Because Buses, Trains & Airplanes are the enemies of Allah

That’s why they stone their own buses while they shout ‘Allahu akbar’-
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Feb. 11, 2007
Muslim worshippers stone their own buses

Following the afternoon prayers at the Temple Mount a group of approximately 150 Muslim Israeli men and women threw rocks at the buses that had been sent to take them home.

A crowd chanted, “Allah is great,” while pelting the buses which were waiting near the Rockefeller Museum.

Police forces were accompanying the worshippers and said that no additional incident occurred during or after the prayer service.

One thought on “Because Buses, Trains & Airplanes are the enemies of Allah”

  1. Looks like the palestinians are taking the words of Bob Dylan to heart:Everbody must get stoned!

    No wonder I think they are the supreme losers from a cult full of them.

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