Al Guardian turned Animal Farm: The Swine are in Charge


* Just confirmed by the David Thopson blog. He took a closer look and exposes the infiltration of the Muslim brotherhood and its alliance with the loony left:

* “One has to wonder how contempt for pluralism and free speech, along with the theological mandate of arbitrary murder, have become such obvious causes for a ‘progressive’ newspaper. Granted, the Brotherhood shares with much of the left a hatred of U.S. ‘imperialism’, which is, allegedly, the cause of all evil in the world. Though, again, I’m not sure how these anti-imperial credentials sit with the slogan that still adorns the Brotherhood’s literature and website: ‘Islam will dominate the world’…” (Old commies just don’t differentiate amongst the downtrodden masses in their religious zeal to destroy the western system)

* the Brotherhood’s president, Muhammad Mehdi Akef, who last year told the Egyptian newspaper al-Arabi: “Islam will invade Europe and America because Islam has a mission.” Speaking in December, Mehdi described the Holocaust as “a myth” and insisted that, when in power, the Brotherhood would not recognise Israel, whose demise he “expected soon. (Hmm, where did I hear that one before?)


*Anas Altikriti – whose father happens to be the head of the Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood – warned of “catastrophic consequences” if the right continued to “smear and demonise” Islam. That these “smears” are very often statements of fact passed without comment. And labeling as “rightwing” anyone who asks inconvenient questions is itself a form of demonisation, if only to Guardian readers.


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