’s per night to sleep in a medieval palazzo where no improvements have been made since it was build. If you’re in luck you might find a nice business-hotel for 150.00 Euro’s a night.

You don’t always get lucky: Last night in Pisa I ran out of choices and got stuck in one of those palaces from way back when. Una grande casa, where nothing ever changes. Not even the people who run these joints ever change. They live there, work there, grow old and die there. When you say that Europe is a museum without a roof they only shrug and say, ‘well, as long as we have electricity and running water…’

And here’ in lies the crux: Internet? Of course not.

Even the fax-machines in those places are museum pieces and expected to last forever.
So if you’re wondering that there was no posting on the ‘Winds of Jihad’ site since yesterday, just hang in there. I’ll be on my way to find modern creature comforts tonight, in order to catch up and continue the counter-jihad with the weapons of modernity, the Internet!

If you happen to travel in Europe, try to fly from the former Hahn (Frankfurt) airbase. Hahn has been transformed into a great hub and home base for Ryan Air, a discount airline that offers unbelievably cheap airfares at short notice or even last minute. You can fly to Londonistan for as little as 8.00 (yes: eight!) Euro’s, many other destinations (inner and outer Europe) also available, walk in and fly out for pocket-money. But don’t be surprised about the incredible number of hijabs, jilbabs and bilbabs you’ll see there. Don’t be surprised about the number of scruffy beards, hateful looks, the coffee-filters and the unbelievable security efforts when you check in. Liquids in your luggage? Anything over 100 milli liters goes in the bin. Everything is checked and checked again. And just in case you’re wondering where all these Muhammed-worshipping infil-traitors are heading: Would it surprise you to know that most of them don’t head off to Turkey or the Middle East, but to Scandinavia?

Yes, it sure looks like Sweden is a very popular place. The flight for Malmoe was full, so was the flight to Stockholm, but not with Swedes. And a final note: If anybody ever tells you that Mohammedans stink, don’t accuse him/her of being racist or Islamophobic.

It must be a cloud of Allah-dust following them around.
But don’t take my word for it, go and get a nose full for yourself.

They won’t charge you for it, not yet.

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