Video: Coulter condemns Imam; Ferraro and Colmes condone prayer

Husham Al-Husainy, the Imam who prayed to “stop the war” and “oppression and occupation” was a topic of discussion on tonight’s Hannity & Colmes. Ferraro and Colmes went as far to say the “war” Al-Husainy was talking about was not the Iraq war and suggested he could have been talking about Darfur. The lengths these anti-war and anti-Semetic apologists go is absolutely amazing. Colmes, who is Jewish (and said so on tonight’s show), should be ashamed of himself. He is truly an embarrassment to those of Jewish decent.


Frankly, I don’t believe that these two (H & C) are as stupid as they come across. Imagine all the fan-mail they are getting! Nobody can possibly remain that ignorant so long after 9/11. Too quick and rehearsed are the answers, the ‘change the subject, quick…’ the interruptions and the shouting down of guests (like Spencer) when things are said that might go against network PC-policy. These two are well trained, but its just a matter of time before somebody sinks them in their own slime.

We know who calls the shots. When Saudi prince Al Waleed calls Murdoch he changes the headlines. The power of money perverts everything!

3 thoughts on “Video: Coulter condemns Imam; Ferraro and Colmes condone prayer”

  1. I saw Mark Steyn discussing this issue with H&C.

    Coulter is a little extreme at times, but she ain’t no bumb blonde!

  2. “I don’t care about anything else: Christ died for my sins and nothing else matters”.
    Ann Coulter.

    Moonbat of the century perhaps?

  3. So Colmes says he’s Jewish-big deal. He’s one of those self loathing lefty types that are typical in the US, claiming that Israel is a Nazi state. He isn’t much better than those crazy Jews who went to Iran’s Holocaust denial festival.

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